Landscape 2-hole york rake tines- quick & short review

york rake tines

OEM is the primary manufacturer of york rake tines. It comes in various specifications such as SAE 9260/SAE 5160 equivalent spring steel that has been heated at 35 – 39 RC to provide tremendous strength and resistance capabilities. These landscape rake tines have been used for all landscape rakes universally.  

One can use 2-hole landscape rake tines in various places. You can use it for customizing on your own or for repairing your landscape racks.  These rake tines have high strength of 5160 steel, and they can be heated up to 38-42 Rockwell to use at your projects.  

Every rock rake tine measures about 1 inch * 5/16 inch with a 3/8 inch bolt hole. 

It makes it an excellent part to be used in the tractor. And it can be used regularly if you work with landscaping, farming, or gardening. 

Specifications of the best york rake tines

  • High strength 5160 Steel  
  • 2- hole landscape rake tine  
  • 1-inch x 5/16 inch 
  • Two 3/8 inch bolt holes 
  •  38-42 heat-treated rock well York tines
york rake tines
2-hole rake tine

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Top reviews from Amazon 

  1. Reviewed on July 2016 in US (5/5 stars) 

Reviewed on November 2019 in US (5/5 stars)

These 2 hole rock rake tines come with all the necessary assembly. It took me an hour to assemble everything. Special note:- it just comes with one pin (it needs another pin for hooking one hitch, so we can lock it into its place after setting the angle). If you are a beginner and order it for the first time, you need an extra pin. 

1. Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2019 

5.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase 

Great Rake 

I have found that these landscape rake for rocks are not much expensive. To be honest, I was unsure regarding the quality of the product; turns out, it was easy to work.

The rakes are heavy, so the mount to tractor should have muscle.  Rather than that, everything is excellent. I am using it to level the ground and clean the debris. Its price is meager compared to other rakes in the market.  

2. Reviewed on August 2019 in US (5/5 stars) 

5.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase 

The Titan landscape Rock rake – and it is. 

We have been using it for our horse pens, and desert landscape yard spread across 5 acres, full of small and medium-size rocks that I am trying to relocate. I am also using it to spread manure in my horse pen.

I am impressed with it as it does everything I need. I think it’s quite challenging and affordable at this price. Hope to see good results further in 3 pt – class 1- 25 hp tractor. 

3. United States reviewed on March 27, 2020 

 5.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase 

5 acres and still going strong 

This equipment is a really tough and excellent piece by which I have cleared 5 acres. Even the Titans Customers service is the best I have come across. Although while shipping, the left pin was lost but was soon replaced. I thank Titan distribution Customer service for their help.  

4. Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2017 

4.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase (Kindle Customer) 

This tool is a good buy at a reasonable price 

Amon all the york rake tines, this equipment is the right product at this affordable price. The instructions given for assembly are minimum and organized. There is only one sheet with a vast diagram, but it is relatively easy to understand.

In such a case, I need to possibly use up the hole for the rat tail file containing period stop pins. Right in the middle, I was required to purchase a new one as the pivot stop was shorter than I thought. 

5. Reviewed on January 2020 in US (4/5 stars)

Worth the price

Titan attachment products are efficient for small space farms but not for large fields. I can effortlessly use it on several occasions without needing a helping hand. 

6. Reviewed on March 2019 in US (5/5 stars) 

Good quality for right pricing

Although quality is acceptable; some people may not like the packaging. I thought some of the parts were missing, but they weren’t. The instructions were a little complicated, but it came out as a stiff and durable rake when I put all aspects together. That can work correctly to remove stones and for raking.  

7. Reviewed on February 2019 in US (5/5 stars)

With the minimum tools required, it is easy to assemble compared to other york rake tines. It is a very efficient tool that can be used for my tractor for leveling the yard and driveway. 

Final words

Do not worry about getting good york rake tines, as this one is perfect for you. It’s better to purchase it before it is out of stock!

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