6 Amazing Seed Planters To Buy Right Now! Give This a Read Before You Buy It!

Seed planter

Seed planter is a farming mechanism used mostly by the professional farmers. It helps the farmers to sow their seeds on the farms without doing much hard work. Usually, these planters come in two types such as walk-behind and as an attachment to the tractors. It helps in spreading the seeds over the specific area.

These planters work very quickly and in an organized way as they sow the seeds through a field. They do not only save your valuable time but allow you to utilize your available space in the right manner. These are the best way to save time, as you can sow lots of seeds at a time with them. It keeps the row spaced evenly as well.

You can buy them as per the requirement of your garden space. So, for this purpose, you can go for individual planters or attached planters with tractors. Some of them make a hole in the ground, put the seeds in the soil, and cover the holes. This lengthy work is done in one go only. On the contrary, hand seed planters simply spread the seeds on the ground. 

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What is a garden Seed planter?

A garden seeder is also a tool to sow the seed on the ground. In particular, You can use it in a standing position to put individual seeds into the ground. It contains two models such as:

Push garden seeder 

These types of seeders come with wheels that are useful to move in the garden efficiently and effectively. The gardeners use them to push down the rows.

Jab garden seeder

These also come with similar features to a push seeder with only one difference, it is tall, and you have to use it by carrying it to the holes of planting.

In addition, the role of both garden seeders is similar to each other. They both control the depth of planting, and they also manage the number of seeds put into each hole.

In the push seeder, the spacing range has been fixed by default from 1 to 20 inches. On the other hand, you can manually set the range of spacing in the jab seeder according to your convenience. A manual seed planter price will cost you around $129 on amazon.

Seed planter for your space

Any gardener must spread the seeds on the ground as this work needs hard work. But instead of worrying, you can try the collection of them that allows you to sow the seeds easily. 

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Categories of seed planters:

In the earliest time, they had formed from wood or any other metal. These are as follow:

  • Sharpened sticks planters
    These are the specific tool made from the sticks. These are used to dig a particular area and make a hole in the soil for adding seeds into it.
  • Antler tines
    These are made out of deer antlers and are also used for sowing the seeds in the earliest times.
  • Flacked rocks
    These are also used for sowing the seed into the grounds. These were suitable for small areas and made out of broken or flacked rocks.

Current seed planters

Nowadays, precision machines have taken the place of typical ancient times tools. As a result, these machines have changed the world of planting. These tools are economically suited to your pocket, and you can easily use these machines and directly add the seeds into the soil in the adjusted depth with the specific spacing of the row.

Types of modern planters are as follow:

  • Walk-behind planters
    These are the usual machines that have wheels in the front and use to drive that machine. You can sow the seeds through them by walking behind them.
  • The stab planter
    These are also like walk-behind planters with only one difference that it includes seed delivery tube with seed spacing capabilities. You can drop the seeds into these tubes. Also, you can simply open and press the nod of a tube by your foot. 

6 Best garden seed planter

  • These are very important and make your work of gardens easy, such as sowing easier and also saves your money and time. Let’s have a look at some of them that allow you to work more efficiently and effectively without getting tired.
  • Below are some categories of them for your help and make you sow seeds at ease without wasting many seeds, are as follows.
  • You can choose them according to your needs, and there are lots of machines are available in the market such as.

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Earth-Way’s 1001-B Precision Garden Seed planter

It is the best choice for beginners, and these are constructed with lightweight aluminium and plastic equipment. As a result, they are highly demanded out there. These are available with the seed metering plates are very easy to use, and you adjust them very easily. These are best if you want to plant about a quarter-acre area. These are suitable for small areas.


  • Best for beginners
  • Available with seed metering plates
  • Made with lightweight and durable components


  • Not suitable for a large area

Precision Products Garden Seed planter

It is also effective in a small area and popular amongst all beginners gardeners or who own small spaces for planting. It also comes with similar features as earth ways 1001-B precision garden seeder. 

These are made out of lightweight aluminium and plastic components that are known for their durability for decades.


  • Made with lightweight components
  • Durable and high performance on the ground


  • Not suitable for a large area

Cole Planet Jr. pushes seed planter.

It is suitable for large areas, so these are very useful if you want to plant in large spaces. It is manufactured with steel, cast iron, wood, and plastic. It comes in the plate-type seeder. So, you can load more than one packet of seeds into the hopper.

You can use them on about 8-9 acres of ground. You can easily mount them onto the tractors to make your planting easier. However, plates are very tiresome to change. It is suitable for corns, okra, and other crops. The length of the machine is six feet and four inches with the maximum weight.


  • Suitable for large areas about 8 or 9 acres.
  • Easy movements through the wheels
  • Easy to mount on to the tractors


  • Plates are difficult to change

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The Jang’s Model JP-1 seed planter

It is also suitable for large spaces of planting. The features are similar to cole planet jr. push seeder made out of steel, cast iron, and wood. The seedbox is of plastic to ensure efficient planting. You can also mount these planters behind or in front of the tractors.


  • Suitable for large areas
  • Easy movements
  • Easy to mount on tractors


  • Plates are very tiresome to change

Semiautomatic antique model seed planter

It comes with a hinged tube and seedbox manufactured with wood and steel. It comes with perforated sliders used to take seeds from the box, put them into the tube, and add them to the soil. You will have to hold the handles and pull them apart. Now, stab the planter into the ground and then push both handles. Lastly, pull them from the ground. That’s it.


  • Come with hinged tubes and a seedbox
  • It comes with perforated sliders
  • Can control with your foot

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Stand and Plant Standard Seed planter

It is the newer version of the stab seed planter with the new design. You can plant the individual seed with them, such as onions. To give space to the seeds, you will have to take the help of your hands and walk beside the rows to sow them inside the soil.


  • A newer version of a stab seed planter
  • Capable planting in beds


  • Suitable for small area


How does a seeder be different from a seed planter?

They are like the drillers to add the seeds into the soil are used by walking behind these planters and can be used in small areas. Whereas the Planters are suitable for large spaces for planting, and these are mounted easily onto the tractors.

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What are the stab garden planters?

These are very similar to walking-behind Planters as they contain seed delivery tubes with seed metering capabilities. Those tubes use for adding the seeds to the soil. You can perform this task by pressing with your foot. It is known for an easy way to sow your seeds.

What are the best push garden seed planters?

There are many planters you can choose according to your needs, and they are of the best quality, such as:

  • Earth-Way’s 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder
  • Precision Products Garden Seeder
  • Cole Planet push seeder planter
  • Jang’s Model JP-1 seeder
  • The Hoss Seeder

How does a seed planter work on the ground?

A planter helps in saving our time and money. It opens the furrow of planting, maintains the spacing, and adds these seeds into the soil. Moreover, it covers and compacts the soil as well.

What is the seed planter for gardening?

These types of seed planters contain a hinged tube on one side, made from wood and metal. They also attached a perforated slider on another side that picks one to two seeds from a tube and adds them to the soil. You can hold it through the handles and work on the grounds.

What are the earliest means of making seed planters?

The earliest methods of seed planters are very affordable and easy to use. You can simply construct them at home. such as 

  • Sharpened sticks: 
  • Antler tines
  • Flaked rocks

They have made out of wood, dear antlers, and rocks. They look simple and are very easy to use.

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These are make planting works easier. There are two categories available in them. Push and stab garden seed planter. If you have a small area for planting about one acre, so you can choose Walk-behind planters such as Earth-Way’s 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder and Precision Products Garden Seeder. 

On the other hand, if you want to sow seeds in large areas, Cole Planet Jr. push seeder and Jang’s Model JP-1 are the best for planting the crops. You can reduce your workloads with these planters and adds efficiency to your work.

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