When To Plant Tomato Seeds? 7 Secret Techniques To Implement Today!

when to plant tomatoes

Solanum Lycopersicum, commonly known as tomato plants, produce berries ranging from 1-10 meter wide known as tomatoes. These berries are also recognized as vegetables. These species are of west South African and Central American origin and have red as their standard color.

These fruits are 70-150 mg of average weight and possess about a hundred oval seeds. Tomato plants can be grown from these seeds. Now let us look at when to plant tomato seeds so that there is the most effective growth of plants from these seeds.

when to plant tomato seeds

when to start tomatoes indoors
when to plant tomato seeds(gardeningknowhow.com)

All kinds of seeds and fruits have a couple of favorable months for their plantation that varies from one area to another. Similarly, tomato seeds, when sown, favors warm conditions. Tomato seeds can be sown between late February to mid-March or between mid-March and early April. 

When the temperature at night is constantly above 50F, it is ideal to ensure when to plant tomato seeds. Such conditions give the plants enough time to mature. Also, we have to consider the soil temperature. When planting tomato seeds, we need to check whether the temperature of the soil is near about 60F or not.

This can be done using a thermometer. Also, we can do it manually. To do so, push one of your fingers deep into the soil. Could you keep it for a couple of minutes? If you don’t feel uncomfortably cold inside, then it is ideal for planting tomato seeds. 

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1. Conditions required when to plant tomato seeds:

growing tomatoes from seeds
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Here’s a list of conditions you must know while deciding when to plant tomato seeds

Temperature: When to plant tomato seeds highly depends on the temperature! Make sure that there is no humidity or frost when you are supposed to plant tomato seeds. These weather conditions, including frost, humidity, fog overwinter, sheds an adverse impact on tomatoes. It needs a constant temperature between 12°C to 24°C.

Soil: For when to plant tomato seeds, we need to make sure that the soil must have a pH of 6-7, and it is loosely packed with good drainage. Tomato seeds can be best grown in a loamy soil 

Sunlight: The plants must be kept in a place where it receives sunlight directly in a day for 6-8 hours. 

Fertilizer: Sufficient quantity of manure and compost rich in calcium must be used to prepare a bed for sowing the seeds. Gabar ka Khar, which is a rich fertilizer, is best when applied regularly at a pace of 1 week. 

Watering: Right quantity of water must be provided to moisten the top layer of the soil when it’s noticed to be dry. Remember that overwatering may cause the roots to rot, and if watering is below sufficient quantity, it makes the plant weak. So make sure that you remember to keep the water supply available.

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2. How to prepare tomato seeds for planting:

growing tomatoes from seeds
when to plant tomato seeds(express.co.uk)

You need to know about various steps to keep your tomato seeds safe to plant the seeds, and they give the best possible result. To do so, firstly choose a healthy and fresh tomato from a plant. Cut the tomato open and scoop out the fleshy part containing the seeds into an open jar. Smaller fleshy parts containing seeds can be squeezed out through fingers.

Pour some amount of water to top up the fleshy tomato parts containing seeds. The gel surrounding the fleshy parts must be removed. Leave the seeds inside the jar topped up with water for 2-5 days. This will break open the seed coat and kill the harmful bacteria and fungi present. 

Check and swell the jar every day. The seeds are ready for cleaning when the pulps float at the top and seeds remain sunk at the bottom. Carefully remove the pulp layer from the jar using a spoon, thereby separating the seed. Then rinse the seeds clearly by taking them in a strainer.

Pour the seeds on a paper towel to dry them off, removing the remaining water. Then transfer the seeds into a non-stick bowl or tray. After that, dry them in a warm place under direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool place after letting them dry for 2-3 days.

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3. when to plant tomato seeds outside the house

when to plant tomato seeds
when to plant tomato seeds(modernfarmer.com)

Growing tomatoes outdoor requires sowing them in the early seasons of the year. Sowing the seeds between March and April and harvesting them in June-July is the ideal period of when to plant tomato seedsThe consistent temperature during this period encourages the tomatoes to grow.

Fertilizers should be added in adequate amount with a proper supply of water to make the plants strong. When planting tomato seeds, we need to choose an area in the garden that allows enough sunlight since tomato plants have significant cravings for sunlight.

The seedlings must be grounded deep into the soil when planting so that they generate strong roots inside. 

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4. when to plant tomato seeds indoors

how to prune tomatoes
when to plant tomato seeds(harvesttotable.com)

It would help if you chose the right variety of tomato for indoors because all the varieties are not equally efficient for indoor plantation. The best variety to plant indoors is the intermediate (vining) one. Take the seeds in a starting tray and, using a sterile and soilless starter mix, place them in an area receiving appropriate warmth and sunlight.

Wait until they sprout and transform into seedlings. These seedlings can be directly bought from the nurseries. Then plant these seedlings in bigger pots. Now they require warmth, light, moisture, and nutrients. Place the pot in as much sunlight as you can. Fertilize regularly, at least once a week, and provide adequate water to moist the soil.

Gobar ka khaad is the best for fertilizing. Also, you need to help the plants pollinate manually as there is little access to any external pollinating agent. Let each side of the plant receive the same amount of sunlight. Remember to move the plant periodically so that different sides of it get exposed to sunlight each time. You must provide support to all the trellis. Fruits are seen to appear on all the branches after at least 60-80 days.

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5. How to make tomato seeds germinate faster?

when to plant tomato seeds(planetnatural.com)

The average period of germination of tomato seeds is 6-11 days. This process can be boosted faster in various ways. First, let’s have a look into the factors that tell about the tenure of seed germination. 

Soil: Soil is one of the important factors affecting seed germination. Tomato seeds can germinate when the soil temperature is between 65degree Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

When planting tomato seeds, we need to check whether the temperature of the soil lies between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or not, and also, the pH of the soil lies between 6-7 or not. The seeds germinate best at 50 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature. The negligible number of seeds germinate at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a natural protective measure that doesn’t let the sprouts grow in such a temperate where they cannot survive. Also, if the temperature is higher than optimum, it limits the growth of sprouts.

A soil temperature higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t let sprouts grow effectively since such temperature condition leads to molding. If a very low temperature is noticed, a heating tray can be kept under the seed tray. 

Humidity: It is also an essential factor that controls seed germination, and this must be checked. If humidity is much below the optimum level, the air and soil around won’t contain much water vapor, leading the seeds to die due to dry conditions.

Moreover, excessive moisture content than required may lead the seeds to dampen, and the seeds become prone to several pathogenic attacks that can cause infection. 

If there is trouble keeping the air and soil condition humid, a humidity dome can be used. It traps the humidity from the surroundings and keeps the air around the seeds moisturized. A humidity dome is effective in causing a higher number of seeds to germinate.

Another method that can be used is surrounding the seeds with a plastic that keeps the seeds wet for a longer duration. We must take care that the plastic doesn’t touch the soil. 

Air circulation: Fresh air circulation is very important for the seeds to germinate. To know when to plant tomato seeds, you must choose a space with sufficient air around. Extremely wet soil with low air circulation leads to dampening and can kill the seeds.

We can take two preventive measures to protect them from such conditions. Firstly, we can apply a humidity dome by just moisturizing the soil to keep the air around at the required humidity level. We must take care not to wet the soil. Another way is to keep the soil loose to allow air and water to pass through it. These are essential elements for seed germination. 

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6. To speed up seed germination, follow the steps below

how to grow tomatoes from seeds
when to plant tomato seeds(thompson-morgan.com)

Tomato seeds can’t withstand extreme temperatures. It must be noted that the weather must not be too hot or too cold. 

When planting tomato seeds, there must be sufficient soil air circulation. The soil must not be too tight. It must allow air and water to pass through it. Also, you must not wet the soil too much. 

Keep the soil moist. Also, try to maintain the humidity of the air around. If needed, make use of a humidity dome or plastic covering to maintain optimum humidity. 

Dark areas are best for seed germination. Once the sprouting has occurred, supply the seeds with an adequate quantity of light. Before germination, keep the seeds in the dark, and they need overhead light post-germination. Otherwise, the seeds would get deformed in their shape.

To understand when to plant tomato seeds, you should know how deeper you place the seedlings into the soil. It is also a determining factor the duration of germination. A gap between two consecutive plantings must be sufficient.

The seeds must be planted about 0.25 inches deep into the soil, and the average gap between them should be about 4 inches. You can scratch the surface of the seeds to boost germination. 

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7. Planting tomato seeds in a cup

when to start growing tomatoes
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Wondering when to plant tomato seeds indoors? They can be done in pots as well as in cups. The cups must be of sufficient size to grow tomatoes to plant tomatoes in cups and make a hole under the cup to drain water. Keep the cups in a bowl. Fill the cups with soil up to a half-inch from its rim. The soil is best if sterilized.

Never use garden soil. After filling the cups with soil, sow seeds in the cups with a pace of two seeds in a cup. Among the remaining spaces, fill one-fourth of the gap from the rim with moist soil. Cover the bowl containing the cup with plastic. This creates optimum humidity around the seeds. Keep the cups in a place where it receives 70-90 Fahrenheit temperature for about two weeks.

After germination, remove the bowls and transfer the plants to a warm region of the house where it gets about six hours of regular sunlight. Supply water to the seedlings regularly. After two weeks of germination, apply fertilizers at a pace of once in 14 days. Then fruiting is observed after 60-80 days from the day of germination of the seeds.

Most importantly, when its about planting tomato seeds in a cup, remember that the soil should not be too wet to dampen the seeds, and there must be a drainage hole at the bottom of your cup to let the water pass out. This is an effective way to plant tomato seeds indoors.

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