If you have a cactus plant, you might be keen to know how long does it take for a cactus to grow and how large it can be from time to time. It’s good to have this knowledge to plan where to put this plant, and you can also decide what kind of plants you can again grow alongside it. So, how quickly can a cactus grow?

Most of the Cactus grow slowly, from a sprout to become a large tree, it can take 6 to 12 months. It depends on the species. Some of the Cactus species can even take 2 to 3 years to grow up. You can note that a cactus can even grow up to 15 CM or more in a year.

On average, some of the Echinocactus, like golden barrel cactus can grow up to 2 to 3 centimeters per year in height.
Ferocactus can grow 4 to 5 centimeters in height approx per year.
Saguaro Cactus can grow up to 10 to 15 CM per year. It depends on the growth stage and also it can reach 75 feet.

Learning how long does it take for a cactus to grow is a waiting game for most of the species. This article will give you a time table and healthy tips that will help you grow cactus in your garden quickly.

Why does Cactus grow so slowly?

To understand why Cactus grow so slowly? You have to know the two main factors.

fastest growing cactus
How long does it take a cactus to grow

Cactuses are highly adapted for survival. They naturally develop themselves to survive extreme climate changes. Cactuses mostly use their energy to stay, rather than rapid growth.

Cactus can survive in many periods of duration, and it can survive in extreme heat. They have developed harsh prioritizing techniques. Because of this, they can survive in extreme conditions.

There is a thing to mention that not every Cactus species can live in arid climates. There are different species of cactuses from other places, and they all have their ability to survive.

And another factor is height, or it can be a lack of them. Most of the plants and flowers have their level of growth. It could be in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Plants growing levels contain a high concentration of chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is a chemical that converts sunlight into energy for plant growth. This chlorophyll chemical has the power to make the plant grow fast, and it also makes it strong.

Cacti don’t have leaves and branches. Instead, they grow areolas and spines, and they cannot produce energy for the plant to grow it. Leaves and stems are not suitable for a hot environment. Plants have more leaves, and it cost them to lose too much water quickly.

Results, cacti have fewer green tissues as compared to the other plants and flowers. This retards their growing ability.

how long does it take for a cactus to grow?

Let’s start with discussing the various growth stages of most of the other cactus species and how long does it take for a cactus to grow.

This signals that the Cactus is in a good environment and favorable temperature, whether it is hot or cold. Cacti consume good amounts of sunlight throughout the whole time.

how long does a cactus live
How long do cactus live

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how long does it take for a cactus to grow in a month?

Cactus also begin blooming their seeds like many other plants and flowers. It hardly takes a few months or weeks for their germination process for the seedlings to occur. So don’t be too excited if there is any growth in the early days.

Suppose you take care of the cactus plant nicely, you will be lucky to see the growth of spines of the Cactus. It means not all of the species can grow spines. You will see seeding coming out from the dirt.

Even if you don’t see a bit of growth after a month, hold your patience for more time as you don’t know how long does it take for a cactus to grow. Sometimes, growth can take two to three months to occur.

If you have covered the plant with a glass jar at the beginning time, it’s very important to take off the covering from the plant during daylight. This will help to get more ventilation. You’ll also have to water the Cactus every time severally, or the soil gets dry.

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..6 Months?

How long does it take for a cactus to grow When it’s about 6 months??

As you continue taking care of your Cactus, it will grow, but still not very fast. Once six months have passed, your Cactus may be no larger than a slightly big marble. As compared to other plants and flowers, it may seem ok and abnormal slow growth, which can make you a little nervous. With the Cactus, slow growth is obvious, so don’t panic if you don’t see any growth in some days. You won’t know any way how long does it take for a cactus to grow until it has grown.

…1 Year?

How long does it take for a cactus to grow
How long does it take for a cactus to grow

How Long Does It Take For A Cactus To Grow When It’s About 1 Year?

Also, it’s not normal if you don’t see any growth even after 12 months. To achieve the milestone, it doesn’t matter how long does it take for a cactus to grow, and your Cactus should grow neutrally and move from propagation, keep it in a separate pot. When you see the Cactus has taken enough space in a small pot, move it to a bigger pot.

…30 Years?

How Long Does It Take For A Cactus To Grow When It’s About 1 Year?

How long does it take for a cactus to grow can differ in years, and it is different from species to species. If you don’t have patience, you can harvest the Saguaro cactus, which comes from Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, this species grows faster than any other species. Sonoran Cactus can grow up to 70 feet tall.

During the growth process, Sonoran Cactus can sprout their flowers. This miracle happens every 30 to 35 years. We weren’t kidding when we said how long does it take for a cactus to grow is a waiting game!

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What Can slower Growth Even More?

While it’s true that cacti are generally slow-growing, there are some things you may be doing that can make them grow even more slowly. Here are some trouble areas to be aware of-

Growing up in a container could be too small. When the Cactus becomes the size of a big marble, it may require a new home. Not doing this is bad news, as your Cactus needs nutrients to survive and grow. A small container can not provide much nutrition it may need. That will cap its growth potential if the Cactus doesn’t die.

Remember that the Cactus must be moved more than once as it continues to grow, so you’ll rehome it several times.

Overstressing The Cactus

Just like we people go through an exhaustive process when moving our homes, so do cacti.
Once you shift the plant to a new container, the plant needs some more time to recoup once again in a new container. When you shift them to a new container, don’t keep them in direct sunlight for a few days. This will help the cactus roots to latch the new home. In a while, you can keep the Cactus direct in the sunlight by increasing the time incrementally.


Cactus don’t need much water to grow, and they require much less water supply than most of the other plants and flowers because of their native desert environment. You can pour them water occasionally in a month, depending on their age and species.

Overwatering can impact the growth of the plant if it doesn’t kill the Cactus. It’s because the cactus plant is in its asymptomatic state for the first few weeks or a month, even if it’s getting too much water. In some situations, the Cactus grows big or gets bigger. This process will give you a good impression that you are doing everything right in the process of how long does it take for a cactus to grow.

If you overwater them, they’ll start growing wrong. The roots of the cactuses are not made to consume much water. If you pour them over water, the roots will die soon, and slowly the plant too. It may look like your Cactus is growing very well, but it is dying slowly behind.

The dying of few roots cannot make a big deal, but more roots will die with more time. That can make a more significant change on the Cactus for surviving. You will notice that your cactuses color is different as it was in the beginning days. The spikes will slowly start reducing, and it will be weak, and whenever you will touch, it may feel soft. This is the beginning of when plants begin to rot away.

Once you have the experience of how long does it take for a cactus to grow in the right way, you will recognize that your plant is growing faster and larger. Also, read here how to take care of succulents if you don’t know how to get started.

How long does it take for a cactus to grow
How long does it take for a cactus to grow

Cover your Cactus for a long time.

Generally, it’s the best idea to cover the Cactus sitting during the germination and early growth period. This will increase humidity and keep the seedlings warm, improving their chances of successfully germinating.

However, if you fail to remove the cover at the right time, it can harm your cactus plant, especially when it’s starting to grow. The seedlings need more vitamins at the beginning of their growth. Lack of vitamins can make the plant short during growth and possibly can kill the plant as well. It can definitely lengthen the process of how long does it take for a cactus to grow.

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How you can increase the growth Speed of your cactus plant?

If you cannot apply the process as mentioned above, and your Cactus is still not growing well enough for your liking, you still have few options below to speed up the process.

First of all, make sure that your Cactus should have a container with enough space that your Cactus require. In this way, the plant will have more space to grow. You have to stop moving your Cactus, which can affect the growth.
Use healthy soil, which has mixed with draining putting. This process will reduce your stress of overwatering. As you remember, too much moisture can be harmful to the characters.

After a month, you can keep the pot under the sunlight. Cactus mostly like sunny and warm environments. Maintain the right environment for the Cactus.
That was everything about how long does it take for a cactus to grow. Hope the article helped you in some way!

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