How To Plant Annuals That Bloom All Summer In Garden? (2021)

how to plant annuals

The season has come again, the trees stuffed with leaves and beautiful flowers! The sun shines with brightness, and flowers are blooming everywhere, giving us all a soothing experience. 

You saw your neighbor’s garden and many pathways blooming with beautiful flowers of every shape, color, and size. Do you think that how these places can look so beautiful, especially your neighbor’s garden? A lot of effort and hard work is required to maintain this. Right? 

You cannot essentially have this type of gorgeous garden with no hard work and spending a lot of time. Only sunshine, water, and knowledge are needed. 

Are you wondering about how to plant annuals that bloom all summer? What are annuals, and what variety of flowers sprout up? So, annuals are unique flowers that grow for one season. Planted in spring and summer, they start to flower and look fabulous. 

But, when the growing season goes off, and the temperature starts to go down, the flowers die and probably do not flower back in the coming year. 

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Are you also desiring to make your garden as gorgeous as your neighbor? Yes, then learn about planting annuals that bloom all summerBut, before getting startedyou need to know some basic steps. 

Basic things you must know!

Let’s start with the basics. If you desire to make your garden look beautiful, you should distinguish between various types of flowers, like between annuals and perennials. But, for this article, the main focus is on annuals that bloom all summer.

The main advantage of annuals is that the flowers of the annuals category are temporary and less expensive than perennials. Every year new annuals sprout up, so in the coming year, your garden can look different with new types of annuals. If you have planted a flower, but you don’t love it, the flower will go by itself in a few months. Such a level of flexibility! 

annuals that bloom all summer

Annuals need low maintenance, which acts as great options for beginners, children, and gardeners who can’t spend a lot of time on maintaining annuals. 

Let’s discuss your garden type, as this is the main point that comes first to mind. Isn’t it? 

Making strategy for your garden

Before planting annuals in your garden, you need to take out some time in the planning stage. How large is your garden? How many annuals can your garden accommodate? Do you want to plant the annuals in the ground or fill a window box? What kind of annuals should be planted to make your garden beautiful? Which type will look great together? Will the flowers get full-day sunshine or half-day sunshine? These are the questions that possibly come to your mind. 

To get started with the planting journey, here are some essential types of annuals. The list of annual flowers is big and never-ending. And every flower has different or the same techniques of planting annuals that bloom all summer.

Petunia – This flower is grown quickly, available in every color, and spread like wildfire. Place the annual plant in full sun and adequately water them. This type of annual plant does not need any extra help during growing. 

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annual flowers

Marigold – A great choice that brings sunshine to your garden by its various colors like yellow, orange, and gold. Unique for growing in vegetable gardens as it will help in repelling pests with its scent. 

summer flowers

Be sure that your garden has enough space for the growth of annuals and know which annual plant will enhance the beauty of your garden. Try a variety of color combinations, like planting some purple color flowers with some white color flowers. 

The planning of the garden is about being strategic, creative, and having fun. Make use of your artistic and creative skills to make your garden prettier than ever.

How to plant annuals that bloom all summer from seeds/plants?

Now, your garden is planned, but some serious questions can still sting you. How to plant annuals that bloom all summer from seeds? If it is better to start planting annuals with the help of seed, or should you buy a pack of already grown plants available at the store. 

These are the best ways to plant annuals; the method of planting depends on your work schedule and your aspirations from the spring. Now, there are two ways of to plant annuals that bloom all summer

One way is from seeds, and the other way is from plants. 

It’s your choice how you want to plant annuals in your garden. Let’s know about both situations of annuals that bloom all summer. 

From seeds – planting annuals from seeds is cost-effective, and the pack of seeds grows into many types of flowers. When the annuals are planted at the beginning of the growing season, seeds act as a beneficial option. In the beginning, planting annuals from seeds can be very frustrating, but as time goes off, it becomes fun. 

According to information, a variety of annuals is available, so three annuals are present, which have varying properties. Let’s go over their rules and know how to plant annuals that bloom all summer in different manners. 

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Hardy annuals – These annuals are pretty tough. Hardy annuals can be grown in your garden when the soil becomes loose. You can plant them anywhere in your garden, but remember the depth of the soil should be twice the seed. 

Many annuals can be planted in the season of the previous fall. But, if you are doing so, then you have to plant the seeds deeper and need to spread some mulch over the soil so that the seed remains protected from frost. These annual flowers start to bloom very early in the spring. 

Half-hardy annuals – These types of annuals can be sown directly outdoors when the temperature is above 25°F, and the danger of frost is gone. These are not so tough. But, are you wondering how to plant annuals that bloom all summer of this type? 

Here’s the answer, firstly you need to keep the seeds in flats from six to eight weeks indoors just before the last spring frost. Place the plant in your garden, but remember to harden it. 

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Tender annuals – These annuals are most delicate and cannot withstand cold. The seeds of these annuals should be planted when all danger of frost is gone, as the frost can cause severe damage to the seeds of these annuals. But, in the first step, to avoid the spring frost, sow seeds inside. 

From plants – If you are planning to plant annuals late in the season, then it would be a great mistake to select seed options. As the seeds take enough time to grow and the seeds start to blossom, the ending phase of the season comes. The Seed option is best when annuals are planted at the beginning of the season. 

Many prefer growing annuals from plants as this process is very much accessible, and you can do this process without any difficulty. What do you need to do? Let’s know how you can get annuals that bloom all summer.

Firstly, you need to put all your plants in your garden, still in pots, to get an idea of where you want to place them before digging. 

Once you get the idea, dig a large enough hole to support the plant’s root system, and stems, leaves, and flowers remain above the soil. If you plan to plant many annuals, then be sure to leave sufficient space between the holes. 

For planting the annuals that bloom all summer into the soil, you need to take out the baby plant very carefully from the pot or packing. Don’t pull from the stems to take it out; if the plant cannot come from the pot quickly, turn the pot upside down, cup the plant into your hands, and remove it. In this way, the plant will gently come into your hands. 

Now, put the plant in the hole you have dug and slowly put the remaining soil around it to cover the hole and roots. After doing this, pat the dirt with tight hands so that your plant can stand upright. 

How to plant annuals that bloom all summer from cuttings?

purple annuals that bloom all summer

Do you want annuals to blossom in your garden when the season goes off? Are you thinking of its possibility? Yes, it is possible. Summer season and the early fall season is the best season to take cuttings from annuals. 

These cuttings will provide your garden a look of beauty even in winter. But, as the annuals can’t bear too much cold, they are grown indoors. 

To make your indoors beautiful and gorgeous with annuals, you need to know the procedure of planting annuals that bloom all summer from cuttings. Let’s head towards the success points which are required in planting annuals that bloom all summer from cuttings. 

● Remove any flower or flower bud on the plant. This step is taken into action to check the energy of plants needed in the generation of new roots. 

● Select healthy stem cuttings, 2 to 6 inches in height. Remember to scrape off the unwanted leaves before placing the stem into roots. Now, dip the stem end, which is cut into hormone powder, so that root growth becomes rapid. 

● Now, put the cutting in pot soil and water it. Then you need to cover the pot with plastic so that a humid environment is created. Restrict the leaves from touching the bag’s side; if this happens, the leaves can rot. 

● New roots will take one to three weeks to develop. If you want to test, then slowly tug the cutting and place the new plants into 4 to 6 inches containers and place the containers in sunlight (not direct). 

caring of annuals that bloom all summer

One of the outstanding achievements in selecting annuals that bloom all summer is that they do not need too much care. Annuals can take care of themselves ideally. But, there are few things which you need to do from time to time so that the flowers remain healthy and gorgeous. 

Watering the plants – This is the easy way to take care of annuals, and if anytime or frequently rain occurs, you don’t need to water the plants. If rains do not occur at frequent intervals, you need to step out and water the plants. 

And after looking at the garden, you can quickly tell if the garden needs water or not. Are the leaves folding? Are the flowers wilting? Is the soil dry? If all this happens, then water is required. Regular watering of plants is required to prevent them from falling off. 

Weeding – If you have sprayed mulch around the soil or flower, you don’t need to do the weeding. Mulch will prevent the growth of weeds around the flower, but if you are doing a wedding, pull the weed out, not your flower. Remember to pull out the weed from the root so that it does not come back again. 

So, are you planning to make your garden this way? If yes, then go ahead and make your garden most beautiful with the smell of annuals. Now, as you know different processes of planting annuals that bloom all summer, you are ready to stuff your garden with annuals. So, get busy with the planting!

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