6 Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass- When, How, Where to Spread the fertilizer?

best fertilizer for Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is a warm seasoned grass that requires ample sun exposure with good drainage. The maintenance of this grass is very high as it requires high nutrition. Consequently, best fertilization is mandatory to keep this grass alive along with good care.

The best fertilizer for Bermuda grass is necessary as it needs high nutrition to withstand all the natural calamities such as drought, heat, and so on. That’s why growing this grass has become the priority of all lawn owners across the world. It has mainly found in the southern country or tropical countries that need warm weather.

Several quality fertilizers are available in the market that has been specially made for them. You can choose anyone out there. But you need to know the process of fertilizing the grass. You need to know few steps in order to do it right! Let’s discuss them briefly below:

What matters in choosing a perfect fertilizer?

This grass grows within days if you add nutritious fertilizer. Here, you need to know the steps that make your fertilization work easy. It grows well with a regular and constant quantity of fertilizer. You can not use it for less or even more amount as they both ways can spoil this grass. You have to add a consistent amount only.          

Quality of fertilizer for Bermuda grass?

When you head to the market for fertilizer, you will find the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass that is the balanced combination of three chemicals such as of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K). When you buy them, you will notice the ratio( 3-1-2) of the chemicals that have been printed over the packet.     

Most of the brands contain a mixture of slow-release and solvent forms of nitrogen. This grass gets solvent nitrogen when you add the fertilizer as often. With the help of this, Bermuda grass grows well within a few months.

Also, try to slow down the watering pressure as it may flush all the available nitrogen from the fertilizer. If you use quick-release fertilizer, that can affect the growth spurts.

However, you can use one pound for 1000 per square foot. Add only 4-5 times within six weeks. It is necessary to use these fertilizers as per the recommended amount because if you go over, the growth will affect.

So, try to be fair with the application of fertilizer to these grass.

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Quantity of fertilizer for Bermuda grass

To get optimal growth of this grass, you have to balance the quantity of the fertilizers. So, before buying any food mix, check the quantity of the substances. Elements ratio print like N.P.K. Generally, you need only 4-5 pounds for a 1000 square feet area.

But if you use a slow-release fertilizer, then you need 1.5 pounds for 1000 square feet.

How to spread the fertilizer?

After calculating the amount of fertilizer, the next step is how to spread it on the grass. You can use any lawn fertilizer spreader to spread it evenly. You can add fertilizer to the spreader and start spreading over the ground.

With this method, you can complete this task within a few hours effectively without much tiring.

Proper timing to spread fertilizer

Knowing best time of day to fertilize lawn is a crucial part of growing grass. Timings should be perfect so that your lawn turns dark green color as soon as possible and you will have to buy the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. And, add it throughout the following seasons.

Mid-spring, Midsummer, Early fall. These are the best seasons when it grows well.

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6 Best fertilizers for Bermuda grass

The quality of the fertilizers should meet all the nutrition requirements of this grass to grow green and dense. As a result, you need the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass which contain nitrogen element that is important for the growth. Some of them are below:

1. The Anderson fertilizer

The Andersons Fertilizer
The Andersons Fertilizer

It is the best for growth, and it comes with Docs Super Juice and HumiChar Combo. You can find this combo from any store. In this supplement, you have to apply Humichar first to the soil that improves the quality of the soil. The second step is to add the Anderson and lastly, add docs super juice.

This combo is the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass and a very effective in making your lawn super thick and deep green with the grass. It contains the humic and fulvic acids that are best for enhancing the quality of the grass.

You need only less amount to spread on all your lawn, and it takes only two weeks to turn your lawn into deep green.


  • Three in one supplement.
  • Contain humic and fulvic acids
  • Enhance growth within two weeks
  • Only less amount required


  • It is a supplement, not a fertilizer

2. Lawnifi Foundation best fertilizer for Bermuda grass

Lawnifi fertilizer
Lawnifi fertilizer

It is another fertilizer you need to get in your collection as it contains an N.P.K. ratio of 29-0-5. It has been designed with an innovative technology named Catalyst Technology. It is in liquid form contain tiny nutrient sprayed on the fertilizer granules. It is the slow-release fertilizer that slowly consumes by the plants while spreading.


  • N.P.K ratio is 29-0-5
  • Innovative Catalyst technology
  • Come in granules form
  • Slow-release formula


  • Null

3. Simple Lawn Solutions Advanced

simple lawn solutions lawn booster
Simple lawn solutions lawn booster

Here comes another best fertilizer for Bermuda grass that can become your favorite. It contains enough amount of nitrogen that need by your grass. It also comes in liquid form with an N.P.K. ratio of 16-4-8. You can use it in both seasons: summer and spring. It only needs a 32-ounce size for a 3200 square feet area and enhances the growth of the grass.

It helps in preventing diseases of the grass and allows them to grow well. It contains the benefits of fish and seaweed components that help in the growth in deep color. It is free from any chemical so, the grass grows healthy and strong free from any lawn diseases.


  • Contain the N.P.K. ratio of 16-4-8.
  • Come in liquid form, easy to apply
  • Need only less amount
  • Prevent diseases as well
  • Contains fish and seaweed components


  • May burn your grass if you overuse it.

4. Miracle-Gro best fertilizer for Bermuda grass

Miracle-Gro Best
Miracle-Gro Best

It is the first water-soluble fertilizer that contains a 30-0-6 N.P.K. fertilizer ratio. You can spread this full pack over 600 square feet area. The nitrogen level is high results more deep grass compare to others. Its soluble formula helps in the faster growth of the grass. And, you can add them any time of the season.


  • The water-soluble formula of  30-0-6( N.P.K.)
  • Need only less quantity
  • hHgh in nitrogen level
  • Can be added any time of the season


  • Null

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5. Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer

Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer
Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer

It can be the best companion for growing grass as it is a slow-release fertilizer. It can be the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass as contains the salt and iron formula that helps your grass to grow deep in color and thickness. Moreover, one application can feed this grass for over ten weeks. So, it is economically good for your pocket.


  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Contains with iron and salt benefits
  • Fast act within one week
  • Required less quantity


  • Contain too much organic material leads to develop insects and diseases.

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6. Scotts Turf Builder

Scotts Turf Builder
Scotts Turf Builder

You will love Scotts Turf Builder if you use it once. It contains the granules that help the roots to grow well as it is the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. It is high in nitrogen level that results in good growth of the grass.

It does not contain phosphorus but the high amount of nitrogen that helps in the quick growth of the grass within a few days.


  • High nitrogen content: 32-0-4 N.P.K.
  • Enhance the root growth
  • Contain granule formula


  • Contain synthetic chemicals that may burn the grass
  • can not apply on dormant grass.

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What should keep in mind while spreading fertilizer?

You will have to remember the perfect balanced ratio of 2-1-3 of nitrogen element and spread according to the ratio system. It will increase the thickness and helps in growing well. If you do not adopt the ratio system, the grass will not thrive well, and you feel disappointed. Here, you will have to buy the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass.

What if I spread over fertilizer?

Over dose of fertilizer is not a good idea for your growing Bermuda grass. It will spoil your grass badly. So, try to spread in a prescribed amount. When you buy the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass from the market, the bag has printed the ratio, and you will have to apply according to it to grow thick and deep green.

How much fertilizer can I spread on the Bermuda grass?

In this context, you have to apply the ratio system of 3-1-2. You can spread three applications of 1.5 pounds in a 1000 square feet area. With this, you can effectively spread it all over the ground, and grass can get the proper amount of fertilizer, and grows thick and dark green in your area if you buy the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass

What should be in the fertilizer?

The fertilizer should contain a balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. You have to adapt the ratio system that has been printed on the fertilizers bag, such as 3-1-2. If you want your grass to look healthy and fresh, always maintain the proper ratio of given elements. In this way of applying the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass, it will turn into a dense and deep green with a healthy shine.

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Bermuda grass is easy to grow if you keep instructions in mind. This grass can withstand every harsh weather easily. You have to add only those fertilizers specially designed for them because they contain the proper balance of necessary elements. You have to maintain the ratio of 3-1-2 of N.P.K.

As we know well, if we do not adapt the ratio system to the grass, they will spoil and look brown, which means it is not healthy. You can find two types of fertilizers such as low-release fertilizers and quick-release fertilizers. You can choose any one of them. Before buying the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass, read all the instructions carefully that are going to be very helpful to you.

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