How to grow tomatoes- 12 Secret Techniques to implement right now!

how to grow tomatoes

It’s winter and for sure tomato season. Who doesn’t love tomato soup? It is what winter is for right, so guys it’s time to plant and grow your own healthy, organic tomatoes-in your garden or yards. And enjoy a bowl of tomato soup in cozy winter weather with your loved ones.
Let’s see and read below how to grow tomatoes

For gardening and planting vegetables in your garden, we can say it’s been a ritual that many people start off with tomato implantation. As tomato lovers have always dreamt of a vegetable garden full of firm, juicy, sweet, bright red, and healthy tangible mouth watering tomatoes.

But being so loved, concerning how to grow tomatoes, tomato plantation has always been a hazard and a difficult task to do apart from all other vegetables and fruits, as it blemishes easily and gets rotten in no time. But to save your love for tomatoes, people around the world have devised various techniques and tricks to grow healthy, tasty, juicy tomatoes with proper care and hazard controlling strategies.

The most important technique to begin with for how to grow tomatoes is opting for the best variety of tomato families, start it wisely, and control problems before anything bad arises.

Some tips given below for how to grow tomatoes are timely tested and gone under various trials to ensure tomato growth in a best way possible for the entire year.

1. Don’t crowd tomato seedlings

how to grow tomatoes in pots from seeds

If a person starts tomato plantation with a seed then make sure that you provide enough room for the seedlings to grow and foster. Yes, that means that you are providing one seedling for a one good plant or for a small pot. How to grow tomatoes, While planting and putting the seedlings in the ground make sure that you remove thin, weak seedlings among the healthy ones and dispose or side line the weaker ones.

Crowding and suffocating conditions retard their proper substantial growth and the overall stress can take the form of a huge disaster later on. For each tomato seedling, transplant each one of the tomato seedlings into their own small pots shortly after they start giving off first-set of leaves. You must know about, how to grow tomatoes as this is the excellent time to keep them in a pot and provide them a chance to grow and branch off.

2. Provision of abundant sunlight

growing tomatoes outside

The most important thing to know about how to grow tomatoes, Tomato seedlings require strong, abundant direct sunlight similar to afternoon sharp sunlight rays. As days during winters seem short and putting the seedlings near an open sunny window would not be enough for provision of sufficient natural sunlight. To full fill that requirement you should put them in an artificial plant light for around 14-18 hrs a day , otherwise greenhouse is a best option.

How to grow tomatoes remember to keep the plants at least a couple of inches away from fluorescent light so that they don’t grow stocky, with spindles. As per the plant growth spurt you will either need to raise the light source or lower the plant. Later, while choosing to grow them in an outdoor locality then choose the most sunniest area of vegetable garden spot available.

3. Turn a fan on

how to grow tomatoes indoors

For proper growth of tomato seedlings they need to sway in the windy breezes so that they develop strong stems and fulfil all conditions for how to grow tomatoes. In order to provide for breeze you must setup a fan for that. Fan setup or any kind of air circulation is required for indoor plantation but out door locations have natural wind so you do not need to worry about that.

In indoors while creating an artificial wind/breeze turn a fan on for about 5-10 minutes twice a day. This seems really neglected task to do but this can really make a big difference for how to grow tomatoes.

If fan or any artificial wind creating device is absent then another option to avail could be to gently rub your hands back and forth across their tops and leaves for only a few minutes, several times a day. It can be bit effort-some but their wonderful tomato scent can stay with you for the whole day as a bonus.

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4. Preheat the garden soil

how to grow tomatoes faster

Tomatoes just like us love heat in winters. No matter for how long you leave them off, they cannot grow until the soil, air temperature remain warm and cozy. One can speed off the things in the soil by covering the plant area with any red or black plastic, a couple of times in a week before you begin plantation. This extra warmth of soil can transfer to the tomatoes earlier and provide proper temperature for growth.

Though, you can lift up the plastic sheet at the moment of planting the seedling but various researches say that adding extra warmth via red plastic has proven to increase tomato yields tremendously with big juicy soft tomatoes.

5. Bury the tomatoes

tomato growing secrets

Plant your tomato seedlings deeper then they usually come in the pots. Put them in till they cover all the way up till only few top leaves are left. When planted this way, there are better chances for the growth of roots all along the whole stem with out leaving any area empty. More the roots, merrier and stronger the plant.

There are two options to do that. Another thing you need to learn about how to grow tomatoes Either dig a deeper hole or dig a small one and lay the plant sideways.

It will straighten by itself in no time and will direct its growth towards the sunlight as a natural reflex. Just be careful for one important thing that by any mistake you do not drive your tomato cage into the buried stem.

6. Mulch tomatoes only after the soul has warmed

best mulch for vegetable garden

If you are not in favour of using plastic then by any means put down mulch on the ground until it gets the chance to heat up. Another thing you need to learn about how to grow tomatoes is Though mulching has a huge benefit of conserving water and prevents the soil plus plants from the water borne soil diseases and splashing up on the plants. However, if you put the mulch way too early then it can also proved shade and cool the soil.

As tomatoes are sun loving , allow them to absorb abundant sunlight in spring. After temperature remain to stay warm during days and nights then add a layer of mulch to retain moisture.

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7. Remove the bottom leaves

how to grow healthy tomatoes

As soon as the tomato plant reach a height of 3 feet tall, start removing the leaves from the bottom of the stem. As, oldest leaves as they are, therefore more susceptile to develop fungus issues. Because, as the plant is rapidly growing these bottom leaves are the first ones to die off because of receiving least sunlight nutrition and airflow.

One important aspect for how to grow tomatoes As these leaves are very close to soil therefore first ones to get exposure to any pathogen or ailing contagion and any pathogen can easily splash off to the whole plant. Removing these can help control the spread of fungal diseases. Spraying weekly with compost teas can be a great remedy to guard off against any fungal infection or pathogen infected.

8. Pinch and prune for more tomato yield

In how to grow tomatoes, try to remove any sucker at branch points via pinching as these will never bear fruits and takes away excess energy from the plants. Though, pruning process should be done easily. With the passage of time you can trim some of the excess leaves in-order for the sunlight to shine in the whole plant and reach the ripening fruit in valid amount.

Another thing you need to learn about how to grow tomatoes But the most important synthesizing energy factor for plant is leaves and provides great flavour to tomatoes. In short, lesser leaves mean lesser sweet tomatoes.

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9. Water regulated supply as a ritual

Water supply is an important asset for the how to grow tomatoes. For proper development and juiciness proper quantifies water supply is essential. Shortage of water supply or irregular watering can cause calcium deficiency that may further lead to cracking and splitting.

Supply 1 inch of water per week, but it can exceed this range during hot, dry sunny spells during summers. Another thing you nee to remember about how to grow tomatoes Watering can ease up after your plant starts to bear fruits.

Lessing the water supply can be beneficial for concentrating its sugars and better taste. For this whole regulated process don’t withhold water supply or give it in excess as this can lead to wilting and the plant may become stressed and drop off their leaves leading to fruit blossoming.

10. Let the tomato plant set

Though tomatoes ripening depends on weather but still we can play a good role doing that. Pinching the main stems in eRly summer can encourage growth spurt and can flower in no time. Remember to look out for how to grow tomatoes is Do not be afraid if your plants are not flowering for first 2 months as tomato plants like to grow taller before bearing fruits.

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11. Selecting and growing tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes, remember, Growing the best badge of tomato variety deserves the perfect choice of seedling, sowing it properly along with provision of TLC until it sets to root. Some plant varieties are called determinate which only bear fruit during a specific growing season only, and then die off. Other type variety such as indeterminate continue to produce fruit during whole season.

A unique method for how to grow tomatoes is some plants are specifically grown for their unique taste and appearance that is called heir loom variety. Always select a well sun lit well drained soil. Adding compost to the soil assures the good development of baby plants fullfilling all requirements for how to grow tomatoes.

12. Troubleshooting tomatoes

Last year soil has the higher chance to blight and catch any pathogen if it is constantly wet. In order to prevent this, make sure to clean fallen debris from ground does not come in contact with any plant part. Provide enough time for the plant to foster in betwwen waterings. Pull off the affected plants before the fungus sets in and devastates the whole crops.

Excess nitrogen in soil or too much watering can cause hard brown rotten patches on tomatoes or uneven watering can also cause the same.Pests and any pathogens like fleas, aphids, cutworms, beetles, worms can affect tomato crops. Essential oil preps and diatomaceous earth can surely eradicate this. Worms are really destructive as it may eat the whole plant in a matter of hours only.

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Preparing for next year’s tomato crop

This year you produced the best tomato yield possible but save the seeds for next year. In order to better off the next generation tomato seeds must be fermented before drying. This is not difficult at all , it only needs to store them with their pulp until it forms a mold film, rinse, dry and package them away for next year’s seed sowing.

Buying and storing tomatoes

Choose tomatoes that are bruise free and yield only slightly with the pressure of your fingers. If you usually buy tomatoes fir later use, select the harder tomatoes and let them stay to ripe at your kitchen counter. Tomatoes can become mushy or tasteless if they are refrigerated. In order to save any half cut or sliced tomato, simply cover it any plastic sheet fir better results and later usage.

Cooking with tomatoes

Freshly chopped tomatoes are better way of while eating in salads or any seasonal dish. Tomatoes can gradually ripe with vine, combined with olive oil, garlic, basil can make the best pasta sauce in town. A tasty caprse salad pair tomatoes with mozzarella and basil. Sun dried crisp tomatoes can elevate any pasta dish or salad dressing.

Preserving tomatoes

Tomatoes can be readily used to whip up some fresh salsa by putting in jalapeños, garlic, lime, onions and can be used as a mouth watering winter dish. Sun drying tomatoes can be easily replicated in an often o dehydrator.

Ripening of green tomatoes

There can be times when summers go away but your green tomatoes have not ripped yet. Fortunately, green tomatoes can be coaxed to blush. Either let them ripe in sunny windowsill or place individual tomatoes in any brown paper bag with an apple. Or wrap them in a newspaper and store them in a dark spot. And unfortunately if everything falls then you can whip it up in a yummy dish of fried green tomatoes.

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