The Effectiveness of Eley Hose Reels!- How Great It Actually Is?

Eley hose reel

We’ve all got the one fugitive hose that gets in the way because the water tap is too near to a wall for a conventional warehouse—often winding up the hose results in unnecessary difficulties and wrinkles. I’m sick of having to maneuver my garden hose out of the way any time I need to water the lawn or mow the lawn. 

I just have a 20-inch extent between two fences to reach the one water faucet in the back of the building, so I still feel like I’m sliding over it. I just have sufficient space to move in and turn it on and off as needed as is. Yet, I am overjoyed because I discovered this fantastic small company that concentrates on hose reels. Their selection is more than adequate for hose access and accommodation in unusual locations. 

The Eley company and their sturdy line of eley hose reels are outlined below, and they can satisfy almost any requirement you might have.

Warranty and returns

Under regular usage, the Eley corporation hose reels are covered by a 10-year warranty against defects, malfunction, or workmanship failure. Seasonal appearance and forms of water utilized, such as those that give mineral deposits, are exceptions. The customer is responsible for rinsing and keeping the machines cleaned due to the corrosive quality of this element. Check out their policy before you buy, as it is very plain and straightforward, as well as very open in terms of accountability.

If you are unhappy with your product choice within 30 days of purchase, you can return it hassle-free with no hidden fees or restocking fees. You must, however, have ordered it directly from the Eley company, and you will be responsible for all shipping costs. After filing the initial petition, you have 45 days to have it back.

Which advice should be counted before buying?

Despite their fair test time bid, examine some of the subsequent specifics to ensure you get what you require and save yourself some shipping costs to replace or swap. Their website provides downloadable collection and mounting booklets and troubleshooting videos, and online support to look over the items you are thinking in progression. 

Furthermore, as a family-owned business, their customer support is available during regular business hours, so you can communicate directly with a representative who can assist you with any questions you might have.

What is the length of your hose?

Consider the lengths of hose you’ll be using for your chosen reel and see whether it’s wide enough to accommodate the length or whether you’ll need an extra capacity pack. While the reels have a large capacity, knowing your needs or potential needs ahead of time will make your shopping experience much smoother.

What is the location of your water spigot?

As previously mentioned, the location of your spigot has a significant impact on your reel requirements. Getting measures and having a sense of the position of the land is recommended in advance, even though Eley provides some different mounting skills and problem-solving for those hard-to-reach or out-of-the-way valve locations.

 Do you have or need any mounting materials?

Consider where you can put a cart for usability if mounting isn’t an option.

Eley hose reel types

Portable garden hose reel cart

This sturdy and lightweight hose reel cart, which leads the business in hose reel carts, is the ideal explication for hard-to-reach spaces. If you don’t have a place to install your hose or need more access to various parts of your yard, this cart might be the solution. No flat tires are capable of handling almost any terrain and moving smoothly. It also can add two more tires to the cart with an optional package, allowing it to be moved without tipping. 

Customers praise how simple it is to carry and how comfortable Eley hose reels are to put around anyplace in the yard. It also has a locking wheel mechanism to hold it in place. It may be hard to construct, and when filled with water, it may be weak depending on the area. The additional two wheels do help with balance, but they come at an additional price. Because of the brass fittings, it, like the other versions, is not suitable for drinking water.


  • Pretty simple to move
  • Flexible drag method for
  • Stability
  • Very long-lasting cart
  • Development


  • It may do not take a more
  • Complex built hose
  • It may be uncertain while
  • Filled with water
  • Challenging gathering

Wall-mount garden hose reel

The wall mount garden hose reel is Eley’s top-rated and most common reel. It can be installed on any wall surface, including brick and concrete. Customers that have spaces that have proved difficult or daunting to reach with other types of hose reel designs love it because it can be designed for parallel or perpendicular accessibility. 

The most flexible of all the reels provided by the company, with numerous mounting and accessibility choices, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The only concerns are about missing pieces, which the company quickly addresses. 

Also, due to the lead used in the brass construction, this is not a drinking water-supported device, and most tubes that utilize brass parts are not. Due to the extremely caustic chemicals utilized in the procedure, pressure-treated lumber cannot provide the most suitable mounting covering, so mounting ties are suggested. If you don’t, your warranty will be voided.


  • Level winding ability
  • Simple to fix with directions
  • It goes well into challenging
  • Areas


  • Not for application with a
  • Pressure washer
  • Not drinking water secure
  • Not suitable for 2/4”
  • Upright diameter

Freestanding garden hose reel

Eley hose reels are designed to be mounted on the ground and moveable when required, but it can also be staked into position for added stability. If you’re willing to invest in the necessary hardware, it can also be installed horizontally. This is a good option for places where mounting is not possible but where there is enough ground room for storage. 

Complaints about how low it is to the deck and how it can be pulled out of position and off-balance while taking the hose out are popular. Reeling up the hose often necessitates hand-guiding it, which isn’t an issue for models that depend on gravity to help align the hose. Despite this, it is thought to be a well-made product with the ability to add stability if necessary.


  • Can be attached to a smooth
  • Surface
  • Simple adjustment
  • Well equitable


  • Below to the ground

Wood post-mount garden hose reel

The garden hose reel mounts for a wooden post are simply a wall mount with a changed link that allows you to mount your reel on 44, 66, or 46 posts. If you don’t have a wall to mount your reel to, or if the path you need to carry your hose isn’t well served by the wall and spigot position, this is a great alternative. 

Mounting is a simple process that allows for quick removal if you want to store your reel during the winter. The reel brake is particularly useful because gravity won’t unreel your hose end when it’s not in use. Consumers who require a highly customizable location with long reach and durability have found this a very common choice. 

There have been no objections about the original post mounting, but the brass parts are not taking water safe, and it is not designed to be applied with a power washer due to pressurization.


  • Simple to join
  • It gives a customizable mount
  •  for area
  • Winds simply both left and


  • Not for application with an
  •  energy washer
  • Not drinking water secure

Aluminum post-mount garden hose reel

The aluminum post and mounting reel is a different standard mounting option that comes as a set to give a great choice to wall mounting. The only thing you’ll need extra is concrete to set the post, which is considered incredibly solid and robust. 

Unlike the wooden post-mount, the aluminum post-mount only comes in one height dimension, so mounting to something taller is not an option. This is a good option for those who want something taller than the stand-alone system but also want a freestanding design that is permanent in its place. 

It can’t be positioned in any other direction and is only used in a perpendicular configuration. If necessary, the reel can be easily removed from the aluminum post for winter storage. There are no concerns about its use or design because the capabilities and guidance are simple to check before purchasing.


  • Unbelievable strength
  • Simple to fix
  • Simple to roll up and draw


  • Only positions one way
  • One size length


With a dependable and durable line of goods, the Eley corporation has established itself in hose reel design and associates for the lawn and field over the years. They have an impressive number of favorable reviews and very few reports, none of which are related to the actual use of the product and do not have either the company’s full support or a simple solution to the problem. 

When it comes to hose reels, this is a commodity that customers rave about and say will last a lifetime. This is a company you can look into if you see for a long-lasting outcome, have a special mounting situation, or are wary of substituting less costly hose reels.

About the company

A midwestern family-owned company launched a line of yard care items and accessories to the market in 1990 to better address some of the special needs of lawn and garden care. Their high-quality, long-lasting hose reels have become industry standards, enabling the company to expand globally while maintaining the high level of customer service required of a small family-run business.

The Eley items are made from only the highest quality materials. Hose reels are designed with efficiency and longevity in mind to ensure a long-lasting product. All goods are manufactured with an aluminum reel with a rust-proof alloy frame, stainless iron fixtures, oversized tubular structures, and powder-coated coatings, as the top-rated reel on the market. 

Strong brass connections from the reel to the hose allow for easy removal without the risk of thread locking that may occur with other metals. 

Every reel also includes a 6-foot special hose built of sturdy polyurethane to help you get into the hard-to-reach places and get access to your hose and hose room even easier. Both models come with reel braking, as well as tire brakes on those with tires.

Each model comes with its assembly, installation, and maintenance booklet to walk you through the process of putting your new reel together, as well as options for a left or right-hand rewinding and various mounting options to meet your specific needs. 

Quad wheel kits are also open for cart versions to perform it easier to navigate through areas where terrain can make resistance a matter. For those of you with additional lengths of hose that need a home when not in use, Eley also provides increased ability equipment.

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