An honest review on Spray On Grass Seed- does it really work great?

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Is Hydro Mousse better than regular spray on grass seeds?

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A woman in excitement claimed that I am very hopeful it will work.

At some point in life, every one of us has seen foamy, green liquid being sprayed on areas and pavements around highways to plant grass seeds by professionals. A well-known product for Spray on grass seed- Hydro Mousse claims that It can also be done at home, similar to other locations and spots. Various tv commercials support the claim by showcasing grass growth at points of grass that is sprayed. It is guaranteed!

Beckie, the lady who is so excited for the grass spray product as the packaging of Hydro Mousse said, it is supposed to grow grass where ever spray on grass seed is accomplished.

Hydro Mousse consists of a spray bottle that can be hooked up to the hose of your garden, a bag full of grass seed, and a spray bottle with green fluid spray. This is considered as eco-friendly Spray on grass seed for growing seeds and grass anywhere you want.

To test the sample, Beckie opened the trampoline. Following the instructions, she breaks down the dirt, and Beckie’s son was happy enough to help her in that procedure.

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Beckie added the regular non branded Spray on grass seed to the bottle lines corresponding to the areas that she wanted to cover with Spray after raking the whole site by herself. In the next step, she added the green fluid in a spray bottle, which did not stain, fortunately, but it did mess up a bit. Later, it was to be attached to the hose as the next forthcoming step, either adjusted to light or heavier Spray due to the strength of water pressure. Then, evenly spray on grass seed patches.

green grass lawn spray
Spraying hydro mousse

She was quite hopeful while she sprayed out the green foamy substance on the grass.
After some time, when foam completely dried off, Beckie and her son Jen could easily see spray on grass seed on the ground. But to their surprise, lots of grass seed were still present in the bottom of the bottle for Spray on grass seed. Beckie gave a second try with greater water pressure and efforts.

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Finally, in the second attempt, all the seeds got sprayed and scattered as she wanted, fulfilling her expectations and excitement.
As it got sprayed off evenly, now was certainly the time to wait patiently. Moreover, there was no need to add fertilizers or protect the given patch with any hay layer as Beckie used to do in the past with this getting done.

As shown in the package of spray on grass seeds, the fantastic results in before and after images, Beckie also hoped for similar beautiful products.
As per directions, she was expected to see the sprouting of grass and seeds by a week or two. Jen came back on 11 th day to her house to witness Spray’s results on grass seed, but all they saw was seeds with no sign of grass.

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Beckie thought that it was shown to be so good to be true, that of course, it turned out to be a huge fiasco. Her high expectations died off.
After some while, she said that she was skeptical about the given product as earlier she used to plant grass with the help of fertilizers, manure and cover it with a layer of hay. But this time, she did not have to do any such thing. Ultimately, the grass did not sprout.

hydro mousse liquid lawn
Spray on grass seed hydro mousse

With the bad experience of Beckie with Spray on grass seed product, she completed disagreed with the product claims. She considered it as a failed experiment and a huge fiasco. According to the tag line of those spray-on grass seeds, that grass sprouts no matter if you go from seed to sod like a pro, But Beckie neglects the given claims.

Then at the end, she tried Hydro Mousse, and within a week got great results! That’s why we recommend you to get it from Amazon right away!


Some helpful tips from seed to sods- just like a pro

  • Taking environmental conditions and climate into consideration, we must plant grass between March and October.
  • Remember to water your newly grown seeds at least twice or thrice a day, keeping the soil moist for three weeks at least.
  • It usually takes 1-2 weeks to germinate seeds and at least up to a month for fully grown coverage.
  • You can move the seedlings to a different location if you want to grow to 3 inches tall.
  • Though Mousse additive spray on grass seed is a non-staining liquid but still a precaution, we must wear gloves when using it.

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Buy Spray on grass seed from Amazon

where to buy spray on grass


Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn- Bermuda Grass seed

  • Hydro Mousse Bermuda grass spray is easy to use and is a great repairing agent for patchy lawns carried by homeowners. It can readily fix dry spots, dog spots, shades, and high traffic areas.
  • It reduces the chances for you to make guesses for plantation areas as it clearly shows you the best location for plantation.
  • Each kit is suitable for reseeding 100 ft square area, or you can spray it easily on 200 spots or more. The packaging contains the head of the spray bottle, canister a coating chamber, and of course, the hydro mousse liquid formula.
grass fertilizer spray
Before and after results in hydro mousse!


  • Easy to use
  • Demonstrate results within two weeks at maximum
  • Suitable for filling in bare patches from dog potty spots


  • Requires abundance of soil prep
  • Can leave green stains on clothes or skin
  • Proper follow up of instructions for good results
  • Bit more expensive than other agents

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