Best wood chipper rentals to buy for your lovely garden

Best wood chipper rentals

Wood chippers are the most convenient means of recycling all garden waste materials. Fortunately, you have the option to buy or rent them accordingly. With the help of both options, you can able to perform your recycling task perfectly.

Getting a wood chipper rental is indeed a good idea as you can avoid many extra expenses with them. In this context, one thing is arousing in your mind how to get these rental services. So, here I want to throw light on this thing, there are many companies offer you renting services, and you can find their stores or contact the contractors who deal in them. You can select any one of them according to the needs of your work. So, stop thinking about wood chipper rental because you are only a phone call away.

People with an interest in gardening spend enough time in the garden and use them very often. So, if you rent them, you can save a lot. Many companies provide you the renting services and manage them everywhere you want to have them.

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Cost of renting a wood chipper

Many rental places provide you with these chippers on some conditions, such as the time limit for using them. You can use them for 3-4 hours per day for a whole month according to the norms of these rental services.

Basically, it depends on the location of your house. If your home location is under a valid area so, they can exceed the time limit. Usually, rent depends on the duration of using chippers as for a whole day the cost will be $100. Moreover, they will offer you a discount either if you keep them for a long time. 

Further, you will be responsible for any damage after being tied with the contract of renting. The cost depends on the variant of the chipper and the current fuel price of the location. The company will provide you these chippers along with fuel or not as it depends on the norms of the contract.

Another thing to discuss is, The Company will ask you to sign some contract papers before providing you with the rental services. So, be careful while signing these papers because you will be responsible for all damage costs.

Let’s discuss all pros and cons of renting these wood chippers:


  • Save buying cost
  • No worry about maintenance
  • Save space for storage
  • Options for choosing the right one


  • Responsibility for any damage
  • Extra renting cost if time exceeds
  • Book machine before use
  • The worrisome maintenance schedules of rental firms

Buying a wood chipper rather than getting a wood chipper rental

If seen, this is the most convenient way because you can use them whenever you want conveniently without thinking about time restrictions. You can find a lot of chippers in the market, small to heavy-duty. For this purpose, you can select anyone out there according to your work severity. 

They are available from $200 to $2000 with different features and specifications. However, the cost of fuel or gas will make your pocket light after buying them.

You know, the choice of buying has many pros and cons.  Therefore, let’s discuss them one by one:


  • Availability of machine whenever you want
  • Save more money than renting one
  • You can rent it out to earn money
  • No time limit
  • Free from any signing contract


  • Maintenance cost
  • Need space for storage
  • No options to perform a task
  • Large one-time investment

Before buying or renting these wood chippers, do you ever think about what should be the qualities of a chipper that can make your easy? For this purpose, I have come with the qualities you should remember while owning them, and that has described below:

  • Engine type while it is gasoline or fuel engine.
  • Hopper size is enough to mulch the large braches.
  • Check the engine power so that you can perform heavy-duty work on them effectively.
  • Remember to check the reduction ratio as it shows the mulch efficacy.
  • The self-feeding features should be there as they automatically drag the braches to the hopper.
  • Check the chipper is towable or not as some chippers come with wheels or some are not.
  • Some chippers come in disc-type cutting tools, and some are drum types. Consequently, you can choose according to your work style.

Below are some rental wood chippers services you can take a look at them:

Wood gasoline chipper modal BC700XL

This one can easily mulch all your waste branches, bushes, and even twigs in no time. You can find them a powerful tool as you can cut the large branches into 6 inches in diameter and make your garden a place of fairies. This chipper can transform any bushy area into a beautiful garden effectively. Also, they come with wheels, so they are easy to tow to your desired place. Ultimately, it is the ideal choice for landscaping.

This gasoline engine’s chipper speed is 49.4′ per minute with 1800 lbs. You can find it on wood chippers equipment sites when you search with “wood chipper rental near me

You will have to select the duration of renting the chipper. So for this purpose, the rates are given below according to the time of using the chippers:

  • For a day – $275
  • For a week – $82
  • For a month – $1950

Wood diesel chipper model BC1000XL

This chipper is ideal for large-scale landscaping as it is suitable to cut large branches into 12 inches in diameter. The engine is a 74 hp diesel that is perfect for heavy-duty work effectively, and that comes with a rotation of 105′ per minute.

The cost of the rent is mentioned below:

  • For a day – $500
  • For a week – $1350
  • For a month – $3600

Moreover, these companies drop the desired machines at your doorstep at any time. You can simply call them and fix the date of receiving the product. That’s it.

Brush chipper model BC700XL

It is the best garden-mate for reducing all your waste materials. You can use this recycled material in landscaping and decorating the garden area as well. Also, it is useful to chop all large branches into 6 inches in diameter finely. It comes with 25 horsepower that is more conveniently and smoothly chop and mulch all scrap.

An automatic self-feeding hopper with heavy-duty cutting wheels reduces your hard work and makes it smooth. All in all, it is worth having in your garden or landscaping work.

The cost of renting this heavy-duty chipper is given below:

  • For one day – $198
  • For a week – $709
  • For a month – $1665

Chipper eliet major model MA003021208

If you have small-scale business or landscaping, you can trust this chipper blindly while thinking about best wood chipper rental. This chipper is liable to cut all branches into 2 inches in diameter very efficiently. It has accompanied by wheels that are easy to move from one place to another. 

The company will provide this with some conditions and ask you to deposit $150 prior own it.

The cost of rent is described below:

  • For 3-4 hours – $62
  • For a day – $89
  • For a week – $356
  • For a Month – $1068

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Is renting a wood chipper more convenient than buying?

From my point of view, they come with some advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you rent these machines, you can use them for a specific period. It’s best to buy it though! Further, you will have to give the rent for each usage while if you buy them, you can save this rent. And, you will have to ensure the space of storage if you buy them but in case of renting you will escape from this.

From where can I rent these chippers?

Several companies provide you with this service if you search them online and write this keyword “Wood chipper rental near me” You can choose anyone out there accordingly. Instead, you can contact the contractors who deal with them. They will explain to you all the information related and accommodate them for a particular time.

Can you suggest the cost of renting a diesel wood chipper?

The cost depends on the different models of the chippers. The companies set the renting price according to the different sizes and engine powers. For instance, if you want to rent a 6 inches cutting diameter chipper, the cost will be different than a 12 inches cutting diameter. Ultimately, the cost of renting depends on the work condition of these chippers.

What are the benefits of buying wood chippers rather than considering wood chipper rental?

There are many benefits of purchasing these machines on your own as it is far better to rent them. You will be saved from paying rent again and again with one large investment in buying it. There will not be any time limit or restriction to return it to the contractor if you will buy these chippers.

After discussing all the aspects of buying or renting a chipper for a garden, it has been confirmed that these chippers are meant for making day-to-day gardening tasks easy. When you wonder about the best wood chipper rental, you can trust these companies which provide you with the renting services.

Despite having some advantages and disadvantages of renting services, they make our recycling work convenient and satisfactory. We can rely upon them and take a deep breath of pleasure while being busy with the tasks of the gardening area.

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