Best Wood Chipper in your area you can buy for your garden in 2022

best wood chipper

Best wood chipper: your true companion in the yard

As far as we know, gardening is all about seedlings, watering, trimming, and pruning. But we don’t take care of other responsibilities such as cleaning the yard and its waste materials. To make our work easy, we throw them out. But do you ever think you can turn this waste into beneficial ideas? Here, I came across a suggestion to get the best wood chipper for your lawn.

A Chipper is a machine used to mulch, chop, and small pieces of garden trash. You can recycle all your gardening waste and reuse them accordingly. You can chop branches, leaves, and bushes in this chipper. Furthermore, you can effortlessly reuse them to enhance the garden area or to make other things.

You can consider this job easy if you have this. You can transform your garden into your favorite place. But before buying this chipper, you should get to understand them thoroughly.

Classification of best wood chipper:

If you start searching them, you will find them in two types:

  • Gas chipper: It is a gas engine chipper that is considered most powerful than any electric engine chipper. Its powerful engine starts quickly and manages big branches easily. It can mulch all branches into 1-2 inches in diameter. Moreover, they do not need any extension cord. 

As a result, they are the economically best option to have in your garden. However, if you are living in a peaceful area, these are much noisier than other chippers. But, you cannot ignore the other qualities so; it is the best wood chipper for most gardeners.  

  • Electric chipper: As known by the name, it is an electric engine chipper. They are lightweight as compare to gas chippers. Their work is similar to the gas chippers, but they are less expensive than gas ones. Due to electric engines, they are not noisy and blow out the fumes.

However, some can find them not powerful as gas ones. They need an extension cord to start their engines. Moreover, they come with one major drawback that they cannot chip large tree limbs and choke. You have to clear its hopper with your hands again and again. Otherwise, they can play all the responsibilities as gas chippers.

Which one is the best wood chipper? If you are still in a dilemma, you can go through with the below chippers models and pick the right one for yourself. And uphold all the duties of the garden accurately.

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Electric Chipper and Shredder model CSV-2515

It is an electric chipper, and you can discover it most fabulous out there. It can manage large braches easily and cut them into 2.5 inches in diameter. It is light-weighted and comes with two years warranty. It includes a large hopper that allows the addition of many leaves and debris at a time. And side chute can grab the big braches and turn them into pieces. That’s why it is a best wood chipper.

To perform this task, you need an extension cord to avoid shutting down this chipper, and you carry on your work smoothly. 


  • Can chop branches into 2.5 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Include large hopper along with side chute
  • Electric start
  • Low maintenance


  • Require extension cord
  • Not powerful as gas-powered
  • Too expensive
  • Shut off repeatedly

Chipper and shredder model DK2 power 14HP

If you are finding professional best wood chipper, then your wait is over for that. It is one of the most popular chippers as it cut the branches into 6.25 inches in diameter, and you can manage large-scale work with these chippers. 

It is best known to chop large branches, bushes, and even twigs in no time. Its engine is a Kohler engine, so it does not clog or choke while handling the branches. As a result, you can perform large-scale work with them effectively.


  • Low cost
  • Come with a Kohler engine
  • Chop the branches into 6.25 inches in diameter
  • Best for large scale work
  • Best to handle large branches


  • Hard to get the parts
  • Actual capacity is less than claimed by the company

Gas chipper and shredder model Earthquake TAZZ 30520

It is the best wood chipper out there as it comes with a viper engine. Results, it can cut the heavy branches into 3 inches in diameter that makes your work more quickly. You can easily chop any twig and leaves with its strong hammers and sharp knives.

You can get it along with a debris bag with a ready connector and branch chute on the side of the hopper. Moreover, it comes with five years warranty that everyone can not miss without purchasing it for their yard.


  • Come with a viper engine
  • Cut branches into 3 inches in diameter
  • Fast mulching than any other machine
  • Strong hammers and knives
  • Include debris bags


  • Parts are hard to get
  • Slight difficulty with small branches
  • Clog easily

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Electric chipper and shredder model Sun Joe CJ603E

It can be considered the best wood chipper as its engine is electrical starts that offer you comfort. You can attach it to a collection bag so that mulching becomes easy for you. It can handle large branches and turn them into 1.73 inches pieces.

It comes with two years warranty so you do not feel worried as you can easily get them repaired. These can be your best mate in the process of recycling the garden waste.


  • Start electrically
  • Can chop branches into 1.73 inches in diameter
  • Come with two years warranty


  • Does not include a rotating blade
  • Work well only with one-inch branches 
  • Bulk loading may clog the hopper

Champion Portable chipper and shredder

Worrying about what to do with the braches, the champion portable chipper is here to snatch all the worries from you. You can comfortably cut the branches into 3 inches. It can be the best wood chipper for your garden as it is not as expensive as other machines so you can have it.

The sharp blades help to turn the braches into mulch quickly and efficiently in no time. 


  • Portable
  • Chop the branches into 3 inches in diameter
  • Come with sharp blades
  • Affordable


  • Time-consuming
  • Clog easily
  • Hard to move in uneven places

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Chipper and shredder model GreatCircleUSA

It is also another level chipper as it comes with 5 Y-hammers with two knives that lead to fine mulching. So, it should not be wrong if I say it the best wood chipper. It is suitable to cut thick branches to 3 inches in diameter. 

However, you have to buy a vacuum kit and tow kit separately. Rest, all are enough to play a good role in the ground.


  • Contain 5 Y hammers and 2 knives
  • Fine mulching
  • Cut the branches into 3 inches in diameter


  • Lower reduction ratio

Electric chipper and shredder model Earthwise GS70015

You can find it another best wood chipper amongst all as it cut the branches into 1.75 inches in diameter. Its engine is an electric start that offers you exhaust-free work on the sites. You need an extension cord along with you while dealing with it. 

As it has a 2 years warranty, you can repair it within time!


  • Can chop the branches into 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Electric start
  • Come with 2 years warranty


  • Clog easily
  • Mulching is not fine
  • Hard to mulch the leaves 

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Landworks chipper and shredder

Manufactured by Great circle USA, it is the best wood chipper out there contains 5 Y hammers along with two knives. It is capable of chopping the large branches into 3 inches in diameter. It offers you the most comfortable work without sweating on the ground.

However, most people found its horsepower is not as powerful as other machines. Still, some find it useful for their yard.


  • ki 5 Y hammers along with two blades
  • Suitable for cutting branches into 3 inches pieces
  • Come with 3 years warranty


  • Oil quantity is not mentioned in the booklet
  • No warranty on the motor

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Mini chipper and shredder model EFCUT C30

It is our final best wood chipper, which has lined up in a row. It can also handle the big branches and transform them into 3 inches diameter without clogging. It comes with a collecting bag and spare blades for further use.

Its hopper is long so that you can chop large branches and twigs easily. 


  • Suitable for large braches to cut into 3 inches
  • Does not clog easily
  • Contain collection bag and spare blades


  • The Machine is a little bit noisy


What are the types of best wood chippers?

Two types of chippers are available in the market such as:

  • Electric chipper
  • Gas chippers. 

Electric chippers can start with electricity. On the other hand, gas chippers have to be managed with the gas, and their work performance is considered high compared to the electric chippers.

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Can you suggest the best wood chipper?

Yes, of course, many are available in the market are best. Many companies claim their product best in the market, and you can make your tiring work easy with these chippers. So some are as follows:

  1. Electric Chipper and Shredder model CSV-2515
  2. Gas chipper and shredder model DK2 power 14HP
  3. Gas chipper and shredder model Earthquake TAZZ 30520
  4. Electric chipper and shredder model Sun Joe CJ603E
  5. Champion Portable chipper and shredder
  6. Chipper and shredder model GreatCircleUSA 
  7. Electric chipper and shredder model Earthwise GS70015
  8. Landworks chipper and shredder
  9. Mini chipper and shredder model EFCUT C30

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The best wood chipper always supports you in the work of recycling. With the help of this, you can mulch all garden scrap and reuse them. Many companies manufactured these machines with different features and functions.

In this context, I would suggest you examine every product before buying because they all have come with different features.

These chippers come in gas and electric with different features such as some chippers come with large hopper and some come with small. Likewise, others features vary according to the different models.

Ultimately, these can be your best mates in cleaning your yard, and it is your responsibility to choose the best wood chipper for yourself.

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