Honest Review On felco 2 Pruners! Is This The Perfect Pruner You Need?

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If your garden explodes green in the springs and summers and you need to prune your shrubs and bushes smoothly to make your garden tidy, then FELCO-2 pruner is one of the best choices for you. When you find your plants overloaded with messy branches and leaves, or they are over flowered and surrounded by unwanted shrubs and grasses, you will feel that it is time to cut them back. So let us discuss why FELCO 2 Pruner is the one for you.

FELCO 2 pruners are designed with exclusive quality craftsmanship, and they have a very classic look. Their material and design prevent the blades from getting stuck to the shrub to be pruned. The bright red handles provide a gorgeous appearance along with a comfortable grip.

Well known for their durability, FELCO 2 pruners are provided with strong blades. Apparently, people may find it expensive, but I assure you that you will not regret after buying it.
Just one thing to be noted that they are designed for large palms.

FELCO-2 pruner was designed by Flex Flisch in 1940. This replaced the heavy, bulky and awkward version of the felco pruners. Later on, this pruner became the icon of the felco industry. So now, let us have an honest look into the performance, design, comfortability, pricing, and a lot more about Felco 2 pruners.

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Performance of FELCO-2 pruners: Garden ace.

FELCO 2 is the original product of FELCO. It is a versatile piece of the tool meant for use in many purposes. It provides a premium quality performance. The handles are specially designed with non-slip quality. This makes them easy and comfortable to handle. The handles are lightweight and made of aluminum. They ensure a lifetime guarantee over the part.

Hardener steel blades provide reliably clean and perfect cutting along with anvil blades. Optimal cutting head adjustment is made easy with the help of a macro metric system of adjustment. For cutting small wires, a wire-cutting notch is provided.

For cutting sticky woods easily, a sap groove is provided. Ergonomic design reduces the pressure on the wrist and fingers, which reduces the chances of injury. All the parts of this pruner are designed in Switzerland.

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Design: The Gold standard

The design of FELCO-2 pruners is such that they can be used both by home gardeners as well professional gardeners. Their design is standard. This was invented 50 years ago and resembles the anvil pruners, which are Swiss-made.

  • The blades are well made of steel and are effectively sharp.
  • The cutting and anvil blades are adjusted properly with error-free micrometric measurements as FELCO-2 pruners provide hardened tools and bolts.
  • In addition, a cleaver grove is provided for cutting small wires so that the edges of the blade do not get damaged.
  • The metal blades absorb shock well.
  • The handles are made such that they are comfortable to hold for a very long time.
  • They are non-slip candy red-coated.
  • Moreover, they are so soft that the palm and wrist do not feel any pressure even after cutting long and hard branches.

Who should use felco 2 pruner?

FELCO 2 pruner is for the users with a bit large hands, and FELCO-6 pruner is for people with small hands. If you have medium-sized hands also, you can make effective use of FELCO-2 pruners.

You must ensure the originality of the product before purchasing. Many fraudsters may claim them as actual FELCO 2 products, but you must check the print- “FELCO Swiss made” on the level.

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Why go for felco 2?

The FELCO 2 blades promote their smooth opening and closing. The steel blades can resist even a dozen times sharpening. They can be repaired easily if damaged. So are the handles, which are an alloy of aluminum and forge and are plastic coated. FELCO 2 pruners are also easier to grip in hands. Many common pruners feel uncomfortable in the hands of women, but FELCO 2 pruners solve the problem.

Even if the pruner gets sunk into the compost heap, the blades can be realigned by properly replacing the hard screw holding blades. The blade-to-blade tolerance is aligned correctly for this pruner, while the other cheap pruners are not appropriately aligned when unboxed. The opening and closing of the pruner do not require much effort.

Ease of cleaning: simple

Every possible feature is added to the FELCO 2 pruners to make cleaning easy. The blades are prevented from sticking as the secretions are removed. A sap groove helps the user in this purpose. The debris is also cleaned with each cut.

You must clean your tool after every use to make it last longer. Cleaning prevents the rusting of the blades and handles. It is recommended to oil the pruners after cleaning so that it does not corrode or jam. The pruners are made such that it is easy to open apart from the blades when required to clean deep.

This is done after prolonged use when mud, debris, or sap gets stuck between the pieces of the tool. If you sharpen your tool regularly, you can achieve the best possible result.

Price of the product: Worth every penny

The FELCO 2 pruners are sold at a price of around 60 dollars. Do not get worried about the cost. Also, do not get fooled by the rumored talk that the product is overpriced. You will never regret it if you spend your 60 dollars on it.

The service provided by the pruner and its durability will make the price look very reasonable if once purchased and put to work. Many regular ordinary garden shears are available at prices between 15 dollars and 40 dollars, but they will never match the performance of the FELCO 2 pruners.

All the parts of this felco pruning shears are replaceable. Though the company provides one year warranty, it will last longer. The company offers life time guarantee over the handles. It is undoubtedly a superior product as compared to its grips.

If you want to replace the parts of the pruner, you can have them available easily. Moreover, the price of the parts of the pruner is the same everywhere.

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Why is it the best!

Lifelong investment: The money you would spend in purchasing it would be utilized lifelong. If you buy an original FELCO 2 product, you will not have to invest in pruners anymore. Moreover, the parts are also available everywhere and can be replaced.

All-purpose: The maximum cutting capacity of this pruner is 1-inch. This pruner serves all the light and heavy tasks of cutting. That means you can use a single pruner for multiple tasks.

Adjustable: The nuts and bolts are kept hard. The micrometric adjustment provides precise cutting due to the accurate locking mechanism at pivots.

Strong and sharp: The FELCO 2 pruners are strong, and they are provided with wonderfully shaped and sharp blades that make cuttings perfect and accurate. This keeps the edge held for a long time.

Rust resistant: A metal sheath is provided to prevent the spring mechanism from rusting and corrosion. This makes the tool more durable.

Guaranteed: The company provides a full one-year warranty over the product though they last longer. The handles are guaranteed for lifetime use.

Ergonomic: The pruners are very comfortable to use as the grips are soft, comfortable, and non-slip. The handles and blades are made to absorb shocks.

Smooth operation: The working is kept uninterrupted and clean by the sap groves. This makes the operation smooth.

Shock absorbers: The rubber covers prevent wrist and finger injury by absorbing the shocks. The cushion provided makes the use more comfortable.

Efficiency: The gumming is prevented by making cleaning easier with the help of sap groves.

The felco f-2 classic manual hand pruner is a reliable tool to perform all the minor and significant pruning tasks in the garden. The company serves an excellent piece of adjustable, durable, and heavy-duty device at a very reasonable price that makes pruning classy.

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pruning the right way

Pruning the plants does not only mean keeping them short in their limits and happy, or it does not simply mean keeping the landscape plants so short that they are soft and look like a mat. It is also about preventing the flowers from spreading so wide that they occupy the entire balcony or penetrate the space of other plants.

Pruning also refers to preventing the plants from extending too wide to penetrate the rooms through the windows. When using FELCO 2 pruners, we have lots of options in which we can use them.

The continuous use of the regular mill pruners makes them uncomfortable to use longer. In addition, some of them do not cut tougher stems. The FELCO 2 pruners work effectively in pruning delicate as well as tough stems. Its fantastic performance has pleased many users.

  • It can cut anything nearly up to one inch thick in diameter.
  • FELCO 2 pruners can be held comfortably also with sweaty as well as muddy hands even after repeated uses.
  • Even the bushy plants such as hydrangeas and rhododendrons are cut back beautifully and perfectly by this pruner.

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Frequently asked questions

1) Which oil is good for FELCO shears?

-> Vegetable oil is the best for FELCO 2 pruners and can be applied after cleaning them. Also, FELCO lubricant spray or food-grade silicone spray keeps the parts of FELCO 2 pruners smooth.

2) How to clean FELCO 2 pruners?

-> Dish soap and warm water are the best for cleaning FELCO pruners. You can also use bathroom cleaner to remove dried sap. A wire brush can be helpful in removing dust and rust. You must clean your pruners after removing dust.

3) How to disinfect FELCO 2 pruners?

-> You can do so by dipping your pruner into isopropyl alcohol. Rubbing alcohol contains 70% ethyl alcohol and can be used to disinfect pruners.

4) How to sharpen FELCO 2 pruners?

-> To do so, first soak your sharpening stone or oil it properly. This wipes the tiny steel pieces that might have got stuck on the stone. Next, Clen The opened parts of pruner by soap and water. Rub the blades with stone to sharpen them well. Finally, oil your tool after sharpening is over.

5) What is the estimated weight of the tool?

-> The average weight of the prunes is about 240 gram

6) What is the average length of the pruner?

-> The pruner is about 215 mm in length.

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