10 Best trench digging tools for 2020- buying guidance and reviews

trench digging tool

We get certain moments when digging a trench becomes mandatory. Like we have to install an irrigation system in our garden or sometimes change the old damaged pipe from our premises. This kind of thing needs a perfect trench digging tool and optimal use of force.

We have narrowed down the search for you and brought the best trench digging tool in the market to help you with the task.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced excavator or just a beginner. You have to learn how to choose the best trench digging tool and how to dig a trench fast dig a trench. A trench digging tool will work effortlessly and will perform well. If you see in the market, there will be many digging shovels, but not all of them will help you dig a perfect trench.

Top 10 trench digging tools

So let’s look at the top trench digging tools for hard rocks:

1) The Seymour S702 48-Inch trenching shovel.

If you don’t have much time and have to dig a lot in limited time, you must go for Seymour S702 48-Inch trenching shovel. This Shovel removes mud in bulk quantity, and you can get your work done quickly.
This trench digging tool is the best one you can find in the market. If you are facing a problem with the best way to dig a trench for electrical wire because of hard ground, here this is the solution.

It has a 48-inch long shaft, and its inclination blades are the secret of its efficiency. You don’t have to bend down to dig a deep hole on the ground with the long handle. The shape of its blades helps you with significant penetration in loose soil.

The handle of this trencher is made up of fiberglass, which makes it lightweight compared to other similar models. The soft material of the handle prevents your hands from blisters.

The mission of this trench digging tool is to remove more soil in lesser time. It is ideal for trenching and digging a deep hole.

2) 22011 Root Slayer trenching Shovel

trench digging tool

Even if the main objective of this trench digging machine is cutting and removing sturdy roots, you can still use this Shovel as an excellent trench digging tool. The blade of the Shovel can easily penetrate sticky soil, even if it’s consistency matches butter.

Mostly the tip of ordinary shovels looks round, but the 22011 Root Slayer trenching Shovel has newly invented “V” tip. By this new shape, the Shovel is not just got a single tip but two.

Additionally, it gives an excellent support area, which allows you to apply more force. Meanwhile, the results come with the great penetration of scoop. The scoop size is a little smaller, which reduces the capacity to remove large soil volume, but this is the best way to dig a trench for electrical wire.

It also has a wide edge on the scoop, which provides stable support. As compared to the older model, it is 30% lighter than the previous one.


3) 92719 14-Gauge 3-Inch trenching Shovel

trench digging tool

This tool is perfect for making a straight cut on the soil. If you are tired of looking at your trenches, you should buy 92719 14-Gauge 3-Inch trenching Shovel.

You get guaranteed high steel strength from 14-grade steel blade with maximum durability. It is so strong that not even hard rock could prevent a perfect cut. It is ideal for compact soil, where the tip of the blade can’t penetrate.

The handle of the trench digging shovel is made up of fiberglass, which is reinforced with hardwood. You can use it with full energy without even worrying about breaking the handle or bending the blade.


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4) 92730 14-Gauge 4-Inch Box Style trenching shovel

trench digging tool

The 92730 14-Gauge 4-Inch Box Style trenching shovel is ideal for penetrating compact soil, and also it can remove a large amount of loose soil. It catches more mud than any other model in the market.

The box-shaped scoop is very good for penetration. The slight inclination saves you from bending towards the digging direction. It is a boon for people suffering from back pain.

You can catch more soil in a single moment because of the scoop’s wide and straight walls. These walls will prevent soil from overflowing the scoop. It has a “V” shaped tip, which will help penetrate more rigid and compact soil.

The shaft is made up of fiberglass, and it has reinforced hardwood, which gives it more power and strength with lower weight.


5) SS 64104 4-Inch General Purpose trenching Shovel

trench digging tool

With this trenching tool, you can dig a trench in a shorter time. This tool helps you get tasks done faster than any other digging shovel in the market.

The shaft is made up of hardwood, which allows you to put more energy on it to penetrate on the ground with a greater efficiency. With the 35 degree blades, it inclines better, and also remove loose soil and debris. It is very good to give finishing touch on the walls also on the bottom of your trench.

It has a V angle head, which allows it to straight clean and it makes precise cuts. It is ideal for working on a very compact or too hard soil.


6) D-Handle Fiskars 46-Inch Steel transplanting tool spade

trench digging tool

It is designed to tolerate great impacts. If you are looking for a trench digging tool that can stay durable for longer, this trenching tool is for you. It is entirely comprised of steel.

It has 14 gauge of Steel Blade and 18 gauge of Steel handle, and this trench digging tool promises to work at heavy duty. The Steelhead is long and narrow, which helps to dig a deep hole. It is also perfect for digging and installing underground pipelines.

It has a D shaped handle, with that you can use both hands to work more precisely. Also, you can impose greater force. It can easily penetrate the loose soil. These features make it a perfect trenching tool for home and garden work.


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7) Tru Pro California 33436 4-Inch Trenching Shovel tool

trench digging tool

This is recommended as one of the best trenching tools to clean loose soil and dig a deep hole. It is very light resistance, and as per other shovels, it comes at a very reasonable price.
33436 4-Inch Tru Pro California Trenching Shovel tool is significantly lighter than any other model because the shaft of this trench digging tool is made up of fiberglass. Its blade has a V-shaped tip, which allows an excellent penetration with minimum effort.

The 14 gauge head don’t let you bend down to the ground but gives a strong impact to withstand any pressure. And the neck, which is connected to the Shovel, is made up of hard steel, which games maximum durability. It has a D shaped fiberglass handle, which gives a better control while walking.


8) Round Lawn Edger 92251 trenching tool.

trench digging tool

It can be beneficial for broad as well as shallow trenches. The blades are made up of high caliber steel, which can easily penetrate the hard ground.

It has 12 gauge very high strength blade, which is stronger than any other trench digging tool available in the market. It can easily penetrate on compact or even on Rock soil. If you combinedly use thes trenching tools with an excellent digging shovel to dig a trench, you will be able to dig it in lesser time.

It has a round blade that works very well and can cut most of the robust roots. With this trench digging tool, you will be enjoying while working on trenching in your garden.
It has a t-shaped steel handle that lets you recklessly put a lot of force, as it is not going to break easily.


9) The Fiskars 46-Inch Steel D-Handle trenching tool

trench digging tool

If you have to cut a perfectly straight line on all soil types, this is the best trench digging tool you can go through. While you have to bury electrical wires and pipelines during that time, you have to cut the soil straightforwardly, and this tool can help you dig a trench in a straightway. It has 46 inches D shaped handle, which will not let you bend down too much.

It is made up of sturdy steel. It has 14 gauges of the blade, which allows you to clean and cut all kinds of terrains.
As compared to the fiberglass model, its shaft is not deformed with great efforts.

This trench digging tool’s strength allows you to put more force without getting any risk of damaging or breakdown so that you can do your work faster.
It has an extra-large D shaped handle that allows you an excellent grip on it by using both hands.


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10) Nupla Power TS-V4-E trenching shovel

It comes at a very cheap cost with excellent efficiency of penetrating on loose soil. The TS-V4-E Ergo Power Trenching Shovel tool is very effective for digging a trench or a hole in a garden and on a soft surface.

trench digging tool

Even if it doesn’t have an extraordinary performance for heavy duties, it still can work on loose soil. It has a long head blade, which works very well with minimum efforts. You have to use both your hands to work with it because it doesn’t have broader edges supporting your feet.

The 16 gauge steel makes a v-shaped blade. This feature gives it less resistance than any other popular trench digging machine which are available in the market.

Trench digging tool buying guide

Digging an appropriate trench is essential for good drainage. It is nothing like solving a calculus to find out the proper way to do it. Just make sure you are using the right tool for the right job.

Digging by the right trench is a lot more than just removing the soil using a hoe. You need to have some skill and ingenuity to finish the task. And you will need a trench-digging tool to accomplish the task.

Many people who follow the traditional method still go for conventional trench digging machine to dig trenches. And if you lack experience, you may end up ruining it. It can be in any form like a regular bottom of the walls, or even bad finishing.

Theoretically, if we see it is not that difficult to dig a trench. Only after using it, you will realize it is not an easy job. Your hands will be filled with mud, that will frustrate you into messing it up more.

You must select correct power tools that can quickly dig into soil. So before you go out and purchase a trench digging tool, here’s a list of things you need to consider in that:


Shovels are not one of a kind. There are many varieties of trench digging tool, and not all of them work magically to dig you perfect trenches. The most important factor for a good trench digging machine is a sharp blade. The blade should be sharp enough to pierce the toughest soil layers effortlessly.

Here is the type of blades to penetrate and make straight cuts in the field-

  • V-shaped blades
  • Inverted “V” blades
  • Inverted “V” Blades vs. V-Shaped Blades

What’s the common in these both blades? They are pointed at the tips. It pulls all the force required to cut through the soil. Such kind of a trench digging tool effortlessly weakens a tough, compact soil.

The only difference is, the inverted v blade comes with two sharp tips, whereas a V-shaped blade comes with just one tip.

If the application area is such a small, it requires a good force.

The tip should be strong, so it doesn’t bend. If you want to find out the quality of the tip, you should look at the material used to build it. A good trench digging tool’s blade is usually made from steel gauges 12-14. At the same time, a 16-gauge steel blade can easily be deformed.

If you want to dig up the roots, inverted v-shaped blades are the perfect match for cutting such soil. It can easily cut through challenging obstacles when it is new and sharp.

On the other hand, V-shaped blades are useful for penetrating the soil but not for digging up the roots.

Some blades come with a perfect scoop to cut through an excellent 90 degree. You can use this to scoop the trenches’ wall. But you cannot use them to remove the soil.

You get 35-degree rotation in another trench-digging tool. You can use this to give straight cuts on the ground. Also, you can remove the loose soil like any other shovel.

A box style trench shovel can give a finishing touch to the bottom of the trench and walls. So even if you have zero experience and you combine great tools, you will get good results.



Trench shovels come with variable shaft lengths and materials. The following materials are common in them:

  • Hardwood
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel

In these three elements, steel is the best material for trench digging tool. Because you can apply as much as force, you want to, without getting the risk of damage.
A16 gauge Steel Blade is good enough to give a guarantee for require strength.
Hardwood shops can also be very useful, because they mainly help to dissipate efforts better. They may get weaker by constant use.
Fiberglass is a very lightweight but significantly hard to break, using fiberglass for shaft it is a great idea to reduce back pain.

It would be better to take on a long shaft trench-digging tool when required. Take that kind of tool when you need just enough space of the shovel shaft’s land that doesn’t let you bend down. So before you go to buy any model, make sure to check whether the length of the Shovel is good enough for you or not.


Usually, shovels have long straight handles. That’s why we mostly lose our grip from the shaft, and then don’t impact the palm. To prevent this problem, it is important to wear gloves while working so that we should not face blisters.

Some of the trench digging tool comes with D shaped handle for excellent control and comfort. D shaped handle gives relaxation to our hands with an excellent grip. It depends on the handle’s surface, and you can use either one or both of the hands for applying force on it.

Best models of come coated with soft material; this is to provide good comfort and grip.


There are plenty of trench digging tool available in the market.
You can find the tools on the internet or in any hardware shop in the neighborhood. The price of one model to another would be variable. There is, however, no guarantee an expensive model would work better than a cheaper one.

For example, some of the models are expensive because they belong to a well-known brand even though they have the same function and technical features that the cheapest model has.
To save yourself for spending too much money on a product which is not even worth it is to analyze the pros and cons of some products which are quite popular in the market. By comparing each and, every model will determine which one is the best and convenient for you.

Here are the brands considered as best trench digging tools

Three brands for trench digging tools are trending on the market by the top copies sold and giving utmost consumer satisfaction.

Is you wish to read more about trench digging tool, click here.

  • Bully Tools
  • Radius Garden
  • Seymour

You can get the best shovels from these brands. We want to suggest you to go with 14 gauge Steel Blades one. Steel is for maximum durability strength. If you are searching for a trench-digging tool, do not forget to consider the above options.


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