How to grow Cucumbers In a Pot- 9 Impressive facts you must know!

Cucumbers give better taste when you grow them at home, just like other vegetables and fruits. It is easier and more profitable to grow cucumbers in containers. But you should go with the right type of cucumber. Also you must be educated on specific ways of growing cucumbers properly. Here’s a quick video summing up on how to grow cucumbers in a pot-

Fresh cucumber from the garden is of a high class which you would want to grow in your garden.

There are different cucumbers which are good to grow outdoor. Ridge cucumbers, which is another name for outdoor cucumber, prefers a low-temperature climate, while greenhouse cucumber prefers a warmer climate to grow well. Some other types of cucumber could grow well in any climate, whether hot or cool.

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What do you need to know about how to grow cucumbers in a pot?

how to grow cucumbers in a pot
How to grow cucumbers at home


Cucumber generally grows into a matured size within 50 to 70 days. Wait for the cucumbers to reach your desired size before harvesting. You are free to pick any type of cucumber because the further you pluck it, the better it’s growth. 

Preserve the cucumbers in the refrigerator to keep them in good health and preserve their good taste. 

What size Containers to grow cucumbers?

Select a big sized container to grow your cucumbers. If you use a little container, it won’t help the growth of the cucumber as it will dry out of moisture very fast. The most adequate container for planting cucumbers are Earthboxes or different self-watering container.

A straw bale garden is similarly reasonable for planting cucumbers although it is important you learn the basics and strategies of straw bale gardening in the process of learning how to grow cucumbers in a pot.

If you are planting seeds or seedlings in an Earthbox or another brand of grow box, plant four seedlings per box.

Full Sun

To learn How to grow cucumbers in a pot, you need to know the amount of sunlight it needs; a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of enormous sun in a day. In order to get the accurate amount of sun in an area, it is recommended that you use a sun calculator or a watch to have a take on the number of hours under the sun.

Potting Soil

Buy or get a good quality of the potting soil or mix. Be sure you make use of an organic potting mix or soil that do not comprise of wetting agents or fertilizers. If you are about to use a potting soil that has pre-mixed fertilizer, do not include more fertilizer in the soil.

You can include an all-purpose fertiliser in case your potting soil doesn’t have pre-mixed fertiliser initially before you commence the process on how to grow cucumbers in a pot.

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Learning how to grow cucumbers in a pot, know that cucumbers are heavy feeders. A slow-release, all-purpose fertilizer is beneficial to the plant. You must put fertilizers into the potting soil before you even plant.

If you desire to grow your cucumbers in an Earthbox container, observe the recommendations on how to grow cucumbers in a pot and use the organic fertilizer that comes with the Earthbox.

Soil Temperature

For Cucumbers to grow and flourish well, they need a warm soil of about 70° to 95° soil temperature. Be sure the soil temperature is around 70°F before you plant your cucumber seeds.

Containers like the Earthboxes and black plastic pots tend to heat up naturally and frequently that some other ones. Not all containers have the same rate of heating up, some get hot fast! For instance, soil cover earth boxes can heat up much sooner compared to anything else.

Grow cucumbers From Seeds (how to grow cucumbers in a pot)

It’s almost effortless to grow cucumbers from mere seeds. Start by planting them indoors if you are looking to grow using seeds.

How to grow cucumbers from seed
How to grow cucumbers in a pot

To make sure the seedlings receive enough light after germination, place them under shop lights with one warm and one cool bulb. If you grow cucumbers indoors, be very careful when transplanting the seedlings.

First, you must harden off your seedlings to gradually acclimate them to outdoor conditions. When transplanting them into their final container, be very delicate because cucumbers don’t like their roots to be disturbed.

growing cucumbers on trellis

The advantages attached to trellising your cucumber are numerous. 

Firstly, trellising protects the cucumbers’ vines from toppling in the ground and getting dirty. It could thereby expose the cucumber fruits to insects and wildlife while growing as toppling is typical for cucumbers during its growth. 

Secondly, cucumbers which are trellised are more convenient to see during harvest. Their leafage gets exposed to the sun more than others. For an effective result, choose a sturdy trellis. A sturdy trellis could topple over on wind days when the trellis is protected with cucumber vines. 


The consistency you put in keeping the soil moisturized would determine the outcome of your cucumber plants. The container where the soil is placed has to be frequently moist. 

To check the moisture of the soil, dip your finger into the soil, if the soil feels moist at your fingertip, then it is well moisturized. If it doesn’t feel moist, you will have to add water to it slowly until it flows out of the drainage hole which is located at the base of the container. 

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Cucumbers tend to grow very fast, especially under a warm temperature. Its growth shoots pretty fast within a few days. You must check the cucumber often to pluck it while it is still tender. 

Some species can be plucked while it is still small or while some tastes bad when they are small. Make sure you check and read the seed label or packet to discern the limited time expected for the harvest. Use a garden clipper or scissors to pluck the matured cucumber.

Do not harvest the cucumbers by pulling them off the vine, this can break the vine and eventually cause damage. Harvest as often as the cucumbers are matured as this would increase the yield and production.   

Actual steps on How to grow cucumbers from seeds? (how to grow cucumbers in a pot)

Growing cucumbers from seed are quite entertaining, easy, and effortless! You can decide to grow the cucumber seeds inside the house or you can choose to plant them literally into your garden.

Steps- How to grow cucumbers in a pot from just a seed?

how to grow cucumbers in a pot
Growing cucumbers from seed

This method of cucumber planting is made by a vine.

  • Insert the seeds carefully in the soil.
  • Water it afterwards
  • Be patient enough to wait until the seedlings of the baby plant grow.
  • Take time to water the cucumber plant every day.
  • As required, wait patiently for several days so the cucumber plant will grow into a vine.
  • Wait for the required numbers of days to see the cucumber flower
  • Thereby, water the cucumber plant
  • When the seedling starts growing tall, go outside and water it
  • Stay for several days and watch the flower as they start to die. This will serve as an advantage to the cucumber
  • Then you can pluck the cucumber and eat.

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Pattern Of Planting Cucumber Seeds (how to grow cucumbers in a pot)

  • Direct sowing cucumber seeds: While planting your cucumber seeds, set them by 1 inch part and dig the seed in about ½ inch deep into the soil. You can choose to dig a hole to plant the seed of gently thrust the seed into the moist soil. (Make sure you don’t try the second option on a hard soil). 
  • Starting cucumber seeds indoors:  Plant one seed per section if you desire to start growing the cucumber seeds indoors. The cucumber seedlings often germinate so rapidly. It will be easy for them to outgrow the seedling trays and they should be covered up as soon as they begin to germinate their first leaves. 
  • If you desire to see your cucumber popping out leaves and fruits rapidly, water them consistently after planting. The healthy growth of cucumbers depends solely on the water you use on the seeds. 

Suggested Varieties for how to grow cucumbers in a pot

There are two types of cucumbers, bush and vining, with each types having several types. Bush cucumbers grow to look short and lightweight. It also has lesser harvests. Before you make plantings in a cycle, be certain to specify the number of days for each variety and cycle to be ready for harvest.

For example-

  • Diva cucumber takes 58 days to get matured.
  • The Lemon Cucumber is small, sweet, round and yellow. It takes as long as 65 days to get matured.
  • Northern Pickling is a small and sweet cucumber that grow on compact vines. It has a short period of 48 days to maturity. This is a good variety to use for late-season planting.

How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically to get a bountiful harvest?

The vertical method of growing cucumbers helps in saving a lot of space and field. This method is highly recommended for gardeners with limited gardening space.  

How To Grow Cucumbers Vertically
How to grow cucumbers in a pot vertically

Benefits of Growing Cucumbers Vertically- how to grow cucumbers in a pot

  • The major advantage that comes with growing cucumbers vertically is the avoidance of fruit decays which is attributed to cucumber cultivation. This fruit decay occurs when fruits sit in the wet soil for a long time. 
  • When you grow your cucumber fruit vertically, it increases the circulation of air around the plants which serves to protect the plant from fungal infections. 
  • Cucumbers plants have a sprawling habit, thus, growing cucumbers vertically gives their leaves more access to the sun which in turn results to the plants growing big and healthy. 
  • Another benefit of growing your cucumbers vertically is that it makes harvesting quite easy and convenient.

Choosing a Container and Trellis

If you decide to grow your cucumber vertically in a pot’ how to grow cucumbers in a pot?; and you would like to use a container, it is recommended that you use large containers which are about 12 inches wide and deep.

The number of cucumbers you would grow in the container depends solely on the type or species of cucumber you choose to plant. A vining species of cucumber practically sends long roots to the soil and it grows huge and sends long roots, while the bush species are short and lightweight. 

For the Trellis, be sure to choose one that is strong and not easy to get broken. 

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Propagation and Planting Cucumbers in how to grow cucumbers in a pot

For planting cucumber seeds, sow the seeds directly onto the desired soil or small pots. Cover the seeds with around 2 cm soil.

The moment the seeds begin to germinate and brings forth leaves, you can then transplant the most healthy ones to ground free of frost or preferably a bigger pot in summer or spring when the climate condition is around 70 F (20 C). 

The cucumber plant has a large branch like tomato, make sure you get your soil ready for the seeds before planting. You can get your soil ready by merging decayed waste and compost.

Requirements for Growing Cucumbers Vertically in how to grow cucumbers in a pot

  • The Position: Cucumber plants flourishes when they are exposed to the sun. They do not grow well under a windy or ice temperature. It cannot withstand any weather below 50 F (10 C). The most excellent temperature to grow cucumbers is within the range of 60–95 F (15–35 C).
  • The Soil: The cucumber plants grows perfectly in a loose, well-drained and very deep soil.
  • Watering:  Due to the high water content of the cucumber, the Cucumbers must get watered as often as possible. Watering of the cucumbers determines how productive its growth will be. Watering makes sure you do not wet the vegetation as it may stimulate fungal diseases which are unhealthy for the plant. 
  • Mulching: When mulching the plants, mulch the areas around the root of the plant to retain the wetness of the soil.
  • Fertilizer: When you start planting, include the use of manures or fertilizers to the soil. You can use the all-purpose slow-release fertilizer at this tender stage. When the plants start to germinate and it brings forth flowers, seal the plants with the aged manure. You can also use balanced liquid fertilizer. It all depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions. 
  • Diseases and Pests: To avoid the cucumber plants from suffering from common garden pests such as powdery mildew, anthracnose, be on the lookout for these common garden pests so it doesn’t destroy the plants.
  • Harvest: Do not wait till the fruits get overripe, look out for them and pick them when they are well developed, firm to touch and crunchy to taste. The cucumbers are often matured for harvest in about 60 to 90 days, depending on the combinations of seeds planted. 

How to grow cucumbers in a pot- Harvesting

how to harvest cucumber
How To Grow Cucumbers is a pot and harvest

Harvesting of cucumbers cones in variations because each cucumber seed is different from another. So, read the seed packets or package carefully to be sure of the type of cucumber seed you’re planting. 

Tips For Harvesting Cucumbers

  • Harvest your cucumbers while they are still little and tender. 
  • Harvest your cucumbers in the morning while the weather is still calm.
  • The Gherkin species are harvested while they are still tender but basically, cucumbers grow fast. 
  • To harvest the mature cucumbers. Be observant and take time to examine your cucumber plants frequently. 
  • Do not try to pull your cucumbers off the vine as that could break or destroy the vine. Cut the mature ones with a knife or a pruner so more fruits can grow.

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The best Way To Grow Your Cucumbers And Care For Them

Cucumbers have the nature of growing as long as 40cm depending on its species. 

caring for cucumbers
How to grow cucumbers in a pot and care for them

The methods of growing cucumbers are quite easy and effortless especially if you are a beginner and learning how to grow cucumbers in a pot. The moment you start on your cucumber garden, you’ll grow to love and admire it so much that it would be difficult to stop. 

But before you admire the big cucumbers you buy from the stores, start your cucumber garden, follow the DIY steps that would be given below, and wait till you harvest yours.

Varieties of cucumbers (how to grow cucumbers in a pot)

  • The Lebanese cucumber: This is the most famous species of cucumber to grow in Australia. Their growth ranges from 15-20cm in length. 
  • The Continental cucumber: This is the biggest of all the types of cucumbers, the continental type of cucumbers grows typically to about 40cm long
  • Apple cucumbers: These cucumbers are quite current but they produce a crunchy addition to raw salads.
  • Baby cucumbers: This type of cucumbers makes the perfect cucumber snacks. 
  • Gherkin Cucumbers:  The Gherkin cucumbers contain unique and tiny nobs on their skin. 

How To Grow Cucumber At Home? (how to grow cucumbers in a pot)

How To Grow Cucumber At Home
How To Grow Cucumbers in a pot at home

 Cucumbers develop beautifully in a bush on vines. It all depends on the species you select.

Factors affecting the growth of cucumbers-

  • Get rid of rocks, weeds and other obstacles from the container or garden bed.  
  • Moisturize the soil and make sure it is well watered for planting. 
  • Plant 3-4 seeds at the range of 2cm into the soil. 
  • You can manage the cucumbers by leaving them to crawl on the ground or by using a trellis. The cucumber vines can germinate to an average of 2.4cm at length. Make adequate provision of space for them to crawl if you will be leaving then to crawl. If space is not enough for crawling, the cucumbers will produce a smaller yield due to stress and would make a bitter yield. 

Cucumbers are low plants. Do not try planting the seeds in the soil until the soil temperature is at a minimum of 21 degrees. For better yield, you can first of all sow your cucumber seeds in a greenhouse and then transplant them later when the weather gets warm. It only requires a little effort. 

Protect your cucumbers from stress. Cucumbers grow to taste bitter and smaller when they become stressed. 

  • Seedlings

In protection of the seedling, Place some mulch in the ground once they start popping up to avoid weeds from growing through them.

  • Water

When the cucumber seedlings start bringing out flowers, germinating and producing fruits, watering the soil or the field helps in sustaining its moisture and it protects the soil from getting dehydrated.  

  • Fertilising

Cucumbers feed on anything you feed it with but basically, they love a good quantity of compost manure and worm pee every two weeks. 

  • Pests

Cover your cucumber seedlings with nets to protect the seeds from rabbits and other pests. 

  • Companion plants for how to grow cucumbers in a pot

The best husband seeds for cucumbers are corn, broccoli, basil and dill.

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How To Grow Cucumbers Faster? (how to grow cucumbers in a pot)

Cucumbers germinate rapidly. It takes very little time to grow and harvest. You can also grow them not minding the area of filed or garden you own, you can use a trellis if you possess a small area of the garden. 

Cucumbers can be successfully10 Best Trench Digging Tools For 2020- Buying Guidance And Reviews planted in holding pots. You don’t have to worry about how to grow your cucumbers in a greenhouse, you will get each step detailed in the article below. 

Two main varieties of cucumber

  • Greenhouse cucumber develop into long fruits, delicious and crunchy just like the cucumbers you’ll get from the market or stores. Also, you have to remove and eradicate all the male flowers to prevent pollination which could eventually make the cucumbers grow bitter. 
  • Ridge or Outdoor cucumber types are naturally fat, smaller and rough-skinned. They produce female and male flowers and this is mostly done by insects so you have to worry less about doing it yourself. Let’s talk more about growing cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers In A Greenhouse 

While growing your cucumbers in a greenhouse, endeavor to plant it two to three weeks before frosting starts to make transplanting easy and convenient one week after frosting subsides. 

This is crucial in the growth process as cucumbers are weak to frost damage.

  • You can grow your cucumbers throughout the year without needing to worry about frost dates as the greenhouse heaters would warm up the cucumbers during the periods of frosting. 
  • Planting cucumbers in a pot is an incredible idea. You can sow a seed three-inch apart the other. This gives the room for spacing between the plants and it improves growth. 
  • Sow the seeds in peat pots or in a small flower pot made of peat which is typically made for planting. The use of peat pots would help in transplanting without damaging the roots because the roots should not be disturbed during extraction. 
  • Three weeks from planting, prepare a patch in your greenhouse where you will transplant your seedlings. Also, the seedlings can be transplanted into growing bags or in hanging pots. 

Pests control

The common enemy of cucumbers are cucumber beetles, whiteflies, while it’s common diseases, are mosaic virus attack, bacterial wilt and anthracnose.  The signs and symptoms that depicts a pest attacked and an inadequate nutritional plant are yellow leaves, fruitlessness and underdevelopment. 

The greenhouse whiteflies are the common pests during the summer and spring months. 

Proper watering

Learning how to grow cucumbers in a pot requires knowledge about watering. Cucumbers require a mild system of watering. Once the plants begin to germinate, the recommended amount of water for a plant is about a gallon in a week.

You can also follow the “little and often” principle by managing your watering schedule and quantity with the Greenhouse Watering Systems. 

Good soil conditions

Cucumbers grow well in fair to light alkaline soils that range in 6.0 to 7.0 pH. But, the plants can tolerate soils that have pH levels close to 7.6. Plus, a light watery fertilizer twice a month will be helpful for the fruits once they start germinating.

Prepare for a perfect light and warmth

Cucumbers cannot survive in freezing temperatures. You must prepare your greenhouse equipment in such a way that it gives way to about six hours of direct sunlight on the area of the plants before planting. It is important you also protect your plants against scorching days. Keep your plants warm and use a humid interior by regular misting.

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