Hand held trencher for rent – everything you need to know

hand held trencher

It can be tough to dig in the soil by manual labour, especially when you want it deep. A great alternative you can use here is a trencher. With its effortless application, you can save your time and energy to a vast extent.

Also, you can save tons of expenses by getting a hand held trencher for rent. Read till the end to find out all you can about a mini power trencher.

hand held trencher
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Best handheld trencher for rent in 2020- georipper

Did you know you can save your time energy and money by using this automatic, effortless trencher? Among all the commercial trenchers in the market, the one that stands out is georipper from mini trencher. It brings a new category among ditch trenchers that is unbeatable. You won’t need to pick up a shovel as it can trench in a fraction of time.

Georipper handheld trencher provides tight space trenching. This hand held trencher is most suitable for activities including root barrier, irrigation installation, voltage, lightning repair, and wherever a narrow trench is required.

hand trenching tool
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  • You can put this portable ditch digger in a car back seat, or a pickup truck as it is lightweight, probably weighing just 30 lbs
  • The powerhead option that uses a Makita EK7651H four-stroke engine is also included in georipper GR 20 and 16. These machines are very much useful for doing a smooth operation in rocky and tough soils.
  • Georipper hand held trencher contains self-sharpening digging chains that can effectively cut 3 inches of diameter in tree roots
  • By digging on a standard ground, you can go up till 16 to 27 inches with a standard width of 1.5 inches
  • Its primary purpose is landscape edging, electrical, fibre-optic root barriers, fencing, and irrigation. You won’t need cumbersome or huge trenches. Neither you will need manual labour with shovels as it is a perfect alternative for all.
  • You can Mount this hand held trencher on EZ kart to increase the depth of digging
  • In the ratio of 70 to 30, the dirt will be dispensed on the left and right sides
  • It comes with a powerful two-stroke engine
  • This hand held trencher is easy to disassemble for better storage or transport, making it a very portable trencher

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Hand held trencher rental

You must be wondering, where can I get a handheld trencher rental near me? Well, only you can know the best answer to that! But we know what to look for when you find a hand held trencher for sale.

We can say which one is best for your needs.- Georipper

If you cannot afford to buy, you can also go for trencher machine rental at affordable prices. Georipper is a perfect hand held trencher for dealing with sloped terrain, difficult access sites, or when you need a small precision tool in a job. 

Trencher price may vary, but from a rough overview we can tell: The average trencher rental cost is:

(Minimum rental time duration must be 4 hours)

  • Daily charges – 155.00$
  • Weekly charges – 595.00$
  • Monthly charges – 1450.00$

How should you use trencher?

hand held trencher rental
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Trenching is essential if you are serious about gardening or even own a farm so that you can embed poles, or put out seeds. And when it comes to digging in your garden, trencher would be your best choice. A hand trenching tool can dig 36 inches deep and up to 4 feet wide.

Use our guideline to dig a hole easily with any hand held trencher in no time with the right equipment.

1) Make your machine ready

  • You have to turn on the fuel switch which also requires a little bit of choke
  • Then you must switch on the key and lower the throttle a bit
  • You have to put the transmission in neutral
  • Turn off the hydraulic pump

Remember, during trenching, you must lock the wheels of your hand held trencher. Only unlock them when you want to move it to another place. Provide gas on initiation, activating the hydraulic pump.

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2) Start Digging

After you decide the position, just engaged the wheels and start digging. Throw the lever after you pull up the throttle. It will begin the chain work.

And then you can lower it into the earth. The hand trench digger will start digging

  • Carefully lower it down in-depth as much as you want

Note: This will take just take a few moments to dig, depends on how deep you want to go.

  • The auger bucket will push dirt off to the side
  • You can regulate the speed wire transmission control and make sure gas is on full throttle

3) Move Backward

Once the chain bar is down, put the machine into a reverse mode to start moving backwards. It will trench in reverse so that you’ll get easy access to pull it back.

Please don’t stand in front of the machine when someone is operating it, as it will throw dirt and remaining rocks forward.

What does the manufacturer say about renting a hand held trencher?

handheld trencher
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When you rent the item, be careful about using it. Even if you have little doubt, please read the below instructions before you rent.

  • You should not over-throttle the machine.  Just half or ¾ throttle is enough for this hand held trencher. Once you understand how to use Georipper, you will find it much easier to run it at less throttle.
  • The digging chain of Georipper works well enough to trench up to 3 inches of diameter in tree roots
  • Georipper comes with a self-sharpening mechanism. You may have to let it dig the soil for 10 to 20 minutes before its teeth are sharp enough to chop through roots
  • Do not think of Georipper as a chainsaw, it is a hand held trencher. It will clearly take patience to chop through large tree roots. So, do not expect it to move at full speed through large roots like a chainsaw trencher
  • It is not meant to dig through concrete or solid rock. It can, however, loosen tiny rocks just the amount that can fit in an adult fist. A right up-down sawing action will surely bring the amount more significant than just a fist. Or else it will merely dig up and expel out smaller rocks.
  • A thousand lineal feet is the national average benchmark for Georipper digging chains
  • Digging depth, operator, soil type determines the digging life

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Tips for trenching

How could I dig 36 inches deep trench? It’s a common question you must wonder about. Let’s find out in steps how you can go through it:

Step 1 of Digging a deep trench –

Initially, you will need a shovel or a spade as the first trench will be broad. Go for one which has a long handle for more convenience.

The first trench should be 18 inches deep. You should be able to stand, easily bend, and work in it. However, if you are slim, you can get in and work just by digging it about for a width of 20 inches. And if you go in there with big boots, you can dig up a width of 24 to 28 inches to have enough space.

Step 2 of digging a deep trench-

The second trench you need to dig will be narrow, up to 4 to 6 inches wide. You should be able to get below the frost line in that depth. Remember to pile on all the loose soil on a single side of the trench. It will be convenient for you while installation of pipes or when you dump wheelbarrows of gravel.

Bonus tips

Find out the perfect location for the soil pile. You should have clear access to the trench for adding gravel for the installation of the pipe. So make a clear route with no pile in the way.

Trenching is essential for so many purposes, including water provision and irrigation for electric utilities in any corner of your property.

You should always go for a safe method of digging a trench, especially when you are close to the trees. Make sure you don’t damage the trees in any way.

Using a sidewalk sleever rental or water-assisted tunneler will make it easy for you to run the pipe under the sidewalk.

Would you need handheld tools if you get a mini trencher rental?

Yes, unfortunately, you will need hand tools because you can never trench too close to a building.

If you are looking to work on a hand held trencher from one building to another, initially, the beginning part of the trench will obviously be close to the first building. As you start approaching the target building, you may have to stop soon because of the chassis.

Manual trenching tools can effectively finish off the start and end of the trench. Also, they are very much required to clean the loose soil while laying down the pipe. Power trenchers are excellent, but not all-rounders.

Basic types of trenchers

hand held trencher rental near me
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1. Walk-behind Trenchers:

You can easily create medium or narrow depth trenches using a walk behind trencher. It is best suitable for areas having a reasonable elbow room.

These are usually best for digging 3 feet of depth. In rare cases, it may also reach 4 feet. It’s generally set for the 6-inch wide trench. But still, there is a chance to find a four and 8-inch wide trench.

The title is quite misleading as you do not actually walk behind the small hand held trencher. The controls are available at the front of the machine, and that’s where the operator stands.

At the rear and you will find the digging chain. It doesn’t mean the operator has to walk backwards while trenching. The pulling movement is backwards, and walking is slow enough to convince a passer-by that the operator is actually walking behind the machine.

It’s widespread for people to have an accident with these machines as the common purpose behind them is to do a DIY. People often forget to check utility lines buried beneath. So make sure you do not make this mistake.

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2. Small hand held trencher

Gardeners usually trench manually with a shovel; because of the short term use, nobody opts to get a handheld trencher rental. After looking at these mentioned below, you may change your mind about that ad actually get one! Thus the special-purpose small trenching machine is very much useful and convenient.

Two primary divisions of small handheld trenchers are:

Bed edger trencher:

This is the best hand held trencher for landscaping borders of concrete edging, brick, and plastic. It can effectively create a precise, shallow trenching. Trending bed edgers are E-Z Trench Bedscaper and Trench’N Edge.

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Wire trencher:

It is useful in installing landscape lighting and electric dog fences. Power trencher like E-Z Trench wire trencher and DMR Wire Trencher is used to place the buried wire. If you are interested in DIY and have a small yard, you may want to experiment with a hand wire trencher.

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If you wish to know more about gardening, feel free to check this article on how to make a garden.

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Tips to safety and precautions while using hand held trencher

mini trencher rental
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1. Cave-ins

On average every month, two workers lose their lives by the collapse of the hand held trencher, making this a serious threat to worker’s safety. For preventing the cave-ins, always go for professional, experienced engineers or a to analyse soil composition, and implement a system that supports slopes and shields.

Get help from a qualified professional to build a sound cave-ins system.

2. Falls and falling loads

While working in an extended area, it is possible for workers or their equipment to fall. It’s better to put barriers and safety sign around the perimeter. It will warn the people about the work going on. Excavated dirt or equipment can always fall on someone and crash.

This is why, for the safety, all the job site materials should be stored away from the excavation site by 2 feet. Employers should take care that the work with hand held trencher should not done beneath raised loads.

3. Toxic atmospheres

It is typical for a trenched area to have lower oxygen level. Toxic gas can blend with harmful chemicals and ruin the atmosphere. And if it exceeds the average tolerable level, workers are strictly recommended to use respiratory protective equipment.

It is essential to test the chemical level of atmosphere to avoid such hazards of life before you start working. If the level of atmospheric hazard is more than enough, then workers should wear the appropriate respiratory protection equipment. It totally depends on the severity of the excavated area.

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