Best professional garden hose repair Kit Reviews 2020

professional garden hose repair

A garden hose is an integral part of our lovely garden to keep it green and flourishing for years. We may sometimes need garden hose repair fittings for emergencies when the hose breaks down. It can be a hassle for you if you don’t have guidance about professional garden hose repair. It can be especially troublesome if you do not have that much idea about the necessary tools used for repair.

As there are innumerable garden hose repair ends in the market that can confuse you, we suggest you get the best garden hose repair kit for repairing your damaged hose.

Here is the description below of every kit in detail so that you can find out which equipment you exactly need.

Five professional garden hose repair kit reviews:

We have experts’ suggestions in this particular field for your every query, leading you to use professional garden hose repair kits on your own. Moreover, you need one pipe only, and you can make a garden hose with this hose repair kit.

Here we are giving the top 5 best garden hose repair kit reviews with their detailed features.

Read all these reviews and content till the end carefully, and we assure you, using this professional garden hose repair kit, you can fix your old hose on your own.

1. Superior RK garden hose repair kit (26 ¼ inches and c 5 crimping tool 200)

Leakage of hose pipe is quite common, and our Superior RK garden hose repair kit is a professional repair kit. This package has lots of small toolboxes with multiple accessories. Every tool is included according to the length of your hose so that they fit perfectly.

The tools are flexible, durable with their metal body parts having ergonomic collar design and reusable. They are straightforward to set up for watering your garden efficiently.

This kit includes :

  • 6-Oxygen and six fuel nuts: B fitting: 9/16″-18
  • 4 – 7325 1/4″ hose ferrules
  • 6 – 3588 1/4″ hose ferrules
  • 12-7326 1/4″ hose ferrules
  • 12-7326 1/4″ hose ferrules
  • 2-1/4″ splicers
  • 12-1/4″ nipples
  • 1 – 1/4″ vice crimper
  • 3 – 1/4″ horse brace

2. Widmark hose repair kit (size “b” 3/16″ and 1/4″ ID code KT28 (western Ck24)WM24

If you prioritize durability, then Weld mark Hose Repair Kit would be the best choice. The heavy-duty repair kit is made of stainless steel, which is very lightweight with the optimal designs. All the tools of different sizes are available in this professional garden hose repair kit, including hose couplings, clamps, and screws.

The clamp is made of a durable polyethylene hard case containing A size and B-size, user-friendly hand cramping tools. A chart explaining the fittings in every compartment is also provided. So if your hose is damaged, get this Welder Hose Repair Kit coupling and water your garden with ease.

This kit includes –

  • 2-12 no of hose clamps
  • 3/8 oz bonus. cement tube (rubber)
  • 3/16″, 1/4″ ID hose- WM24- kit C-5 (crimp tool)
  • Two hose coupling (S and M size)

3. Oxygen acetylene garden hose repair kit (Cornet 86113, Crimper 86116, L size)

This garden hose end repair from Forney is an outstanding repair kit due to its advancement, stability, and strength. Because of the heat-resisting and pressure bearing materials, this hose crimping tool kit is ensured of not getting damaged.

The professional garden hose repair kit also has a safety repair kit of 1/4″, 3/16″ oxygen-acetylene hose and robust Forney 86116 Crimpers. With these, you can quickly repair any 1/4″ ID hose. Many users claim this pro hose repair kit for the maintenance of the garden. This is available online and in the retailer shop from where you can order this product.

This repair kit includes:

  • 4-hose ferrule
  • 2-3/16″ hose splicer
  • 3- hose brace
  • 2-B to B LH hose coupler
  • 6-B size nut for RH
  • 6-B size 1/4″ barb nipple
  • 2-B to B RH hose coupler
  • 6-B size 3/16″ barb nipple
  • 6-B size nut for LH
  • 2-1/4″ hose splicer

4. Without Crimping Tool Garden Hose Repair Kit Western (superior RK length 26-¼ inch)          

This hose repair crimp tool is one of our best garden hose repair kits as it has some specific features that differentiate other random market kits. Its oxygen and fuel coupling system is specially engineered for maximum damage protection. It’s reliable chrome-plated hose braces fittings prevent leakage and give the long-lasting service.

This package has everything you need for fixing 1/4″ ID Twin line hose. Besides, lots of small tools like nuts, nipples, couplers, splicers, and ferrules are provided in a handy plastic box along with a description chart. So, you would find this kit super easy to use and indeed the best for your hose.

This kit includes:

  • 12 – 1/4″ nipples
  • 4 – 7325 1/4″ ferrules
  • 2 – fuel couplings ( B fitting: 9/16″ – 18)
  • 12 – 7326 1/4″ ferrules
  • 2 oxygen couplings ( B fitting: 9/16″- 18)
  • 6 fuel nuts ( B fitting: 9/16″ – 18)
  • 2 – 1/4″ splicers
  • 12 – 7326 1/4″ ferrules
  • 6 – oxygen nuts(B fitting: 9/16″ – 18)
  • 3 – 1/4″ hose brace
  • 6 – 3588 1/4″ ferrules

5. Brass hose barb with ferrule (ASE Industries (108pc) 856)           

This is a portable leak-proof hose fitting kit. Change your hose with AES Industries 856 brass hose barb and ferrule assortment (108pc) and notice the differences on your own. You are getting AES brass assortment, ferrules, hose barbs, assorted male inserts, female inserts, hose splicers, hose ferrules, female brass, and pipe fittings in small and big sizes- all the essential apparatus in one package.

Ferrule is made in the USA, and other apparatus are from Taiwan. They are lightweight, and losing one tool won’t get you in trouble now as every garden hose fitting size has exactly six pieces in this package.

This kit includes:

  • 25/32″ od hose ferrule
  • 3/8″ splicer six pc
  • 1/4″ NPT × 1/4″ ID female insert
  • 1/4″ splicer six pc
  • 1/41/4″ NPT × 1/4″ ID male insert
  • ” NPT × 5/16″ ID male insert
  • 1/4″ × 1/4″ male brass pipe fitting
  • 5/8″ od hose ferrule
  • 1/4″ NPT × 3/8″ ID female insert
  • 5/16″ splicer six pc
  • 3/4″ od hose ferrule
  • 11/16″ od hose ferrule
  • 23/32″ od hose ferrule
  • 21/32″ od hose ferrule
  • 19/32″ Od hose ferrule
  • 1/4″ × 1/4″ – female brass pipe fitting

Why buy a garden hose repair kit?

Your garden needs proper maintenance, and a professional gardener needs a professional garden hose repair toolbox to instantly fix a hose. This repair kit gives a gardener lots of facilities, including –

  • Quick repair
  • Easy and safe storage for parts
  • A solution for all type of repairs
  • Comfort and hassle-free solution for a homemade garden hose

How to store garden hose repairing kits

Please keep them in a dry place. After using, clean them properly and dry before storing. This will give your repair kits long-lasting performance. You can use kits for metal restoring for your old hose and you can use the metal cleanser too.

To prevent tarnish on your metallic surface, clean them regularly. Use soft fabric and baking soda for cleaning at home. You can use lemon, vinegar, lime, salt for removing the rusts on the metallic surface on your own.

How to avoid kink of your hose?

After using, put down your hose straightly on the ground.

The reel of the loop you use should be large.

A hose made of rubber is preferable.

Expandable water hose does not easily kink.

Before repairing, you may find it useful to keep the end of your water hose in a hot tub of water for a while for pliability.

How to fix the drip of your garden hose at the end?

1. You need to put off the watering hose or the attachment.

2. Take out the washer from the female end’s inside and check.

3. If it’s damaged, get a new one. You can have a washer replacement garden of various sizes in rubber or plastic material.

How to fix a cut or a hole in your hose?

1. Cut the side of the hole of your garden hose.

2. You need a mender kit for your garden hose to join both parts including fittings and clamps.

3. Keep the clamps on both ends of your hose and tighten them.

4. With the fitting: stick the clamps on both of your hose and attach them with fitting. After that, tighten both clamps to your hose.

How to fix the damaged end of your hose?

1. You need to cut the end of the hose of which got damaged.

2. A male hose mender or a female hose mender kit can be used for changing the torn end of your hose. You need a clamp and a new end of the hose for your damaged water hose.

3. Attach the clamp on the end of your water hose, and join the hose end. Tighten your clamp.

To the conclusion

Repairing a hose for your garden quickly is essential. We realize this, and hence we offered the reviews based on some top products in the market. These professional garden hose repair kits are providing you all the facilities you may need in a perfect repair kit.

The information provided here may come to help you select which tool you exactly need and buy accordingly. So don’t shy away from getting yourself a professional garden hose repair kit and save your penny and energy for betterment of your garden.

Share your thoughts and queries with us to help you in the following comment section.

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