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In most densely populated urbanized or well-developed cities, for e.g: New York/Paris, terrace vs balcony is an overrated topic to debate for. At these highly renowned, fast-paced places where space is relatively short and less lively, outdoor areas are indeed a blessing.

Terrace vs balcony, roof deck, or patio: everything and each place is loved immensely. Indeed, there are differences amongst all, making them unique. To clear our minds for which one is better, let’s dig into the guide to outdoor spaces for New York apartment hunters.


Apartment listings and prospects look quite appealing, as we people are blinded by alfresco living prospects and showcased bright mind-blowing images, so it’s wiser to read everything carefully and broaden your horizons for bookings and living
A well-known project platform known as Merriam – Webster demonstrates a balcony projecting from a building’s wall, enclosed by a railing or parapet.

A balcony known after Shakespeare’s character, called Juliet balcony, depicts a shallow platform, not big enough to stand on and enforcing a large window or door opening through it. Though this description and facts are apparent, the eye-catching fact that is important is; a balcony being attached to a building because a terrace does not necessarily need to have an attachment with a building or anything like that.

As a matter of concern, the literal meaning of terrace seems to be an open space at a vast location. As per Merriam-Webster definition of a deck, it is defined as a flat available room or platform, that certainly means that many of the wide-open spaces could qualify as a terrace, especially a rooftop deck, an open area located above an apartment rooftop, or even a courtyard at ground level.

Girl in balcony
Enjoying evening in balcony

Another thing you need to know about terrace vs balcony is that Usually balconies are accessible via apartments only, as it is a private space. As per knowledge, along with patios, the terrace is also considered an open space too, depending on land units, but it can also be used as a shared space, similar to any roof deck where the whole building and neighbors can get access to.

terrace vs balcony
Terrace set ups!

One must check the floor plans quickly and carefully to ensure a person understands them carefully. Whether it is terrace vs balcony, know exactly what kind of unit space and area a company is offering according to choice and requirements.


In apartments and buildings in New York, a roof deck or rooftop terrace is a more complex dilemma than terrace vs balcony. People residing there, deserve and hold a right to use it fairly whenever, according to their nature and one’s social aspect for fun, it can be a great mood changer place. Fireworks on July 4th at the annual Macy’s even, is a blissful night to witness, embrace the wholesome fun, or spend the weekend in the town.

rooftop deck
Rooftop decks!

These roof decks are often kept undecorated, with no frills attached, that provides access only. But, in a luxurious building, this can be landscaped to the hilt and usually with additional features tricked out, sometimes even swimming pools as well. Getting or gaining access to a private rooftop is exclusive and rare, but at times, one must pay a considerable number of dollars.


It’s another thing you need to know other than dwelling among terrace vs balcony. It is actually pretty expensive In New York City to get a small land area.
Prospectus or listings containing words, such as garden, patio, or backyards, indicates ground level areas of some sort. A proper level garden apartment or units at street levels exist directly onto the sidewalk aisle.

Many buildings have communal backyards, divided or split into various units to provide each person with a dedicated small area or plot of land. These remote lands can be charming for grilling, gardening, immense fun activities with family or friends, but none the less these slots of spaces are not private. A careful reading, analysis, and proper study plan to locate where the patio is about unit.

The most common outdoor space in the battle of terrace vs balcony?

Irrespective of all seasons, whether it is spring, summer, winter, or autumn, these outdoor small open spaces are an excellent choice for enjoyment and fun. This fun space can be either your balcony, patio, porch, veranda, deck, or rooftops. People would indeed wonder what the difference between these spaces is. Some qualities and specifications are quite undoubtedly similar to a certain extent, often used interchangeably.

Still, these places can never be used as synonyms. These places are quite distinct from each other, described and appropriately explained in more detail via terms mentioned below.

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A covered enclosed shelter, projecting in front of a house entrance or generally a building. The porch is such a type of structure external to the building walls but can be enclosed by certain types of frames such as columns, walls, screens, extending widely from the main construction of the building. Not all porches are similar.

There is a wide range of distinction among all its types, considering its variety of designs, placement, compartments, and various other factors. Now that we are almost done with terrace vs balcony, let’s look at the types of porches-


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Chilling under porch

An open porch

An open porch is one that does not have any side walls or enclosing or boundaries. In simple terms, it is an elevated structure with an overhead roof. This type of porch provides an enclosed, private touch to an outdoor space.

Front Entry Porch

The front door directly connects to this kind of porch, making a beautiful main entrance. Steps leading or trespassing to front door are small and simple.

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Farmer’s Porch

This porch typically provides attachment to a farmhouse-style structure. It lodges and provides roof, being supportive to railings and beams. It goes along the front of the house, extending around its width.It is very narrow, long, and vast enough to accommodate a vast no. of people. It is adequately furnished and easily accessible in a variety of ways.

Thats pretty much all you need to know about terrace vs balcony to determine which is a better gardening spot for you!


In big cities such as New York, USA, where most people live with big families, people usually get confused in terrace vs balcony garden while building their own home. This issue happened with most people who try to build their homes according to their ideas, and in the end, they come to a point where they have to compromise with their happiness and lose their battle in this terrace vs balcony. You have to decide and make it perfect, either it could be the terrace or the balcony. Where terrace will give you enough space to add more items, you’ll find a lack of space to move freely on the terrace, and balcony is also a good idea to make a garden there, but you won’t be able to make it a bigger garden. See accordingly, make perfect decisions and win this terrace vs balcony battle on your own.

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