Top 11 Felco Pruners Reviewed- Choose The Best Pick For Your Needs!

felco pruners

Felco pruners are popular among gardeners for pruning or trimming their plants. These tools are manufacture in Switzerland and are known for their best quality. As a result, they are highly recommended amongst all the professionals and beginners as well. 

It is a genuine brand constructed from quality components that offers you the utmost comfortable performance.

After observing its durability and credibility, Felco pruners are the smart choice of all gardening lovers for over 50 years. Although they come with a similar design, the features and their functions separate them from each other. These are the imperative tools for those who love gardening and want themselves busy doing pruning and trimming.

The range of Felco pruners-

The range of Felco depends on the necessity of the users. The felco models are available according to your hand size and cutting diameter. 

Here are some models of Felco, you can choose according to your requirements:

Felco 2 classic model

Felco 2
Felco 2

This felco f-2 classic manual hand pruner is also known as an original pruner, as it is the perfect choice for all professionals and even beginners due to its higher performance and best quality.

  • It is ideal for medium handed people, and its cutting capacity is one inch.
  • The weight of this pruner is 249 grams with a length of 8.5 inches. 

The handles of these felco pruners are constructed from forged alloy metal to ensure high work performance in one go. You can adjust its blades easily according to the needs. Moreover, it comes with precision quality anvil blades with a sap groove that allows a smooth operation while cutting the strong branches without sticking.

You can perfectly adjust the anvil blades with the help of hardened bolts and nuts. The rubber cushioned handles and shock absorber provides extra comfort to your hands and wrist while working with plants. It also comes with a safety locking mechanism on a pivot bolt that can be closed if there is no use. 

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Felco 4

Felco 4
Felco 4

These felco pruner are also known as the basic pruner. It includes all the features of felco 2 except one, a locking mechanism (shock absorber).

  • It comes with one inch Cutting Capacity, and the weight is 220 grams.

Further, all the features are similar to felco 2 as forged metal alloy handles with replaceable forged cutting blades to ensure high work performance. Anvil blade with sap groove prevents sticking in the plants. Blades have wire-cutting notch, which makes them more than sturdy.

The handles are very light-weighted to work without feeling tiredness. Therefore, this is the ideal pruner for those who are interested in doing light work. In the end, the best part is it has a lifetime warranty.

Felco 5

Felco 5
Felco 5

It is also called the economic felco pruner as its cost is low compared to other felco models. However, one thing that makes it different its handles are revolving that allows you to move your hands comfortably while performing in the garden.

  • Its overall length is 9 inches with a weight of 310 grams.
  • The cutting diameter is about one inch. It is ideal for large hands.

And rest are the same as other felco models, such as clippers are made from forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades.

High-quality anvil blades with sap grooves allow easy access to the strong branches. The hardened bolt and nuts with a rubber cushion handle give you extreme comfort.

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Felco 6

Felco 6
Felco 6

These Felco pruners are ideal for small-handed people as it comes with short blades that allow you to closer cutting. Due to its small blades, you can cut only young plants and shrubs.

  • It comes with a one-inch cutting diameter.
  • The length is 0.7 inches, and the maximum weight is 210g.

Its Ergonomic design comes with the forged aluminum handles with hardened steel blades to ensure you cut neatly and precisely. The cushioned shock absorber reduces the impact of cutting and trimming.

It is an incredibly well-made bypass pruner with a high-quality wire cutter and sap grooves to minimize the risk of sticking with the branches. A narrow anvil blade allows you to work on the strong and twiggy branched more comfortably. 

Felco 7

Felco 7
Felco 7

These are the best felco pruners out of all as they contain all the features in one. In addition, a rotating lower handle has been added to it that makes it different. 

  • It is suitable for medium to large hands.
  • The cutting diameter is one inch.
  • The weight is 290 grams, and the length is 8.3 inches.

These felco pruners come with an ergonomic design with a light curve on handles that fits well in your hands. It has a rotating lower handle that can be rotated very easily according to your fingers and protect your hand and wrist from continued work. It is also popular among the users because it minimizes their 30% effort.

Its blades are narrow to allow close pruning. The angled blades are comfortable, which provides you direct access to the cut. The durable body comes with a sap groove and wire cutting notch. The cushion shock absorber offers you hectic free work. 

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Felco 8

Felco 8
Felco 8

It is also worth a shot as these felco pruners almost has the same features as felco 7 but without having rotating handles. Thus, it is the perfect one for those who do not want rotating handles. However, some professionals feel the rotating handles an odd while working.

  • It comes with a medium hand size with a cutting diameter of one inch.
  • The weight of this pruner is 250 grams with an 8 1/2 inch length.

Ergonomically designed, These Felco pruners come with replaceable parts, forged aluminum handles, and screw-mounted anvil blades to ensures a precise cut. Further, it comes with a wire-cutting notch and a sap groove.

An ideal shape of handles with an angled head and the cushion shock absorber provides you hand and wrist protection against harsh work. The maintenance of these pruners is effortless. It suits every user, whether he is right or left-handed. 

Felco 9

Felco 9
Felco 9

These felco pruners are also the same as felco 8, but one feature makes a difference between both and that it has reversed blade and has a locking catch for the left-hander.

  • It is optimal for medium hands with a cutting diameter of one inch.
  • The weight is about 245 grams, and the length is 8.3 inches.

These felco pruners also come with sturdy handles constructed with forged aluminum blades, screw-mounted made with high-quality hardened steel. The parts can be easily replaced and ensure you trim neatly and cleanly.

It is durable with cutting adjustment with a sap groove wire cutting notch to avoid sticking. The shape of these handles is angular, and the cushion shock absorber offers you non-stop ease while working with strong stems and branches.

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Felco 10

Felco 10
Felco 10

These felco pruners are almost similar to F 7. But you can reverse it according to your hands and can be used by both left or right hands.

  • The cutting diameter of this pruner is one inch like other felcos, and its weight is 290 grams.
  • Length of this pruner is 8.3 inches and can be used by medium hands.

And, rest features are the same as other felco pruners as handles made from forged alloy metal with high-quality anvil blades with sap grooves. It consists of hardened nut and bolts for adjustments with a rubber cushion and shock absorber to limit burden.

Felco 11

Felco 11
Felco 11

It is very similar to felco pruners 2, along with more narrow and extra pointed anvil blades to keep you busy in very close cutting.

  • The weight of this pruner is 250 grams with an almost length is 8 1/2 inches.
  • The cutting diameter is one inch and can use by medium hands.

Further, forged cutting blades with sap grooves inhibit sticking in plants. A rubber cushion and shock absorber with wire cutting ensure maximum comfort during working in gardens.

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Felco 12

Felco 12
Felco 12

These are the compact felco pruners with similar characteristics to Felco 6. It has designed especially for smaller hands. The handles and blades are rotating and highly recommended for prolonged pruning for a small-handed person.

  • It comes with a one-inch cutting capacity, and the weight is 265 grams with a length of 7.9 inches.

The pruner comes with a rotating cutting blade handle. So you won’t get any blisters for sure while you’ll be using this. And the rest features are the same as it also comes with forged alloy metal with high-quality anvil blades with sap grooves.

It also comes with hardened bolts and nuts with a rubber cushion and shock absorber to prevent the impact of cutting.

Felco 13

Felco 13
Felco 13

These Felco pruners come with extra long handles to give you extra leverage and can be used with two hands to perform the heavy-duty. 

  • The cutting diameter is 1.2 inches, and the weight is 310 grams.
  • The length is 10.6 inches.

This pruner is also coming with similar features as other felco pruners- Forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades. Components are easily replaceable, and ergonomic design allows you to do comfortable pruning.

It comes with a hand-fitting design a cushion shock absorber. Again it includes anvil blades with a sap groove to prevent blade sticking.

It is the heavy-duty pruner that ensures you do extra-strong work with minimum strength. In addition, this bypass pruner offers you to cut large capacity due to its well-balanced weight.

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Summing up

These felco pruners are the best choice without any doubt. A variety of these pruners are available for professionals and beginners with different abilities. 

  • If you want non-replaceable blades, you can choose Felco 2.
  • On the contrary, if you need a replaceable blade, you can go for Felco 11 with similar features except for this one.
  • If you have small hands or are interested in light pruning, go for Felco 6 with an ergonomic design.
  • On the other hand, you can choose Felco 12 as it comes with the same features as Felco 6 with rotating bottom handles.
  • Felco 7 and Felco 8 are the same, but the handles are different.
  • And Felco 10 and Felco 9 are the same as Felco 7 and Felco 8, but their version is different as they are both left-handed.
  • Finally, Felco 13 comes with a longer handle for one or two-handed pruning.

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