An Honest Review On Jang Seeder- Which One Is Best For You?

jang seeder

When you are about to choose equipment for your garden, you must do it in such a way that whatever you invest stays fruitful for a very long time, i.e., your investment keeps providing you returns with the least depreciation.

Similarly, when we are purchasing a new seeder for our garden, we must look for such a design that suits our desired style and is equally efficient in its performance as well as effective. Also, we must check the affordability.

While purchasing a seeder, the main factor we must look into while choosing a seeder is

  • Its ability to produce seed-soil contact
  • Then we must choose a seeder based on the number of seeds we are planting
  • The gap we want to keep between each seed
  • The location of the field
  • The size of the area
  • The efficiency of the tool
  • And the degree of preparation it requires

The benefits of purchasing a Jang seeder are that it prevents seed from getting wasted and they do not need much thinning as the thinning is done by the seeder itself. This saves much money and labor. A high germination rate is ensured by better seed to soil contact. The density of placing seeds in a row is adjusted by the interchangeable gear system.

This article provides a complete guide for you to select a perfect seeder for your garden. This also contains the pros and cons of purchasing a Jang seeder and how it fits our requirements in every respect. The drawbacks of the Jang seeder is also well highlighted here, along with the classification of two series of Jang seeder. This makes up an honest review of this particular seeder. All the opinions about the seeder are collected from the survey of the users of this seeder. Not sure how to start your purchase, click here to read the buying guide for garden seeder.

An overview on the Jang seeder reviews

Seeders are of various kinds, but here we are going to deal with only a push seeder. The vacuum seeders cost high but are still used by many farms. The seeders cost around 5000 dollars per row. Mainly this seeder uses vacuum technology that helps to separate the seeds and drop each seed separately according to the gap we assign beforehand.

Thus, the precise spacing of seeds becomes helpful to the farmers in planning the number of seeds they would require in order to get their desired number of plants per acre. The Jang seeder also works on this vacuum technology, and the calibration is more accurate than the vacuum seeders. The Jang seeder costs about 1100 dollars per row.

Designing of jang seeder

The Jang seeder is considered to be gold standard equipment for an organic farm. Though this is most efficient for small to medium-sized seeds, the seeder can still be adjusted for large seeds. With a perfect-sized roller for the seeds sown, we can achieve the best possible result involving good accuracy and germination.

There is a meager chance of the plants requiring thinning. However, switching out the perfect adjustable plate for the particular variety we are using may require a bit of effort, but this will make the Jang seeder work efficiently when planting the same variety in high numbers.

The Jang seeder is designed with premium quality steel. Non-abrasive plastic is used for adjustable sprockets. The clear plastic hopper is breakable after very heavy and prolonged use but is changeable, and the part is available in loose. If once you purchase the product, it will last a lifetime.

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jand seeder review
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How does it work?

If you look into a Jang seeder, you will find a transparent plastic cover called a hopper inside which you will get a black roller with divots placed below the middle of the hopper. Each separate family of seeds has its own type of divots. When you fill the hopper with seeds, the divots of the roller get filled with seeds.

The roller passing by a brush places a single seed in each divot. The jang garden seeder creates a furrow, and from the divots, seeds one by one are dropped into the furrow. The interchangeable gear system, just as found in bikes, controls the speed at which the roller turns. In this way, the seeds can be dropped at a gap of 1/2 inches to 9 inches. This allows harvesting much faster.

How efficient is it?

The seeding is highly accurate with the Jang seeder. It has occupied immense popularity among the farmers for being well-calibrated. You can space your seeds as per your choice. You can change the roller and gear ratio as per your wish. You can also work with seeds of all sizes. The quick-release hoppers make the changing of rollers and dropping of seeds smooth and easy.

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User friendliness

The covered hopper of the push planter allows the user to plant during the rainy season without the seeds getting damaged. The length of the handle is adjustable too. For comfortable seeding from either side of the bed, the handle push bar is made to slide from side to side. You can also adjust the placement density of the seeds in the row by changing the gears. The Jang kickstand makes the use of the Jang seeder in the field easy.

push seeder
Push seeder

The drawbacks of the jang seeders include:

The size of the clumps of seed are not uniform in the divot when we are taking more than one seed at a time. If we are having all uniformly sized seeds, and we are using one type of seed at a time, then the seeder works very smoothly. The problem arises with sowing the beet seeds. The seeds get jammed in the divots because the size of the seeds is not uniform. The seeds somewhere get sowed too densely while somewhere they get too scarcely spread. This is because beet is actually a bunch of seeds clumped together.

The requirement of purchasing a lot of rollers may be considered among the drawbacks. Every type of seed would require one roller for each unit. You need three rollers for each seed type for three units of a row—a single roller costs between 20 dollars to 40 dollars. For planting seeds very thickly as required in mixed salad and arugula, you must use rollers that can pick multiple seeds at a time and can place them. The Jang seeder can place the seeds at the closest gap of 1/2 inch.

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Jang seeders varieties

Jang TD series seeder

Jang TD seeder
Jang TD seeder

This Jang seeder is designed in such a way that it can singulate large seeds by putting them in long rows. This works even with large flat seeds. Even if you keep a small number of seeds in the hopper, then this would work well.

The lid of the hopper being transparent supports monitoring and protecting the seeds. You can customize and select the seed plates of your choice. These plates vary in thicknesses. They may be 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm thick varying also in hole diameters.

When seeds are dropped with this Jang seeder, the space between each seed ranges from 2.3 inches to 84 inches and can be adjusted using sprockets. Multiple hoppers and seed plates can be used with scalable to seed many rows simultaneously. The Jang seeder TD-1 is very reliable and can be used repeatedly. Though it costs a bit higher, still it’s worth the price.

Jang JP seeder series.

Jang JP seeder
Jang JP seeder

This jang seeder is more versatile and multitasking than the Jang TD series seeders and is mainly for small to medium-sized seeds. This is a beneficial product with blanks that can be customized. The better the rollers and brush, the better the conservation of seeds with gaps ranging from 0.5 to 20 inches as per your requirement.

The jang seeder may appear expensive, but you will find that the product is worth the price once you use it. Most of the farmers with market size farms use this product. All the hoppers and rollers can be used to work on many rows simultaneously. JP 1 is the best choice for you if you start with the JP series’s Jang seeder.

Later on, you can move to JP-3 and JP-6. While upgrading your JP series seeder, you can assemble new upgraded parts with old ones, or you can also buy a completely new seeder if you want. The construction of JP series seeders being rugged can cause problems to some people.

If you want a reliable and versatile seeder of professional quality, you must go for the Jang seeder. This is mainly favorable by the vegetable farmers. The Jang seeder is built with a lifetime guarantee and facility to replace the parts.

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Frequently asked questions

1) How does the Jang seeder work?

-> Above the roller lies the seed hopper. Rotation of the front wheel turns a chain, letting the roller drive. The seeds are collected by the depressions in the roller while rotating, and in the process, the seeds are dropped in the furrow.

2)How are Jang seeders adjusted?

-> Each type has a particular roller, and each of them costs 25 dollars. To change the number of seeds to be collected at the depression of the roller, a brush needs to be adjusted at the hopper. The speed of the seed roller can be adjusted by changing the front wheel’s gear. The seeder on appropriate adjustment can produce solid stants at a density of your choice.

3) How to change seeds in Jang seeder?

-> Remove the hopper from the seeder and then change the roller if you want to empty the seed.

4) How to calibrate the Jang seeder?

-> First, we need to find the number of seeds. To do so, the hopper needs to be filled over the seeder, and after that, the seeder is raised over the container. Next, let the drive wheel turn and count the number of turns. Finally, you need to count the seeds in the container that are dropped.

Then to calculate the distance covered by the seeder, measure the circumference of the Read 5 secrets on how to care for an orchid to thrive well!

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