A guide to buying a composting machine for a healthy garden

composting machine

What is a compost bin?

If you are looking for something to eliminate chemical fertilizers in your garden and maintain the health of your plants as well, the composting machine should be the first to pop in your head.

With compost bin, you can utilize the leftover food scraps like fruit peels, coffee grinds, salad and eggshells. You can use them into delivering a nutrient-rich soil that can give remarkable nutrients to your lawn.

On top of that, other organic gardening materials can also be used in making the compost such as newspaper shred, grass clippings or dead leaves.

composting machine

There’s about the only option one had to make compost is to build a compost pile. It wasn’t a very practical solution as pests can easily enter your heap of waste. Now with the help of a composting machine, it is very easy to generate organic compost. Just need to put your waste in the bin, and it will do the job.

You can find many types such as worm composters, bins or tumblers in the market. They all work the same and have a metallic or plastic body to fit your compost. These are specifically designed to carry out the decomposition process using aeration and moisture retention.

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composting machine

By combining air and moisture, these bins encourage microbes to decompose the waste, turning them into nutrient-rich compost.

Another great thing is they are enclosed structures. You can use them in your backyard, but you can also keep it inside your house. Most of the compost bins come with a feature lid that doesn’t allow invasion of any pest or rats. These devices are very easy to use and completely hassle-free, making it fit for a modern world garden.

How to Buy a composting machine?

Buying a compost bin for your garden is a smart way to reuse your organic scrap. It helps you to have control the excess spread of organic scraps in the nearby areas. But before you go ahead for purchasing a composter, it’s important to consider a few factors about it. By our following method, you will be able to choose a composting machine which would be best for your garden.

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Three factor to look for while getting a compost bin are:

1. The capacity of the composting machine

Capacity is the most important factor while getting a compost bin. Many models are available that can handle all sorts of loading to smaller weights like household scraps.  If you have a huge family which produces a lot of decomposable scraps, such as kitchen leftover, newspaper or garden scrap, you should need a large capacity holder compost bin like ‘Tumbler-Composter’.

On the other hand, small families who don’t produce a lot of organic scraps can save money by purchasing gallon tumbler. In less space, they can set up their mini Tumbler composter bin with a smaller capacity such as a 35, or even 17. Size

The size directly relates to capacity. The higher the capacity means, the larger the bin would be. This thing is essential to consider so that your money should not go waste in purchasing a composting machine which doesn’t come fit where you want it.

If you have a pretty large yard where you want to get the most out of your home’s waste, composter with a large base would be an excellent investment for you. And if you have smaller yards and planning for setting up your composting machine on a desk or the floor, you won’t like to purchase a large tumbler.

2. Style

composting machine

Once you get how large you want your new composter bin, then you have to decide what kind of composter you have to purchase. There are three main popular styles running in the market today: tumblers, countertop compost bins, and vermicomposters.

All of them have pros and cons. If you like to have a traditional composting machine, it will come in a simple style with a large capacity that can keep a lot of scraps into. They are made up of lids that keep rodents and wildlife out of your trash and can consume more scraps than either of the other two models. That makes it pleasant for them who want to recycle a lot of organic scraps.

They are also incredibly easy to use. Simply you just need to put your garden scrap into it and let nature do its work. The unfortunate thing about the composting machine is, it’s pretty large from the bottom, which makes it a bad choice for them who don’t have a lot of space.

Also, it takes a lot of time to transform scrap into a composter. So you will get a chance to take out your composter very few times in a year. It is a poor choice for anyone who wants to fertilize their garden quickly and often.

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Two most common compostor styles:

1. Tumbler composter

These take on tumbling action to accelerate the composting practice. You just simply turn the tumbler often in a week and make sure that there is the proper amount of moisture inside the composting containers. By this method, you will be able to make another new batch of composter in 4 to 8 weeks.

It makes this model great for them who want fertilizer for the garden frequently. And also these models are very small and compatible, so you can keep it on tiny places even though on a table.

The negative thing about this tumbler composter is that they aren’t ideal for them who are looking to “set it and forget it”. You have to turn the ingredients often if you want to speed up the process. Plus, you can’t add another batch before the previous batch’s process couldn’t end.

This means that you need to pile your tumbler composting machine in your yard and have to keep tossing it until the current bach’s process ends up. Click here to find out how a composting machine works.

2. Worm composter

Vermicomposters/worm composter bins are designed for indoor gardeners who are looking to create small amounts of compost indoors. This composting machine is best-suited to those people who are living in the cities or in an apartment where outdoor space isn’t available. This composter simply works with earthworms (known as worm bins, worm farms or worm factories).

These worms simply eat the scraps and organic materials from the bin and turn them into fertilizers. This model is great for those people who don’t have enough space but still want to make garden composter inside the door on a smaller scale. The downside is that they are small and the capacity is very less so they can’t keep too much garbage into it.

3. Durability

A composer can cost hundreds of dollars for you, but it will save you money for a very long time from spending on chemical fertilizers. In this case, it is vital for the composter that it should be durable for a longer time. Material which is used for making the composter does matter a lot for durability. Getting a good deal on cheaply made products will cost you less, but it won’t be durable for a longer time.

So before you buy a durable composter, you should look for the things which are made up of metal or thick heavy plastic. Whatever you are looking for to save money, you are buying eco-friendly booster for building up your garden.

Composter lets you transform your organic scrap which normally you’d throw away. But when you start searching for the best composting machine, you will become more confused by looking at a list of products. So just keep it simple and make a shortlist based on your requirement.

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