Build diy hanging water garden at home in 9 simple steps!

hanging water garden

Here are some simple and easy directions on making a beautiful and easy low hanging water garden. 

Steps to make indoor hanging plants with flowers. 

You can very quickly make beautiful looking “cuttings,” “clippings,” and “rootings” from any Garden plants. 

As per our choice, the easiest way to make a low hanging water garden is by using more philodendron and coleus plants. You can also use potatoes, wandering Jew, ivy, and spider plants or other live hanging plants. 

How to plant a bunch of water plants. 

Cut a piece of stem 4-6 inches long. Remove the lower leaves. Put that stem in a jar or vessel filled with water. It will shoot from the root and start growing! 

You might have heard this process in the name of propagating. 

Make sure you regularly check the water level. If you see a reduction in water level, add more water into your vessel or jar. If you see the water turns into cloudy blur color, pour out the water and clean the jar.  

You don’t require a whole lot of water to grow these clippings in the hanging water garden. 

Soon you will see the roots shooting out from the stem. Once it begins, you can even plant them in dirt to grow new plants! 

It is fascinating to watch them grow, and it can be crafty, fun, and educational for your children. 

Why wouldn’t anyone like it? Small hanging water gardens look beautiful hanging on walls or windows under sunlight in colorful glass vases. 


Here is another water garden project that you will enjoy! I love to try these out when I’m free. I got tons of hanging water gardens in my apartment.

It’s because these tiny aquatic plants look way too cute even if you put them in the corner. I enjoy making hanging planters, and that’s why I make mini water gardens wherever I get some space. And now maybe you can also make one for yourself!  

What you need:  

  1. Small Jars with Lip  
  2. Leather Lace  
  3. String  
  4. Scissors  
  5. Small Aquatic Plants  
  6. Rocks  
  7. Water  
  8. Wooden Skewer  

Putting it together: 

1. Cut a double length of a leather string as long as you want to hang the jar on the window. 

2. Make a loop at each end of the strings, and don’t forget to trim and short the ends. 

3. Cut another piece of leather string. Keep it a little longer so that you can wrap around it on the jar’s neck for few times. 

4. Put the neck side in the loop you have created from the leather string piece. The jar will hang from its neck. 

5. Wrap the leather string around the jar’s neck side for few times and tie it carefully in its place. Trim the ends. 

6. Wash out plants and pebbles with room water. 

7. Place the pebbles in the jar 

8. Place the plants in the jar, and if necessary, you can hide the roots with wooden skewers. You can also use floating plants. With them, you don’t need to hide roots. 

9. Carefully put room temperature water inside the jar to cover the plants. For better safety, use the jar’s corners, or use your fingers to prevent water from pouring directly on the plants. By this, you will not disturb the pebbles which you have set inside the jar. And this will result in outdoor hanging plants year round starting fresh! 

That was all for creating your DIY hanging water garden! We hope you make one for yourself soon with these steps on making a hanging water garden.

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