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When you think about gardening, it looks tiring and uncomfortable as you have to work on the open ground under sun exposure. As a result, you have to suffer UV rays, skin damage, and other skin problems. For this purpose, you can choose some hats to save yourself from all of these problems caused by the sun.

Gardening hats are worth buying when you choose to work in a field, especially in summer. These are the essentials and worthy stuff to get a place in your wardrobe while planting a seed. They will make your work straightforward without thinking about sweating and hottie weather.

You can choose any one of them as per your needs of gardening. Firstly, know which one suits you best, along with giving maximum comfort. Let’s discuss how to choose the best hats:

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How to choose the right hat for a gardening

While choosing these hats, keep some necessary things in mind. You’ll find a number of these hats on the market. You can choose any one of them according to your desires. Here are some tips for choosing the right hat:

Qualities of good gardening hats

  • It should be comfortable to wear
  • Should be well ventilated
  • Should be protective against high ultraviolet rays
  • should be lightweight
  • should be washable

The other features to consider

  • Brim – It is the upper edge of the hat which provides shade to the face and neck
  • Hat size – It measures according to head size
  • Quality – The fabric should be of good quality
  • Chin-strap – it is required to tie the hat with your chin to move freely.

Hence, you can choose your best hats to keep these things in mind. Following are ten gardening hats from best sellers with all necessary features:

1) San Diego Hat El Campo Ultrabraided Sun Hat

These hats are best-selling across the world. You can get every feature in this one hat, and it suits your style as well. It features a perfect brim that evenly protects your face and neck from UV rays. The stretch band and inner cord provide you with free movements while working on the sites. These are available in different colours. So, you can choose your favourite colour and chill on the grounds.


  • Brim – 5″ Brim,
  • Fabric – 25% polyester, 75% paper,
  • Protection against the sun – UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – Chin chord with stretch band

2) Women’s Active Sun Brim Hat

These gardening hats are worth buying for your gardening needs with their perfect blend of quality and style. The Brim is sun protective and lightweight. It includes a chin cord that is necessary to keep your mind free while moving here and there. It also includes a moister-wicking sweatband. The edges of this Brim are wired so that you can adjust them according to your fit. You can get this one to save yourself from the UV rays.


  • Brim – 4.5″ brim,
  • Fabric – 100% polyester
  • Protection against the sun – UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – Chin chord with stretch band
  • Adjustable, Packable

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3) San Diego Hat Company’s Perfect Unisex Garden Hat

You can choose this gardening hat also, as it can be the best companion while gardening in hot weather. A comfortable, lightweight fabric provides you with comfy work with maximum sun protection. Chin cord keeps this hat in place while moving.


  • Brim – 4″ Brim,
  • Fabric – 25% polyester, 75% paper
  • Protection against the sun – UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – Chin chord with stretch band

4) Women’s Removable Chin Cord Ribbon Sun Gardening Hat

It is the newest addition to the brand and would be your must-have staple. The Brim is perfect for keeping you away from the harsh sun lights. You can adjust it with an adjustable bucket and tie it with your chin with a chin cord. These hats are available in 3 colours: blush, beige, and denim. You can remove the chin chord when not required.


  • Brim – 4″ Brim,
  • Protection against the sun – Certified UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – Chin chord with stretch band
  • Packable, Adjustable, Removable Chin Cord.

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5) Women’s Wide Brim gardening Hat with Underbrim print

It must be your best partner in the hot temperature as it consists of an oversized brim with back adjustable toggles that allow you to carry your hat well. It features an under brim gel palm print and moisture-wicking band to keep you fresh throughout the day.


  • Brim – 3.25″ Front Brim & 4.5″ Back Brim,
  • Fabric – 100% polyester
  • Protection against the sun – Certified UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – adjustable toggles

6) gardening hats for men with a Chin Cord

This gardening hat is specially designed for men as it looks rough and tough while working in fields. It includes a chin cord to move your head comfortably working with the plants. The brim size is comfortable and protective against UV rays. You can get it in different colours. You can also go for men’s straw hat.


  • Brim – 4″ Brim,
  • Fabric – 100% polyester
  • Sun protection against UV rays – Certified UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – chin chord

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7) Men’s Outdoor Hat With Chin Cord, Vented Crown, And Stretch Band

If you love to wear the vented crown hats so, this gardening hat is especially for you. The brim size is enough to provide you shade under the sunlight. Chin cord allows free head movements. The fabric is also comfy, and it comes with a ventilated vent. You can choose it as it is trendy among garden lovers.


  • Brim – 3″ Brim,
  • Fabric – 60% polyester, 40% nylon,
  • Protection against the sun – Certified UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – chin cord

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8) Women’s Ultrabraid Sun Brim Chin Cord

Wide brim lovers get ready to adopt this hat as it contains a wide lightweight brim, It’s the best hat for sun protection. You can select from different colours. The fabric details offer you the utmost comfort while working with plants. These gardening hats provide you with safety as well as style.


  • Brim – 4″ Brim,
  • Fabric – 20% polyester,80% paper,
  • Protection against the sun – Certified UPF 50 +
  • Tie detail – chin chord

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9) Terrain Cotton Crusher Hat

This gardening hat is also sure to have a place in your gardening wardrobe as it is comfortable and lightweight. The brim size offers you cool shadow under hottie sun exposure. You can freely wear them on the grounds as it contains UPF 50+ protection against the sun. Breathable fabric provides you with comfortable gardening tasks.


  • Brim – 5″ Brim,
  • Fabric – cotton
  • Protection against the sun – Certified UPF 50 +

10) Sunday Afternoons Unisex Hat

This unisex hat helps you in your hectic gardening tasks and provides you comfortable working ambience. The Brim is sure enough to protect you from sun lights, and chin cord detailing is available. UV protective fabric keeps you worry-free. You can adjust the size of this gardening hat according to your head size.


  • Brim – 4 in. Brim and 7 in. neck cape
  • Protection against the sun – Certified UPF 50+
  • tie detail – chin cord

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Which is an ideal gardening hat?

Ideal hats are those that protect you from the ultraviolet rays and keep you comfortable without worrying about sun damage or irritation. The Brim should be wide enough to provide you shade under the sunlight. And its fabric should be comfortable with chin cord details.

How can hats help under the sun?

The hats are must-have companions while working under the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. The Brim should be wide that provides sun protection. Lastly, its fabric should be breathable that keep your hair and head sweat-free.

Are gardening hats necessary to wear under sunlight?

It depends on you if you worry about your face and feel uncomfortable while working in the gardens. So, you can wear them. It protects you from UV rays which is the main cause of skin damage. But if you feel good working under the sun. You do not need any hats.

Which colour do I choose for working in fields?

You can choose any colour of your choice as all colours are choosable for sun protection. But if you choose light colours, they provide you with cool vibes under the heat of the sun. However, all gardening hats with wide Brim, whatever the colour, offer you sun protection.

Which company hat is best?

All the companies that provide you best quality, fabric, wide Brim, chin chords, and lightweight are best. However, I would suggest you try once the SAN DIEGO HATS that are more durable and authentic.

Are gardening hats different from other hats?

No, Not actually. You can use these hats while heading outside or for vacation. It is up to you. You can use these hats for both activities, whether it is vacation or gardening. The features of both hats are the same, and they work similarly to each other.

How to manage gardening with hats?

It is very simple because they provide you with the most comfort while sowing seeds in the garden. Try to choose those hats in which tie-ups are available. You can tie according to your size and move your head freely in the hectic work schedule of gardening. So, choose the lightweight, comfortable hats with chin chords.


As far as we know, gardening is a very hectic and tiring job as you have to do it in an open area. You always worry about your skin while working and could not give proper attention to the work due to high UV rays.

  • So, these hats are kind of helping hands to work under the sun as they protect you from the sunlight and provides us shade.
  • Many companies offer these hats at the best price, and with the best features, you can choose according to your style and gardening needs.
  • As a result, You can save yourself with these trendy gardening hats while managing with the plants without spoiling your face.

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