Everything you must know about how do olives grow (2021)

how do olives grow

Where and How do olives grow best?

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Olive trees are the most grown Mediterranean plants which are resistant to cold and grow in a dry climate with lengthy summer and freezing winter. These trees thrive more in temperate weather and also in coastal regions rather than tropical areas.
An olive tree should be planted in a place consisting of direct sunlight and needs to soak direct sunlight for at least six hours. The tree should be braced well or implanted in a safe place to avoid the stormy wind.

How to fertilize olive trees?

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Olive trees can grow in poorly fertilized soil with fewer nutrients. However, you will definitely see better growth and fruit production if they are planted in well-drained, properly fertilized soil. High-quality potting mixes are appropriate to nourish the plants in pots.

The ideal season for olive tree plantation is either early spring or late summer. Yates Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus or Osmicate Plus Organics Fruit & Citrus correctly balanced fertilizer which nourish the plant and feed the soil as well.

how do olives grow in pots?

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How Do Olives Grow

Young olive trees don’t reach a good height at the beginning which lets them grow in a pot while the height of well-grown olive trees can be up to 6-7 meters. Olive trees can be grown indoors with quality potting mixes in large pots placed in open space in contact with direct sunlight for at least 6 hours every day.

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Pests and diseases in how do olives grow

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Australian critters also known as olive lace bugs are dangerous for olive trees. Check on the plants every day to prevent the bug from destroying the sap from the lower parts of the leaves. Eventually, the trees get defoliated and ultimately they die. To restrain the lace bugs spray pesticides like Eco-oil or Pyrethrum on the affected areas of the leaves.

Olive trees can be defoliated and the foliage can also be destroyed because of a widespread fungal disease called peacock spot. This particular fungal disease causes fungal patches which turn into greenish-black circular spots later on.

To save the trees from this disease the trees need to be sprayed with Fungicide containing Copper such as Yates Fungus Fighter Copper Fungicide in late autumn. Even after that if the fungal disease stays, keep spraying the fungicide in early winter.

How To Plant, Grow, Prune, And Harvest Olives?

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The best season for olives to grow is summer. It is easy to thrive olives and also high temperature along with low humidity is very much preferable for olives to grow healthy. Minimal differences in size taste and shape have created plenty of variety in olives. Olives are generally used for garnishing or highly pressed to make cooking oil as they are excessively bitter in their raw forms.

The basic difference between green olives and black olives is that one is harvested unripe and the other one is harvested ripe respectively. But after curing they share the same salty and tangy taste.

Best Climate And Site in How Do Olives Grow

  • The development of olives happens the best in long summer and high temperatures along with low humidity.
  • Research says the optimal conditions to grow olives are in USDA Zones 9 and 10
  • The ideal temperature for olive trees to produce flower is the mid-winter 40°F to 50°F it is said that olive trees are frost tolerant but they will die in temperature below 12° It is essential to make olives grow in contact with direct sunlight
  • Growing olives do not require much hustle as they can adapt in most soils but soil consisting of PH level within 5.5 to 8.5 is the best choice for olive trees to thrive.
  • Also, Sandy loam and a well-drained base will improve their growth.
  • Keep the olive plant away from a place that can catch the strong wind and do not plant olives in freezing areas.
  • Try not to plant olives on the terrace or open track.

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Choosing The Right Olive Plant

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You need to choose the variety of olive according to your need because not all kinds of olives are used for the same purpose. Some are used for pickles and salads and the rest are used to make oil.

Get in touch with a Cooperative Extension Service near to your place to receive the arieties of olives suiting the best in your soil.

Spacing Olives

  • Olive trees grow wide and tall up to 15 to 30 feet, but you can trim them into a smaller size.
  • Olive trees are supposed to be planted almost 20 feet away from each other.

Olives Pollination

The maximum variety of olives flower and bear fruit if they are pollinated by other olive trees grown nearby. But most of the olive trees are self-pollinating so sometimes they don’t need any other pollinating agent to grow fruits.

Planting Olives

The best season to plant olives is either fall or spring because they shouldn’t be planted in the warm summer heat

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Mix well-balanced fertilizer into the soil

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Before you plant an olive tree, put an all-purpose manure into the hole in which you will be putting the tree and make sure to dig the hole twice of the breadth and half the length of the root. Put a stick at least 2 feet into the hole to support the tender or live plants.

Drive the plant into the hole in such a way that the soil mark on the stem from the nursery touches the level of the surface and spreads the roots afterward.

Take half native soil and half of the aged fertilizer or organic planting mix to seal the hole from the top. Then firmly replenish the hole with water to avoid air pockets within the roots. By watering the soil you need to make a soil basin around the trunk to make space for the water.

Use tree ties to the stick to make the plants stand strong.

Watering each tree is very essential right after planting along with liquefied fertilizers consisting of a high amount of phosphorus

Container Growing Olives In How Do Olives Grow

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  • Large containers can be used to thrive olive plants.
  • Select an 18 inch Deep and wide large pot that is well-drained as well.
  • The commercial organic mix is very much needed while planting the trees
  • Do not wet the soil too much but just firmly give it hydration.
  • All-purpose high phosphorus fertilizer is the primary food for the olive plants growing in containers.
  • 2 years from planting the trees in the container you should report them in a larger pot with 24 inches of depth and breadth.

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Olive Care, Nutrients, And Water in How Do Olives Grow

The period when the birds and bloom are being developed needs to be nurtured with regular atering well. Regular watering will strengthen the roots and make the mature tree strong enough to survive afterward even without regular watering.

Over-fertilizing is not needed but feeds olive trees annually with a cottonseed meal consisting of manure along with a few cups of nitrogen in it.

Training Olives In How Do Olives Grow

The open center can provide the best-trained olive trees. Find out how it’s done:

Always start with the way while planting the tree. An angular cut on the central leader almost 5 feet above the bud should be the next step. Remove the lateral branches which are in the lower section about 18 inches on the seedlings. Trim off the remaining laterals by the other half.

As the plant meets the first summer prune the main lateral branches about 8 inches from the initial growth. Cut the new shoots and the buds facing outward to about 6 inches and finally leave the central lead as it is.

Cut back one-third of the central leader growth from its first year as the second spring arrives.

Keep cutting the central leader two by third of previous years growth in the coming springs till the time it grows up to you are desirable height. Trim all the damaged and lifeless parts from the tree to keep the freshness alive.

Maintainance, prunning And Thinning Olives

Trim the lanky branches from the tree to maintain their shape and avoid too much height.

Cutting back the damaged parts of the trees helps them breathe properly and soaks the sunlight in the very center. The presence of excessive fruits can weaken the twig. Thinning fruit right after they set is important for the growth of fruits and also so to keep the tree healthy. Make sure to have three to four fruits on each foot of the twig.

Propogating Olives

Both hardwood and softwood cuttings can transmit olives. Softwood cuttings in the fall are more preferable. The cultivators of olives are mostly planted onto rootstock.

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Harvesting And Storing Olives

  • After 4 to 5 years of planting olive trees, they set fruits.
  • Olive trees have a process of bearing fruit alternatively as they produce large numbers of fruits one year and in the next year, the number decreases.
  • Olives are harvested in different stages as per their usages. Like if they are being used for garnishing, should be harvested while it’s either unripe or black and ripe. To produce oil from olives they need to be harvested while the skin is black ok but the flash is either green or yellow.
  • Carefully pluck the olives by hands to keep their shape and size in place but for oil production, all apps can be knocked from the tree and gathered from the fallen ones.
  • Green olives can be used to make pickles and stored in jars

Always wash off the olive before eating. The olives used for garnishing and salads are already cured with many ingredients like water salt oil etc. To preserve and reduce the authentic bitterness.

Olive Problems And Control In How Do Olives Grow

A bacterial disease named olive knot harms the tree by swelling certain parts of it. Cut out a minimum of 2 inches in diameter around the swelling in summer to prevent the disease from spreading. Years with over rainfall can cause peacock spot fungal disease to the olive trees. This infection can cause premature fruit drop and patches on the leaf blades. To prevent the disease apply copper fungicide in late fall.

An oval shell insect named Scale sucks the vital fluid from the stems and leaves of the tree. To get rid of this insect use horticultural oil or just crush it. A fungal disease is known as verticillium results in discoloration and curls to the leaves.

This contagious disease can kill the tree within a few years if the affected leaves are not thrown away. Immediately remove affected leaves or fruits to smother any kind of disease.

Fall And Winter Olive Care in How Do Olives Grow

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Winter wind carries essential nutrients deep into the roots but in fall a heavy layer of well-balanced fertilizer should be fed to the tree.
Cover the trees with a blanket or any other warming agent to keep the olives safe from winter blizzards.

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Olive Varities To Grow in How Do Olives Grow

‘Mission’: This variety e comes in medium size and it has a color mixture of blue and black while ripe. This variant of olives has better Frost repellent property along with average oil production.
‘Manzanillo’: this variant is larger than ‘Mission’. Contains an average amount of oil and turns ripe earlier.
‘Azolane’: This tender fruit has a small pit along with a large shape and size. and is suitable for processing. Contents good quality oil but the quantity is lesser than ‘Mission’ and ‘Manzanillo’.
‘Sevillana’: This variety of olives comes with the largest size and least oil content in conjunction with a woody textured flesh.

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