How To Get Garbage Bins Storage In 2020 – Step-By-Step Guide

garbage bins storage

5 Best Garbage Bins Storage – Buying Guide

Where there are lots of garbage storage bins, and garbage can storage sheds available in the market, you must look at the purpose before purchasing one. You basically want to consider situations like snow-covered trash, fresh air, wet bins, etc.

A perfect garbage storage bin is a solution to all these uncertain circumstances.

A good storage shed can do wonders for your garbage unit and your backyard. Let’s take a look at the top picks of this year that you need to have now!

1. Resin garbage storage shed

garbage bins storage
Image source – Amazon

It’s one of the best storage sheds for keeping the trash outside. It’s made from polypropylene resin plastic and is very durable due to steep reinforcement. It’s easy to clean and has woody texture.

It has two compartments to store 32 gallons of trash each. Not just the garbage, you can use it to store anything, starting from garden tools to small chairs.

Keter MIDI shed comes with a hydraulic piston with an easy-open lid. You can throw heavy trash bags inside and close the lid securely, so it is away from the animal. It comes with inbuilt shelf support, excluding the shelves.

Can hold:

⦁    90 gallons of waste

⦁    3 X 36 gallons

⦁    36 gallons + 2 x 48 gallons


⦁    Interior: 4.1 X 2.41 X 3.71(feet)

⦁    Exterior: 4.5 X 2.81 X 3.91 (feet)

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2. Horizontal PVC garbage shed

diy garbage storage bins
Image source- Amazon

The Suncast BMS3400 horizontal shed is perfect for all weather and conditions. It’s waterproof, and UV protection provides an extra layer of security to the trash can. You get assembly instructions with the product that is very detailed in a step-by-step manner.

You might need one more set of hands to set it up this plastic horizontal garbage shed completely. After you set it up, it is claimed to stay stable in harsh wind conditions. It is very easy to clean or maintain the shed, as it is important to clean the garbage shed more often.

To get insured stability, it’s recommended to install it on a concrete surface or plywood.

You can lock this shed when you are going out, but remember it is not for putting your valuables inside.

If you want to store something important, make the lock more secure.

The lid opens at an angle of 45 degrees. Also, it provides you with a support rod to organize the stuff.

If you turn the enclosure into a storage unit for tools, you might need to add the shelf using screws and plywood.

Can hold:

2 X 45 gallons


⦁    53 x 32-1/2 x 45-1/2 overall

⦁    Capacity- 34 cubic feet

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3. Wooden garbage storage shed

garbage bins storage
Image Source- Amazon

In this price availability, you will get lots of options for covering up your garbage can. If you love nature and want an eco-friendly product, you may like this among all wooden garbage bin designs. It is a better alternative to PVC sheds.

The product is declared as dust and waterproof. And the solid brown color stays long, giving it a protective coating.

It certainly works well to keep away the animals from the garbage bins storage.

It comes with a lockable lid that you can use easily, even in the rainy season.

You can also lock the front door for extra protection.

However, it’s not recommended to get this wooden garbage storage shed if you live in rainy or harsh winter areas.

Can hold:

50 gallons


62 X 34 X 48 (inches) (width-depth-height ratio)

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4. Slide lid shed

garbage bins storage
Image Source- Amazon

Sliding lid is probably the best feature you can get in Suncast Glide Op shed. Even if you want to add some garbage in the garbage cans or access your garden tool, everything is easier with a sliding lid.

It has reinforced doors that are large enough to hold movers, furniture, or even bikes.

The plastic, rigid floor is strong enough to hold heavy garbage cans without causing any trouble.

As the shed is convenient to use garbage bins storage outdoor, you can store your valuable outdoor stuff. You can add padlocks on the roof and use it to provide more protection in that case.

It comes with the instruction booklet with step by step guide on easy assembly. You do not need a special tool to set it up.

Can hold:

4 X 90 gallons


⦁    Interior: 4.2 X 6.7 X 4.1 feet

⦁    Exterior: 4.9 X 6.7 X 4.4 feet

5. Big Outdoor Shed (147 Cubic Feet)

garbage bins storage
Image Source- Amazon

This garbage can shed durable as it’s made from heavy-duty plastic. It has a double-wall construction that provides extra strength. Do keep in mind that you will need more people and a few common tools to assemble it. Also, it is not meant to act like a garbage can storage indoor purpose.

It’s water-resistant, with an impact-resistant floor that remains sturdy no matter what you store in it.

You will never have trouble with scavengers if you put garbage cans. In case of supplies or tools, you can organize it well on shelves.

However, the storage space you get is only 147 cubic feet. So purchase it only if it suits your needs.

Can hold:

2 X 30 gallons


95″ x 84″ x 42″

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How to choose the best garbage bins storage?

Are you tired of looking at your smelly trash bin, sitting behind or beside your home? 

Do they constantly attract all kinds of birds, bears, rodents, and other pests? We all understand this feeling, so we need something that can prevent all the unhygienic sources in or around the house.

Are you looking for a secured garbage bins storage, which can really prevent you from the stink, and also keep away unwanted guests?

The good news is, a few numbers of great trash bin models in the market come at a very reasonable price.

It would help if you remembered some things before you start buying garbage can storage shed. I want to recommend some tips before you start your homework so that you have the high possibilities of getting the right thing first.

Price – It starts with the question, how much can you afford to spend on garbage storage boxes.

To be more personal to you, I consider two different amounts; the initial amount would be the one I want to spend, and if I can find what I’m looking for in my budget, then I’ll consider it a win.

For another, I slightly raise the bar and get ready to pay a little more than my budget. This is because I didn’t find anything that suits my budget.

Capacity – When it comes to buying the outdoor garbage storage bins, the bin’s capacity does matter a lot. You would need storage, which should be big enough to hold all the trashes, garbage, and recycle leftovers. If you compromise even a bit, your leftovers will spread everywhere, and your neighbors might get the foul smell.

Materials – Nowadays, most of the large garbage bins storage are made either by plastic or by wood. Plastic well significantly comes cheaper (depending on the brand), but I suggest you go with the wooden garbage bin, as that would be a better choice for you as there is much snow.

Mostly, we never think about the appearance of the garbage bins storage, but secretly our neighbors do. It’s always best to get external elements like a storage bin that can easily blend in your garden. It should not stand out looking odd from the rest of the environment.

The number of doors is based on the size and design of the garbage bin; some have a single front door, two doors, or even an open roof. Just for the extra tip, the more doors your garbage bin will have, the more garbage it will store, and the more it is likely to cost.

Another thing you might want to think about before purchasing a garbage bin is its purpose. If you need it for storage, just consider what you want to store in it.

For instance, if you want to store just a few Garden tools, or some large equipment, buy the unit according to the size.

Which is the best size for a large garbage bins storage?

The size of the garbage bin storage depends on how much trash do you produce in your premises. More trash requires more space to store in. Don’t be under the myth as there is just one size to fit all the materials; It is absolutely wrong.

There are varieties of sizes according to your needs. Before you buy a garbage bin, make sure you have carefully measured your container.

Read the manual instruction, which is stick on the bin, and compare the size of the bin with your shed and buy the best one.

The best configuration to look for buying a garbage can shed

While buying a garbage can shade, it is essential to consider a few of these points.

• Easy to install 

• Top lid mechanism

• Weather-resistant materials

• Metal hinges

• Reinforced floor 

• Lockable doors or prebuilt shed

Before you buy the shed, do not forget to read these few must-have features

Most of the garbage bins storage sheds don’t come with a lock, but you should check if you can add one or not.

Even if you do not put any valuables other than the trash in the shed, there is always a risk of animals breaking in and getting into waste containers. The storage shed has a single or multi-door with the lid unless you go for simple screen garbage can hideaway.

To ensure that these things last for a longer time, I would like to suggest you look for or metal hinges on your side. Metal hinges work better than any other options; also, it lasts for a longer time.

Another good thing is to have a hydraulic cap on the shed, so that anybody can open the rope with a single hand without any aphids.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is weather conditions; it depends on where you live. It is a smart move to buy a weather-resistant shed. Snow, rain, the wind even the sun can beat down the shed if it is not weather resistant. So before you shop, be sure you pick up the best product with weather-resistant elements.

And of course, always look for something easy to assemble and install. Some sheds are too gigantic for a single person to put together. You might need some tools to move the parts from one place to another, to assemble it.

Before you buy something, make sure what you are getting and can you handle it independently? In the market there, plenty of right products available which are easy to move and assemble.

Also, you get the instruction book will make it easy to do. Some manufacturers also sell prebuilt sheds, so you don’t need to work a lot to set it up.

Please read the product description before you buy it.

Bear proof metal garbage containers

If you live in a place that is a nearby forest or at risk of an animal attack, you might want to get extra protection for your garbage containers as well.

I suggest you buy a seal proof outdoor garbage storage bins, and a metallic shed to prevent bear attacks over it. Also you can go for metal garbage bins storage. 


All of this was mainly for the garbage can storage indoor and outdoor, but they all can be used to put anything inside. It is a little hard to select the best garbage bins store, but you can pick up the keter grande horizontal shed.

This one is maybe a little expensive. But it prevents you from all of the significant problems which we have included here. I hope this information can be valuable to you for getting the best garbage can store.

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