Artificial turf rake-Quick review for best turf rakes in 2020

artificial turf rake

The Grandi Groom Turf Rake


This is a Grandi groom artificial turf rake with a professional-grandi grooming and synthetic turf. Due to which it gets inside the fibres and fills all the remaining substances in its place.

The Grandi Groom artificial turf rake can be used for a professional power broom for artificial turf as well as residential homeowners. Once the area is brushed, the product gets filled deep into the surface of synthetic fibers.

Thus Grandi Groom artificial turf rake is made in such a way that it can work in both large and small surface areas.

The Grandi Groom artificial turf rake has an outspread brush head of width 18 inches. They also have highly – durable nylon tines head. These brushes are so more vital that it can fill the product very quickly into synthetic grass blades.

The Grandi Groom artificial turf rake has a long handle of length 53 inches to maintain and groom the synthetic turf surfaces and synthetic grass turf rake.

It is a perfect tool for the purpose of artificial grass blooming in different locations with repetitive walking patterns or heavy foot traffic.

To make artificial turf or artificial grass brush fibers fill in its place, you need to pat on your lawn to take out the fibers back. This process of blooming makes synthetic fibers get back from the area for a refreshing and fabulous surface.

  • Specifications:
  • 53-inch long handle
  • 18-inch wide brush head
  • Common Uses:
  • Playgrounds
  • Residential Lawns
  • Dog Runs
  • Putting Greens
  • Trade Show Display Grass
  • Pool Surrounds

Product Overview

The RealGrass Lawns Synthetic Grass artificial turf rake is perfect for installing and grooming while spreading and filling the product.

It is the best tool for debris and raking leaves from the synthetic grass lawn. The nylon tines are flexible and designed so that it gives negligible damage to the lawn blades.
You can make your real grass lawn look beautiful throughout the year because this artificial turf rake acts as a perfect lawn maintenance tool.

  • The handle is 60 inches long, and the rake’s head is 18 inches wide, which makes it easy to manage.
  • It helps maintain the lawn without damage with its aluminum artificial turf rake head, wooden handle, and flexible nylon tines.
  • You can attach the artificial turf rake head and handle it easily with the help of a thumbscrew.
  • Perfect for spreading infill
  • You can make your synthetic grass lawn look beautiful and help maintain its beauty

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Safely Rake Leaves On Your Artificial Turf

The benefit of artificial grass is that it is not so exhausting and doesn’t require much time for taking care of the lawn.

But your new artificial lawn does not require much attention; a little effort can make it look beautiful. It’s sorrowful that no other artificial turf products can replace the need for raking fallen leaves.

But there are many ways to remove debris and artificial turf rake leaves without damaging the artificial grass. Thus you can assign your kids those lawn work (or you can do it yourself, to feel active and refreshing).

We suggest you to pick large debris such as branches and post-storm twings as soon as possible. In this way, you can protect your turf’s mesh fabric form damage.

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What tools should you use?

You can use a bamboo artificial turf rake home depot or a metal to remove debris from the blades of your artificial grass and the surface. For synthetic turf, which is made of nylon tines, you can buy a rake, which is created especially for it.

Push broom can also be used for artificial grass. To prevent infill from being compact, lawn rakes, brooms, and brushes are helpful.

You can dry the debris using a leaf blower to make the raking process easy. But it would be the wrong choice if the leaves are wet as they are heavy and stick together in a pile.

In that place, you can use a shop vac. It has many advantages of picking the dirt, leaves, and debris as you sweep. If you are using a shop vacuum or air blower, be careful not to use high settings, as it may disturb the infill. This is very important if the turf has sand or sand mix infill as that material is not so heavy.

These are the two best turf rakes that we found beneficial. Hope you would love them too.
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