The best homemade weed killer for 2021

homemade weed killer

Homemade weed killers, Naturally.

The hated plants that are grown in our field are identified as weeds. I’m pretty sure nobody loves weeds in their backyard, sharing nutrients, water, and sunlight of our plants.
The root system of these weeds is thought to be pulled by hands. In that case, you should try to do some tricks that can stop the growth of weeds permanently.
You can kill weeds with chemical weed-killer also, but these chemicals can harm your crop sometimes. These chemicals are expensive too. Thus, you should try to kill them naturally, yeah now we can easily kill weeds naturally.

Being able to kill weeds naturally is a good thing. But sometimes you will find recipes and formulas online which do not even work. Some of them work also, but mostly they are of no use.
You can easily find a natural weed-killer in your kitchen. Hence, we are here to tell you, how you can make your natural weed killer easily in your house. So, We’ll tell all of you about the 5 most useful ways to remove weeds. With their advantages/disadvantages.

Homemade weed killers

1. Vinegar, salt, and soap.

How it is made?

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid soap

In a spray bottle, pour vinegar, now add salt and shake it. After the salt is completely mixed add liquid soap, mix well. And your solution is ready.

How to use it?

  • During day time, spray the solution on the weeds.
  • Let them get covered completely with the solution.
  • Only spray on the weeds.
  • Now leave the unwanted weeds for a few days[3-4], after some time the weeds will automatically start drying.
  • This solution is very effective and it works well.

Why this solution kills the weeds?

  • Vinegar and Salt work as a dehydrator and soap is added to make the solution sticky so that it can easily stick to the weed.
  • This solution takes away the necessary water of the plant and makes it dehydrated.
  • If there were no water left on the plant it will eventually die.
  • Therefore, it can easily kill all the weeds.

Advantages of using vinegar weed-killer.

  • Chemical-free.
  • Affordable.
  • Homemade
  • Easy to use.

Disadvantages of using vinegar weed-killer.

  • Use it carefully, it can kill your plants too.
  • kill the soil if overused.
  • Can react to your skin.

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2. Newspaper.

Some people use paper to keep weeds down. It is an easy method to kill weeds. You can easily reuse/recycle your old newspaper or any paper to kill the unwanted plants [weeds]. The more you do this technique the fewer weeds you’ll get.

You can also use cardboard.

If there is no paper in your house cardboard can be used. But using the newspaper is more effective. Use only regular newspaper made up of paper only. Don’t use those plastic/glossy templates or pages made up of plastic sheets.

How it is used?

  1. Firstly, measure the field/area you want to weed-free.
  2. Now place down a heavy and thick layer of paper or cardboard.
  3. The layer should be very thick otherwise it won’t work. At least 9 to 10 pages should be laid.

After covering the whole surface with paper, start putting mulch on it, mulch is a mixture of a variety of organic waste. It includes dry grass, straw [bunch of dry grass or chaff], kitchen waste, wood particles, manure, etc.

If finding mulch is difficult for you then you can use dry leaves and dry grass also. After mulching water it. And everything is done.
That’s it now there will be no unwanted weeds in your garden.

Now, if you want to plant some seeds then, just dig the mulch. And you’ll find the paper there, cut the paper or make a hole in it with a knife and plant the seed. Again cover the hole with the mulch and it’s done.

Why this method kill weeds?

When we lay a thick layer of paper on the ground and put mulch on it there is no space for sunlight to reach the weeds. Without sunlight the weeds become week. And they don’t have the power to push the thick layer of paper or cardboard.

Advantages of using newspaper as a weed killer.

  • You can recycle your old paper.
  • Cheap.
  • Safe for everyone one / chemical-free.
  • The paper is decomposable so that there’s no need to clean anything.

Disadvantages of using newspaper as a weed killer.

  • Takes some time and hard work.

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3. Lemon juice.

Everyone knows that lemon juice is an acidic liquid. Thus, it is too useful. Many of us like black tea with lemon juice, but, lemon can be used as a weed killer also. The acid turns the healthy green weeds brown and makes them dry.

How to use it?
Take a spray bottle, fill it with pure lemon juice.
[ if you don’t have pure lemon juice, you can also, use concentrated lemon extract which is available in the market.]

Then add ½ cup of vinegar in it to make it more effective.
You can use it without vinegar also but using vinegar in it will make it more acidic and reactive. Mix well.

After it, spray the solution on the weeds. And leave it for 3 days. Spray it on a sunny day. And your weeds are dead.

Why this method kill weeds?
Lemon juice is an acidic solution and when we spray it on the weeds it burns the weed.

Advantages of lemon juice used as a weed killer.

  • Easily available product.
  • Homemade.

Disadvantages of using lemon juice as a weed killer.

  • Not too effective without vinegar.

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4. Boiling water

I know you are thinking that does boiling water kills the weeds. It doesn’t. According to our survey boiling water only burns out the leaves and makes the plant dead temporary. The roots will be still alive and after some time they’ll grow again.

If you want to kill your weeds temporarily then it’s a nice idea. But, boiling water doesn’t work on established plants and it doesn’t work on plants that have a good root system.

How it is used?
Put the amount of water you want to boil in a container. Pour it on the plant and leave. That’s all.

If you really wanna make this trick to kill your plants, then- Pour the same amount of boiling water on the weeds for 3-4 days. And hopefully, they all will be permanently dead.

Why this method kill weeds?
Everyone is afraid of boiling water, as it can be dangerous. When we add boiling water on the weeds the leaves along with the roots are heated. That’s why the weed dies.

Advantages of using boiling water as a weed killer.

  • Very much cheap weed killer.
  • Chemical-free.

Disadvantages of boiling water when used as a weed killer.

  • Not too effective, just dries the leaves for some time.

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5. Pulling by hand

This technique is very old. During the old-time, poor people used to pull the weeds by their hands. During that period, the farmers have to pull the weeds by their hands as there were no chemical or natural weed killers available.
As time passes, chemical and natural weed killers are created. And now with this article, you all can kill your unwanted guests [weeds] easily and naturally.

But, if you are a free person who can spend his all day in his garden then this method is for you. Take a bin and start pulling the weeds. But always ensure that the roots are also pulled out.
If there were roots left inside the soil then all your hard work is just wasting your time.

Slowly pull the weeds and the roots will automatically come out of the soil.

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Additional guide for weeds

  1. Buy high-quality seeds.
    When we buy any seeds and sow them there are some weed seeds also with them. Sometimes some unwanted seeds are packed with the plant seeds and we buy them and sow. That’s why always buy high-quality seeds to avoid weeds.
  2. Homemade manure.
    If you prepare manure of compost at home. Then always ensure that in the kitchen waste there are no seeds. Sometimes the seeds are mixed in the compost and start germinating. And when we mix that compost in our soil those unwanted seeds start growing. So do check your waste before turning it into manure or compost.
  3. Always clean/wash your tools after removing weeds.
    When you remove weeds their seeds are also removed. Those seeds got stuck on your tools. And then when you dig the soil with the same tool without cleaning it the weed seeds are spread in the soil. And soon you’ll find a couple of weeds there. Thus, also wash the tools.
  4. Ensure where you are watering.
    When we water our whole garden or lawn we are watering the weed seeds also. So, always ensure that you are only watering around the roots of your crops. When we give water to the weeds they’ll be healthy and green forever, but without water, they’ll be dry in a few days only.
  5. Don’t let the weed seeds make their army.
    If you are a busy person and have no time to look after the weeds then, just manage to give 5-10 mins to remove the flower buds of the weeds. When we remove the flowers there will be no seeds producer. And this will help to stop the spreading of weed seeds.

Do homemade weed killers work?

When we are talking about all the homemade weed killers, we can’t say that all are useless. Some natural weed killer works also. However, these weed killers take some time, but some of them work very well. Like the best homemade natural weed killer is vinegar+salt+soap and the newspaper method is also very nice.
The rest of the methods are also good but they are not too useful for heavy and large rooted weeds.


Everyone hates weeds, but they are also living creatures. If the part of the land where weeds are growing is not being used by you then let the weeds grow there. We hope that with this article, your all doubts about weeds and natural weed killing methods are cleared. In this article, we have listed some of the best weed killing methods which are natural and homemade.

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